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PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita owners – Sony owes you $25 cash or $50 credit

Sony and the FTC have agreed on a settlement deal that will include payouts to PlayStation Vita owners. The US watchdog gave final approval to a settlement deal with the US arm of the Japanese electronics giant and its advertising agency Deutsch LA. The deal, first proposed in November will allow users who purchased a …
Shaun Nichols, 1 Apr 2015
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Ten PlayStation 3 games you may have missed

Games Round-up While summer was a fairly dry time for games releases, this autumn has gone haywire in the build up to Christmas and as a result, it feels like more titles are being handed out than knighthoods. As usual, we've sifted through the good and the bad to compile a list of any worthy ones you may have missed. While the following ten …
Caleb Cox, 24 Nov 2012
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Official: PS3 has more fanboys than the Xbox 360 does

There are now more Playstation 3s out there than Xbox 360s, it has been claimed. Market watcher Strategy Analytics said the Sony console's installed base hit 43.4m units worldwide at the end of 2010, just ahead of the 360's total, 42.9m. That puts Sony a little over one percentage point ahead, and it's still well behind the …
Tony Smith, 1 Apr 2011
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PS3, Xbox 360 pass water on Wii

The Sony PlayStation 3 was the world's most popular HD-capable games console in 2010, out-shipping Microsoft's Xbox 360 by 2.2m units. But figures released by market watcher Strategy Analytics still put both of those machines behind Nintendo's Wii in the race to lead the fight to be the top selling current-generation console …
Tony Smith, 14 Mar 2011

Sony starts PS3 imports again

A Dutch court yesterday lifted the injunction banning the import of Sony PlayStation 3s into Europe. LG and Sony have been locked in a patent dispute over BluRay technology. LG won an injunction over a week ago which left PlayStations locked in Dutch warehouses. Dutch law allowed LG to seek a 10-day temporary injunction while …
John Oates, 11 Mar 2011
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Toshiba sells Cell chip plant to Sony

Toshiba has effectively sold its Cell processor factory to the CPU's co-developer. A snip at ¥53bn (£400m/$648m), the plant, located conveniently in Sony's Nagasaki Technology Center, will belong to Sony on 1 April, provided the Japanese government is happy with the arrangement. The plant is currently run by Nagasaki …
Hard Reg, 28 Feb 2011
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BBC iPlayer in 'hugely popular at Xmas' shock

Brits sure love the BBC's iPlayer, which clocked in a record 145m programme requests in December 2010, the Corporation chirped today. That total is up 27 per cent on December 2009's total, but only just under three per cent on November 2010's total of 141m requests. A sign that iPlayer's rapid rise has levelled off? Possibly …
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2011
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PS3 jailbreak seller hits back with firmware downgrade

PS Jailbreak, the USB dongle designed to crack open Sony's PlayStation 3, can now work with consoles that have been updated with firmware higher than version 3.41. Well, kind of. The software tweak actually enables the dongle to downgrade the console's firmware to 3.41 - or, indeed, any previous firmware version, the maker …
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2010
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Lovefilm to hit PS3 today

Lovefilm's movie streaming service will go live on the Sony PS3 today. The service will get its own place in the PS3's XMB menu, suggesting that a local firmware upgrade - 3.5.1? - is in the offing. Streamed movies are free to punters who've signed up for Lovefilm's unlimited DVD subscription packages priced at £6 or up. ®
Hard Reg, 10 Nov 2010
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Lovefilm confirms PS3 streaming scheme

Lovefilm has confirmed it will bring video streaming to the PlayStation 3 - it's just not saying when. Simply stating that the service will be coming "soon", Lovefilm said the tie-in with Sony will see it become the official "PS3 integrated subscription film service partner", a wording that covers the fact that it will operate …
Tony Smith, 13 Oct 2010
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Sony 3D photo update for PS3 imminent

Sony has released the panoramic 3D photo update it promised a wee while back for the PlayStation 3. The download, available any moment now from the PlayStation Store and dubbed PlayMemories, allows the console to present 3D stills taken using suitably spec'd cameras and encoded in the .MPO (Multi Picture Object) format. …
Hard Reg, 21 Sep 2010
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Sony piques PS3 fans with PlayTV patch fee

Sony is to charge PlayStation 3 users for a PlayTV firmware update that brings to the tuner and console the ability to view a seven-day programme guide and record entire series of shows at the push of a button - features DVR owners already take for granted. The Japanese giant announced the major PlayTV update back in April, …
Tony Smith, 21 Sep 2010

Hacker pledges to re-enable Linux on PS3

Hacker George Hotz, the guy who opened up the Sony PlayStation 3 earlier this year, has vowed to find a way to allow Linux buffs to install their favourite OS on the console after an upcoming firmware update renders this impossible. Hotz wrote on his blog this week that he will devise a "custom version of 3.21 that doesn't …
Tony Smith, 31 Mar 2010

PS3 update to rid all consoles of Linux support

Sony will release the next PlayStation 3 firmware update this week, the company has announced. But the software - version 3.21 - will disappoint Linux buffs. It will remove the 'Install Other OS' option from older consoles. The update goes live on 1 April. A fair few Linux fans will hope Sony's announcement is an early April …
Tony Smith, 29 Mar 2010

PS3 will outsell Wii by 2013

Sony's PlayStation 3 will become the world's most popular gaming platform - but it'll take three more years to get there. So says Strategy Analytics analyst David Mercer, who recently blogged that, by 2013, consumers will by buying more PS3s than Xbox 360s and Wiis. By the end of 2010, Mercer forecasts, Nintendo will have …
Tony Smith, 9 Mar 2010

Old PS3s locked out of PlayStation Network

Sony has confirmed that many if not all of its old-style chunky PlayStation 3 consoles will no longer connect to the PlayStation Network. The glitch, which began to strike users worldwide yesterday, does not affect the new, slimline version of the console. The machines are "connecting normally", Sony said on its official …
Tony Smith, 1 Mar 2010
Sony Universal Controller Patent

Sony seeks 'universal console controller' patent

It's perhaps a step too far to say that just because Sony has applied for a US patent that covers a "universal game console controller" that it's actually developing one with a view to bringing such a product to market. But applied for such a patent it has. The patent application - number 2010041480, and spotted by website …
Tony Smith, 19 Feb 2010
iPhone as Wii Mote

Mobile games developers shift to iPhone

More games developers are working on content for mobile phones - and a big majority are targeting the iPhone. There are twice as many developers working on iPhone games as there are creators of titles for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. So says market watcher Game Developer Research, an off-shoot of Games Developer magazine …
Tony Smith, 9 Feb 2010

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