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You'll LITERALLY PAY for getting tricked into visiting these scam sites

Update Cyber-crooks have latched on to online scams that exploit direct-to-bill payment options. Security biz Malwarebytes warns that crooks are tricking users into visiting mobile sites containing code that charges users via their mobile number. Victims are corralled through a complex series of pop-up adverts to a fly-by-night web …
John Leyden, 11 Aug 2015
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BT 118 phone number fee howler lands telco giant with £225k fine

BT has been slapped with a £225,000 fine from Blighty's premium-rate phone line watchdog, after it failed to provide correct pricing details for its 118 500 directory enquiries number. Some of the 27 complainants, who took their gripes to PhonePayPlus (which previously rejoiced in the catchy name of “Independent Committee for …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Jan 2014
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Punter strikes back at cold callers - by charging THEM to call HIM

Two years ago Lee Beaumont, fed up of receiving daily phonecalls from telemarketing agencies, connected his home landline to a premium rate phone number and started cashing in on cold callers - covering his costs in less than two months. Beaumont splashed out £12 on an 0871 premium rate phone number, which he promptly gave to …
Bill Ray, 30 Aug 2013
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Regulator sniffs mobile services bods: 'Something's off. Hand me the probe'

UK premium rate regulator PhonepayPlus has launched an investigation into five mobile phone subscription services after it said that evidence had emerged that each had been marketed though ransomware-style browser lock-in tactics. Bafona Ltd’s Zovut subscription service, which costs £4.50 per week, is billed as a chance to …
John Leyden, 3 Jul 2013
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Crackdown looming on premium-rate phone number internet ads

Time may be short for companies who make a living with internet-promoted premium phone numbers, as the UK regulator of such matters opens a second consultation aimed at denying them obscurity. Adverts will be required to state clearly that they aren't linked to the service they're promoting, and will be required to use the …
Bill Ray, 25 Apr 2013
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Regulator spanks quiz line with record £800k fine

UK premium-line regulator PhonepayPlus has slapped Churchcastle Limited with the largest fine it has dished to date, ruling the phone-quiz host guilty of misleading and bamboozling callers with impenetrable terms and conditions. After it received 15 complaints, PhonepayPlus found Churchcastle guilty of targeting the elderly, …
Bill Ray, 12 Oct 2012
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Android dev smacked with £50k fine over premium rate SMS scam

UK regulator PhonepayPlus has fined a Russian firm £50,000 after it was found guilty of peddling a deceptive Android application that signed unwitting victims up to a premium-rate text service. Connect Ltd, trading as SMSBill, reportedly promised access to Android games. After the app was installed, a text message was also …
John Leyden, 4 Sep 2012
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Ofcom: PhonepayPlus to regulate PayForIt but not operator billing

Payments made using the mobile PayForIt platform will henceforth be regulated by PhonepayPlus, but only a little bit, the governing regulator has decided. Ofcom, who rules telecommunications regulation in the UK, has decided that mobile transactions don't need regulation, unless they're routed through third parties in which …
Bill Ray, 3 Jul 2012
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Watchdog relieves iPhone 5 scammers of £10k

A British company who offered "iPhone 5s" to punters has been slapped with a £10,000 fine by regulator PhonePayPlus, which ruled that the adverts for the non-existent phone were misleading. According to the judgment published today, the Bumbalee service run by Mobile Minded BV used "prizes" such as the iPhone 5 to lure punters …
Anna Leach, 8 Jun 2012
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Fake Angry Birds app makers fined £50k for shock cash suck

A firm that disguised Android malware as Angry Birds games has been fined £50,000 ($78,300) by UK premium-rate service regulator PhonepayPlus. A1 Agregator posted mobile apps posing as smash-hit games, including Cut the Rope, on Android marketplaces and other outlets. Rather than offer free entertainment, the software silently …
John Leyden, 24 May 2012
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Watchdog hits out at malware racking up premium-rate charges

The premium rate phone regulator says it might disregard evidence of consumer consent from paid-for mobile applications if those apps turn out to contain malicious code. Under PhonepayPlus' Code of Practice, premium-rate service (PRS) providers are prohibited from charging without consumers' consent. Certain PRS providers must …
OUT-LAW.COM, 1 Mar 2012
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SMS compo firms fined £200k for typosquatting, misleading punters

PhonepayPlus said R&D Media Europe (R&D) and Unavalley BV (Unavalley) misled consumers into entering the competitions through the practice of typosquatting and that those consumers were then charged for receiving text messages in connection with the competitions being run. PhonepayPlus found the companies had breached its Code …
OUT-LAW.COM, 21 Feb 2012
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Watchdog takes aim at premium-rate phone apps

Mobile phone apps that send premium-rate texts, or make premium-rate calls, could be subject to fresh guidelines that have been drafted and published for public consideration. PhonePayPlus, formerly ICSTIS, regulates services that are paid for using calls or messages sent to high-cost numbers, something which applications can …
Bill Ray, 26 Sep 2011
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UK regulator wants register of all premium-rate firms

UK premium rate regulator PhonepayPlus has started consulting on plans to simplify its code of practice. PhonepayPlus wants to introduce a registration scheme that will make it easier to identify rogue providers. The proposed code represents a substantial change from the previous regulatory regime based on "transparency, …
John Leyden, 29 Apr 2010
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Premium line complaints drop by more than half

UK punters are more than twice as happy with premium-rate services than they were last year, according to the industry regulator PhonepayPlus. The figures come with the regulator's quarterly report for the last three months of 2009, showing a major improvement over the same period of 2008 (pdf). Back in 2008, complaints about …
Bill Ray, 25 Feb 2010
iPhone as Wii Mote

Regulator sniffs around stonking iPhone game bills

UK phone regulator PhonePayPlus has launched an investigation after game-playing iPhone users complained about surprise premium rate call charges. Concerns have focused on a free to download, advertising-supported game called BubbleWrap, developed by Orsome New Zealand and available via Apple's App Store. BubbleWrap comes …
John Leyden, 28 Jan 2010
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Premium rate regulator stops providers charging for free info

The premium rate phone regulator has moved to stamp out charges levied by operators for information provided elsewhere for free. It also objected to operators promoting premium-rate services on websites with the .org suffix. PhonepayPlus (PPP) said that it had faced growing numbers of complaints, many upheld, about operators …
OUT-LAW.COM, 17 Sep 2009

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