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EU standardises hamtagonistic powerline network tech

The second vote on EN50561-1, the EU standard for running Ethernet over mains circuits, has passed, putting the standard on the books, much to the annoyance of the UK amateur radio operator community. EN50561-1 requires that all Powerline Telecommunication (PLT) kit, which carries networking signals over the mains electrical …
Bill Ray, 14 Nov 2012
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PLT chair: UK Radio Society is 'living in a dream world'

The chair of the EU committee on powerline networking has responded to the Radio Society's call to arms, claiming that every minute of filibustering pollutes the radio spectrum more. The Radio Society of Great Britain reckons the new standard, prEN 50561‐1, will water down existing requirements, opening the way to greater …
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2012
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Radio hams unite to fight off new powerline comms standard

The Radio Society of Great Britain is mobilising Europe's radio hams in protest against the forthcoming standard for powerline networking, predicting dire consequences if existing standards aren't applied. The society has issued a call to arms (PDF, lots of details) in protest at the new standard for powerline …
Bill Ray, 6 Aug 2012

BT cheerfully admits snooping on customer LANs

BT reserves, and makes use of, the right to remotely detect all devices connected to LANs owned by its broadband customers – for their own good, of course. BT Broadband customers can expect to have their network checked any time the operator feels it needs to take a peek to help it provide the service, or when the safety of …
Bill Ray, 24 May 2011
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Powerline network radio interference debated in Commons

Analysis Interference from PLT was debated in the UK Commons last night. At least an attempt was made to do so: the BIS minister preferred instead to ignore the questions and focus on the bearded minority. The matter was raised by Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North, as an adjournment debate comprising a statement and response …
Bill Ray, 19 May 2011
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GCHQ man: Powerline networks do interfere with radio

D Notice A document prepared by the spectrum manager of secret UK listening agency GCHQ, though disavowed by the organisation, has drawn more attention to the interference kicked out by powerline networking kit. The letter was prepared by [a government employee we have been asked not to name], of government-spy outfit GCHQ, and …
Bill Ray, 17 May 2011
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Powerline networking pops up in Parliament

David Mowat has demonstrated that even MPs can't get a straight answer on powerline networking, although Ofcom has refined its initial explanation that not enough people care. The MP for Warrington South posed a question to the Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, asking about future regulation of Power Line …
Bill Ray, 4 May 2011
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BBC engineers see PLT knocking out DAB

Recent experiments carried out by the BBC demonstrate how power-line networking can interfere with FM radio and knock out DAB entirely, but only for those who get a decent data rate. The new study was commissioned by the BBC and authored by one current and one former BBC engineer. The study examines transmissions coming off …
Bill Ray, 13 Apr 2011
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Ofcom refuses to interfere on powerline networking interference

Powerline Telecommunications kit fails EU standards, but Ofcom tells us there's no proof of interference - and even if there was it couldn't do anything. And even if it could, it wouldn't. Despite being forced to publish its own study of PLT kit, which showed that devices in popular use generate levels of interference higher …
Bill Ray, 5 Apr 2011
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Ofcom forced to publish tests on dodgy radio kit

Ofcom has been forced to disclose its own tests showing that powerline networking kit does breach the European EMC Directive, but still won't do anything to enforce compliance. Despite claiming there was no evidence that PLT kit built by Comtrend and supplied by BT was breaching EU rules on electromagnetic emissions, the …
Bill Ray, 31 Mar 2011
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Wi-Fi strikes alliance with mains networking tech

The Wi-Fi Alliance has inked an agreement with the HomePlug Powerline Alliance to create interoperable kit, capable of annoying radio hams as never before. Power line telecommunications (PLT) kit sends networking signals around the home over mains wiring, and often competes with Wi-Fi, which uses radio to achieve the same …
Bill Ray, 3 Nov 2010
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BT quietly recalls shocky adapters

BT is quietly sending out replacements for Comtrend adapters, warning users of dodgy models not to touch them if they can't be disconnected first. The telecommunications company is recalling the ethernet-over-mains networking boxes on the grounds that the casing can disintegrate, and tells users to switch off the mains …
Bill Ray, 20 Oct 2010
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Documents show CAA fears over powerline networks

Both the BBC and the CAA are concerned that powerline networking will damage their services, though only one fears that it will lead to planes falling from the sky. Earlier this month the UK regulator Ofcom hosted a meeting on the subject, minutes of which have been seen by the Reg. At that meeting PA Consulting presented its …
Bill Ray, 12 Aug 2010

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