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PCIe eyes the Internet of (the next big) Things

PCI-SIG PCI Express – aka PCIe – is already firmly established as the go-to interconnect of choice in the server, workstation, and PC markets, so the standard's champion, the PCI-SIG, is seeking new worlds to conquer – and where else would it look for new territory than in the buzzmarket du jour, the Internet of Things? "The 'PCI-ness …
Rik Myslewski, 11 Jun 2014

Cheap, backwards-compatible PCIe 4.0 on track for 2015 2016

PCI-SIG Development of the fourth generation of PCI Express – unsurprisingly dubbed PCIe 4.0 – is moving along nicely, but don't expect the final specification to be completed until at least late 2015 or more likely early-to-mid 2016. That's the bad news. The good news is that moving up to the new 16 gigatransfers-per-second standard …
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jun 2014

Intel doubles throughput, slashes power to stave off DATAPOCALYPSE

Research@Intel Intel researchers have developed a prototype interconnect that they say will both increase bandwidth and lower power requirements, whether used for simple CPU-to-CPU connections or scaled up to connect tens of thousands of CPUs in a data center. "Based on past trends, every four years the bandwidth requirements for systems is …
Rik Myslewski, 26 Jun 2013
WiGi Alliance logo

WTF is... WiGig

Feature It's now more than two years since the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WGA) released the first full version of its 7Gb/s would-be next-gen Wi-Fi technology. There's been some activity in the intervening 26 months, including the first big multi-vendor interoperability test, but the second of these "plugfests" has only now taken place …
Tony Smith, 11 Jul 2012
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WTF is... Intel's Ivy Bridge

Feature Reg Hardware PC Week Intel’s latest processor architecture, codenamed Ivy Bridge, is its previous one, Sandy Bridge, shrunk. Sandy Bridge chips, marketed as second-generation Core i CPUs, were produced using a 32nm process. Ivy Bridge is 22nm Actually, there's a little bit more to it than that. Intel Core i7-3770K …
Simon Crisp, 8 May 2012
Inside Apple's Thunderbolt cable

Pricey Apple Thunderbolt cable inner chippery exposed

Want to know why Apple is charging £39 - $50 in the US - for its Thunderbolt cable? For once it's not entirely the company's price-high-for-fanboys policy - the cable is an active transmitter. Apple's Thunderbolt cable Apple's Thunderbolt cable: on the outside... The kit disassemblers at have found that the …
Tony Smith, 30 Jun 2011
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PCI Express 3.0 spec sneaks out

The PCI-SIG - the organisation behind the PCI Express - quietly released the base spec for version 3.0 of the bus standard. PCIe 3.0 was originally due to be released in 2009, but in August of that year it was delayed until 2010, in order, it was said at the time, to ensure compatibility with PCIe 1 and 2. Come January 2010, …
Tony Smith, 19 Nov 2010
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

Belkin preps SuperSpeed USB 3.0 adaptors

Accessory specialist Belkin is gearing up for the SuperSpeed USB revolution with a pair of products that will add the new 5Gb/s bus to your computer. Desktop owners will be able to use the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCIe Add-in Card, which is exactly what Belkin says it is. The card occupies any PCI Express slot and has a pair if USB …
Tony Smith, 24 Feb 2010
NEC µPD720200 USB 3.0 controller

NEC works out how to triple USB 3.0 speed

Think SuperSpeed USB 3.0's 4.8Gb/s data transfer speed is lightning fast? You're wrong, says NEC. Today it said it had successfully demo'd a serial bus that it believes can hit 16Gb/s. Like USB 3.0, NEC's technology sends data as a stream of binary 1s and 0s. NEC actually demonstrated a chip capable of maintain such a data …
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2010
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

SuperSpeed adaptor goes on sale

Keen to leap into the SuperSpeed era? There may not be many USB 3.0 devices you can use, but at least you can now prep your notebook for the new bus standard. Accessory supplier Brando has begun selling an ExpressCard 34 add-in with a pair of SuperSpeed ports built in. ExpressCard USB 3.0 adaptor Brando's ExpressCard USB 3.0 …
Tony Smith, 24 Nov 2009

SSDs get special skinny Sata interconnect

IDF There's a burning need for a standard interconnect for netbook-oriented solid-state drives, apparently. Well, according to the Serial ATA International Organisation, the body behind the bus, there is. To fill the gap, it has introduced mini-Sata - aka mSata. Regular Sata ports aren't exactly large, but they're clearly still …
Tony Smith, 22 Sep 2009
PCI Express

PCI organisation confirms PCIe 3.0 delay

The next version of the PCI Express bus standard, 3.0, won't appear until 2010 and not this year as originally anticipated. Publication of the final version of the specification inevitably leads the appearance of devices that incorporate the standard, so the delay pushes the release of PCIe 3.0-compliant kit out from 2010 to …
Tony Smith, 21 Aug 2009

AMD to intro 6Gb/s Sata III chipset in early 2010

AMD will roll out its next generation of desktop chipsets in January 2010, Taiwanese motherboard-maker moles have claimed. Two chipsets are in the pipeline: 'RD890' and 'RS880D', the latter an integrated offering equipped with a 700MHz 'RV620' graphics core and AMD's UVD 2.0 video decoder unit. Both chipsets support …
Tony Smith, 16 Jun 2009
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed

NEC ready to sample 'world's first' USB 3.0 controller chip

NEC has taken the wraps off what may be the world's first control chip for USB 3.0 - aka SuperSpeed USB. The µPD720200 implements the most recent version of the USB 3.0 specification to deliver data-transfer speeds of up to 5Gb/s - more than ten times faster than USB 2.0's peak. NEC uPD720200 USB 3.0 controller NEC's …
Tony Smith, 19 May 2009
vulture tv reporter

Storage RAIDs Jobless Apple show

Macworld Expo Although Macworld Expo 2009 had a decidedly consumer-focused feel, high-end storage also played its part. Iomega, Other World Computing, LaCie, and other Mac vets showing off their new desktop drives may have attracted bigger crowds, but rack-mounters such as Active Storage, EZQuest, and Promise Technology attracted bigger …
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jan 2009
homeless man with sign

Sun and Fujitsu hint at Sparc futures

As part of the launch of the Sparc T5440 midrange server this week in San Francisco, top brass from both Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu spent some time assuring customers that the companies' chip and systems partnership going strong and that both were working away on Sparc processors that would end up in future systems. The …

NextIO grabs $19m for virtualized PCI Express extravaganza

NextIO has been stealthing away down in Austin, Texas, flying under the radar of most server customers. You can, however, be sure that the major server vendors know about this small shop. The start-up last week revealed a $19m funding round led by Adams Capital Management and Crescendo Ventures. That cash infusion brings …
Ashlee Vance, 3 Mar 2008

AMD RS740 chipset wins PCI Express approval

AMD's anticipated budget chipset, the RS740, has won the approval of PCI Express overseer, the PCI SIG, for its compatibility with version 1.1 of the standard. The RS740 turned up on a leaked chipset roadmap a wee while ago. It's expected to appear this summer to support AMD's next-generation Athlon and Sempron processors, …
Tony Smith, 13 Jul 2007

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