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HUgh hefner and wife crystal harris

Playboy is suing Boing Boing over Imgur centrefold link

Iconic lads' mag Playboy is suing oddball internet culture website Boing Boing for linking to an Imgur archive featuring scans of centrefold models from over the years – a move described by the US Electronic Frontier Foundation as "frankly mystifying". Playboy Entertainment Group filed suit against the business behind Boing …
Gareth Corfield, 22 Jan 2018
HUgh hefner and wife crystal harris

Playboy founder and dressing-gown wearer Hugh Hefner dead at 91

As all unabashed masturbators love to point out, pornography has historically driven technological uptake. But before the internet, Playboy was the most famous source in the world. Yesterday its founder, Hugh Hefner, died peacefully at home of natural causes, aged 91. The godfather of the wank mag was born in Chicago in 1926 …
Kat Hall, 28 Sep 2017
Priest, image via Shutterstock

Repentant priest from Cuntis sorry he dressed as Hugh Hefner

A Spanish priest who dressed up as Hugh Hefner – flanked by two men in Playboy bunny outfits – as he rode a float at carnival in the Galician town of Cuntis, has been forced to apologise. Juan Carlos Martínez dressed as the Playboy mogul on his carnival float, while his companions simulated "erotic acts" on him. According to …
Kat Hall, 10 Mar 2017
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Playboy drops the butt-naked ladies

Playboy magazine has announced that as part of redesign due to hit shelves next March, it will no longer feature fully naked women. Instead, readers will be offered "PG-13" images of women, "more like the racier sections of Instagram", as chief content officer Cory Jones put it to the New York Times. The move is part of a …
Lester Haines, 13 Oct 2015

The millionaire former playboy, Hugh Hefner, and a crucial fight over

Analysis When Michael Ross registered the domain in August, it was supposed to be a bit of a laugh. The Brit once dated a Playboy Bunny, visited the mansion in Beverly Hills, and has a "colorful past" as they say on Fleet Street. Ross, today a settled-down 50-year-old property developer, was featured in the Daily Mail a …
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Feb 2015
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'To employers, Jobs would just seem like a jerk in bad clothing'

QuotW This was the week when Tim Cook issued an apology to every Apple-adoring fanboi in China about how lousy the firm's customer service and warranty policies in the country were. The fruity chief was prompted by lots of state-controlled news outlet pressure, along with, presumably, the prickling of his conscience, to say in an …
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Playboy submits to Apple with nudity-free 'Pornography 2.0' app

Playboy has finally produced an iOS app that gets around Apple's rather prudish attitude to things even mildly pornographic: an online edition that excludes the long-standing grumble mag's main selling point. "We're taking everything that has made Playboy great and re-imagining it for the iPhone, while reinventing our …
Iain Thomson, 2 Apr 2013
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Playboy fined £100k by Blighty watchdog for FLASHING SMUT at kids

Playboy - the world's best-known porn brand - has been fined £100k ($160k) by Britain's communications regulator, after the publisher failed to prevent children from accessing smutty material on its websites. Ofcom said that Playboy TV and Demand Adult had "allowed users to access hardcore videos and images without having …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Jan 2013
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Playboy, Virgin Galactic tout zero-grav nookie in spaaaaace!

Quality journalism bastion Playboy has teamed up with boffins at Virgin Galactic to create the one thing missing in the universe - a Playboy Club in space. Enlisting the help of futurists as well as rocket scientists from the civilian space company of Richard Branson, Playboy has envisioned what it calls a "celestial mecca" …
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Vatican crackdown at Rome's Playboy Mansion-style monastery

A controversial monastery in Rome – the scene of performances by lap-dancing nuns and "lifestyles that were probably not in keeping with that of a monk" – has been closed down on the orders of the Pope. The Santa Croce in Gerusalemme basilica, home to nuns and monks of the Cistercian order, is one of the oldest and most …
Lewis Page, 27 May 2011
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Playboy sneaks NAKED LADIES onto iPad

Playboy has whipped open the bathrobe on its latest plan to combat falling sales and the ready availability of free net smut – an online version of the magazine's entire 57-year back catalogue. Those wishing to cough $8 a month (or $60 a year, $100 for two years) for the iPlayboy service are promised "every issue, every …
Lester Haines, 20 May 2011
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Officials scoop up bacteria bubbling away in Playboy hot tub

An investigation into an outbreak of respiratory illness amongst techies who'd attended Domainfest has found legionella bacteria bubbling away in a hot tub at the Playboy mansion. LA health officials investigated after at least 100 attendees at Domainfest became horribly ill. Fingers were pointed at both the conference venue, …
Joe Fay, 18 Apr 2011
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Techies floored by 'virus' after Playboy mansion party

LA Public Health Officials are investigating The Playboy Mansion after 100 techies became horribly ill in the wake of a party there. According to local reports, Hef's mansion was the venue for a fundraiser and end-of-show party for the DomainFest conference earlier this month. The show itself was at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel …
Joe Fay, 14 Feb 2011
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Playboy on iPad will be 'uncensored', says Hefner

Hugh Hefner has promised that not only is Playboy coming to the iPad, but it will be "uncensored". Either way, punters will now be able to read the magazine in public without embarrasment - the tablet's steely, Apple logo'd back being as good a disguise as a copy of Railway World wrapped around the paper edition. But readers …
Tony Smith, 19 Jan 2011

Official: Playboy back cat stashed on hard drive

NSFW We've heard of guys stashing away their pr0n collections on a covert external storage device, safe from prying eyes, but if you get your mitts on this one, your passion for the pudendic will be immediately obvious to all. US publishing outfit Bondi Digital has released a 250GB drive containing - we pull your plonker not - a …
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Penthouse founder Guccione dead at 79

Bob Guccione, the man who founded Penthouse and brought full frontal nudity close to the mainstream, if not firmly into it, has died at the age of 79. Guccione lost a long fight with cancer yesterday, Adult Video News reports, and died at the Plano Specialty Hospital in Texas. AVN recounts that the American-born Guccione was …
Joe Fay, 21 Oct 2010
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Hugh Hefner makes private offer to Playboy shareholders

Hugh Hefner, 84-year old founder of Playboy wants to buy back the company and take it private, with a bit of help from the bank. Actually Hefner said he's got backing from Rizvi Traverse to buy back the group for £120m. The investment group is "highly confident ample financial resources will be available to complete the …
John Oates, 13 Jul 2010
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Playboy flashes 3D centerfold

The June issue of Playboy will feature added substance in the form of 3D centerfold Hope Dworaczyk - a first for the men's mag, which is trying to cash in on the success of Avatar and the like. The magazine's founder Hugh Hefner reportedly asked: "What would people most like to see in 3D?" "Probably a naked lady," came his own …
Lester Haines, 11 May 2010

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