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Get 'em out for the... readers: The Sun scraps its online paywall

Rupert Murdoch's flagship British tabloid, The Sun, is to abandon its paywall in search of greater web traffic as it seeks to compete with big online news hitters such as the Daily Mail. According to the Guardian, the move was set to be officially announced on Friday and implemented by the end of November. Back in July 2013, …
Gareth Corfield, 30 Oct 2015
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Currant Bun erects £2 paywall: Wraps digi-paper around free footie

British tabloid The Sun has revealed a subscription plan to access the digital version of the newspaper, Sun+. The daily is essentially offering a football video package with The Sun's stories wrapped around it, for £2 a week. Near-live TV clips of Premier League games will be bundled in the deal, as News International's …
Andrew Orlowski, 15 May 2013
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Daily Telegraph punishes expats with paywall

There'll be grumbling in Costa del Sol tonight after the Daily Telegraph started charging expats and other folk overseas to read its website. The broadsheet newspaper today introduced a porous, or "metered", paywall similar to the schemes successfully operated by the Financial Times and the New York Times. The Telegraph will …
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Anonymous turns on 'one man Julian Assange show' Wikileaks

Members of hacker collective Anonymous have stopped supporting Wikileaks after the site put up a paywall, saying that Wikileaks is more bothered about Julian Assange™ than getting information to the public. In a statement on Pastebin, linked through from Anonymous Twitter account AnonymousIRC, the group said Wikileaks had …
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Murdoch’s Oz hacks to get special paywall discount

The News Limited paywall experiment in Australia which started on Monday has received a less-than-rapturous welcome among its journalists, who are being asked to pay to access the site. If New Matilda is correct, hacks at Holt Street found an e-mail in their in-box offering them accounts at half the price charged to the rest …
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New York Times tucks skirt behind stilted paywall

Regular readers of the online version of the New York Times will be asked to pay for a monthly subscription to the newspaper after perusing 20 articles on the site for free. On 28 March the Gray Lady will begin charging frequent visitors to its website. The newspaper described the "loyal readers" paywall as a "bet" based on …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Mar 2011
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Murdoch, The Daily, and life without the web

News Corp doesn't get a whole lot of love on the web, nor does it seek it. Just over a year ago company chairman Rupert Murdoch described news aggregation as "almost wholesale misappropriation of our stories… it's theft", and shortly afterwards the paywalls went up at the Times and Sunday Times. Web readership plummeted, …
John Lettice, 2 Feb 2011
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Times bullish: no longer throwing money down web toilet

It's too early to say whether the Times paywall is a success or not. But it's done wonders for conferences about newspapers. In place of the usual hand-wringing and Kumbaya pipedreams, we're getting quite a bit of decent discussion. The Telegraph is next to ask for your dosh - probably with a "metered" model used by the FT, …
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Telegraph to charge for online news

The Telegraph will begin charging for news online from next year, according to a report. The newspaper, which was the first UK national to publish on the web, will join The Times in requiring payment for access, The FT - which itself charges for online business news - reports. The move will leave liberal-leaners The Guardian …
Team Register, 30 Nov 2010
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Apple said to prep iPad news sub service

Apple is preparing to throw an iPad lifeline to the rapidly sinking news biz by offering to host a newspaper subscription service on its "magical and revolutionary" device. That's the word from the San Jose Mercury News, which notes that an announcement of the service is expected "soon". This lifeline would not be a …
Rik Myslewski, 16 Sep 2010
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Murdoch predicts iPads all round

Rupert Murdoch is betting big on the iPad, claiming it heralds sales of "hundreds and hundreds of millions" for tablet computers, and a revitalised newspaper industry. His optimistic assessment was delivered as News Corp posted a net full-year profit of $2.5bn, reversing a $3.4bn loss a year earlier. TV and movies - including …
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Google's gatekeeper to collect toll for dying news orgs

Google is planning to introduce a billing and payment system for news content producers by the end of the year, according to a report in Italian newspaper La Repubblica. From the description, this new caper is some way short of a micropayment system, being more like an Oyster Card for news, and other content such as video and …
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Jun 2010
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Times websites want £1 a day from June

The Times and the Sunday Times are set to charge for access to their websites from June. Rupert Murdoch said in August last year he wanted to charge for all his sites, though in November he suggested the firm could miss the June deadline. Rebekah Brooks, chief executive at News International, said: “These new sites, and the …
John Oates, 26 Mar 2010

YouTube and Hulu dabble in for-pay vids

Two of the internet's most popular video websites are planning to charge users to watch certain movies and television shows online. YouTube and Hulu both have schemes to erect paywalls around a limited amount of content in order to drum up revenues that online advertising has failed to provide, according to recent …
Austin Modine, 21 Jan 2010
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Oxford American Dictionary dubs 'unfriend' Word of the Year

Blame social networking for the latest cutesy-pie neologism tapped as the New Oxford American Dictionary's 2009 Word of the Year: unfriend. Up against a range of tech-related buzzwords that included "netbook," "sexting," and "paywall," the North American verbal tome maker decided to celebrate the asocial side of online …
Austin Modine, 17 Nov 2009

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