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Britain's passport and ID service seeks facial recog tech suppliers

The Home Office plans to spend up to £16m on facial recognition technology for the Identity and Passport Service. A tender notice in the European Union's Official Journal (OJEU) popped up this week that showed that Theresa May's department was now on the hunt for providers of a Facial Recognition Engine and a Facial …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Mar 2013
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Public ID card support holds steady - says gov report

A majority of the public remains in support of the National Identity Scheme, according to the latest figures from the Identity and Passport Service (IPS). The latest tracking research on the scheme, carried out by Taylor Nelson Sofres and published on 22 October, shows that 60 per cent are in favour with 24 per cent against, …
Kablenet, 24 Oct 2008
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Wacky Jacqui's yoof ID site goes silent

Updated The Home Secretary's opinion-harvesting site for young 'uns,, has shut up shop and looks likely to drag its feet on publishing the research. Jacqui Smith launched the site back in July to kickstart debate amongst the yoof about government ID cards. The only trouble was that opinions expressed by those using it …
John Oates, 16 Oct 2008
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Home Office screws prison data bunglers

The Home Office has today terminated a £1.5m contract with PA Consulting after it lost the personal details of the entire UK prison population. In August the firm admitted to officials that it had downloaded the prisons database to an unencrypted memory stick, against the security terms of its contract to manage the JTrack …
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Saatchi to promote foreigners' ID cards

The Home Office will use advertising agency M&C Saatchi to tell employers about the introduction of identity cards for foreign nationals. The UK Border Agency will start issuing cards from 25 November 2008 to those from outside the European Economic Area applying to stay in the country as students or through marriage. About 50 …
Kablenet, 10 Sep 2008
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ID scheme plans 50,000 cards by April

The National Identity Scheme will produce just 50,000 cards in its first few months – and has yet to define the role or budget of its commissioner. In response to a parliamentary written question from Liberal Democrat shadow home secretary Chris Huhne, home secretary Jacqui Smith said that about 50,000 identity cards will be …
Kablenet, 8 Sep 2008
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Home Office lost CDs on 3,000 workers

The Home Office has lost the names, nationalities, passport numbers and dates of birth of 3,000 seasonal agricultural workers on two CDs in transit to the UK Borders Authority. The incident, which took place in March, was reported to the Information Commissioner's Office but has only now been publicly disclosed in the Home …
Kablenet, 11 Aug 2008

Thales wins first UK ID card contract

French defence provider Thales SA has won the first contract for the UK national ID card project. The Identity and Passport Service is paying Thales £18m over four years to design, build and test a National Identity Register to support the cards. The total cost of the project is disputed, but will run to several billion pounds …
John Oates, 1 Aug 2008
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Report fingers prints as ID scheme's point of failure

Yet more trouble assails the government’s £4.4bn National Identity Scheme (NIS), as an official report puts the boot into the preferred scheme for “exception handling” – and a bunch of techies show how the recommended system can be beaten. Official trouble comes in the form of the latest annual report (pdf) from the Biometrics …
Jane Fae , 10 Jul 2008
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IPS ditches e-passport system

The Identity and Passport Service has written off £10.8m in dropping a scheme for electronic passport applications. The management board of IPS has decided to abandon the electronic passport applications (EPA2) scheme, which it started in 2005 and opened in May 2006, according to the agency's annual report (pdf). The system, …
Kablenet, 8 Jul 2008
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Top airline bosses launch assault on airport ID card plan

The bosses of the UK's major airlines have attacked plans to force airport workers to enrol in the national ID card scheme, claiming that "the UK aviation industry is being used for political purposes on a project which has questionable public support."* If anything the move, they say, could reduce security by adding a "false …
John Lettice, 2 Jul 2008
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Tories would have to compensate ID vendors

A Conservative government would have to compensate suppliers of the National Identity Scheme for lost profits as well as costs if it cancelled the project. "To guarantee these payments knowing that a future Conservative government has already said it will scrap ID cards is improper and quite extraordinary," shadow home …
Kablenet, 29 May 2008
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Facial drones spot passport frauds

The Passport Office has stopped 600 fraudulent passport applications using a facial recognition system it rolled out as a pilot across its fraud units last year. The Identity and Passport Service has since deemed the trial a success and, having built a database of mugshots belonging to around 25,000 known fraudsters, has …
Mark Ballard, 31 May 2007
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Gov. resists ID card scrutiny

The Office of Government Commerce has appealed against an order by the Information Tribunal that it must publish official documents that assess the justification for the government's identity card scheme. Meanwhile, speculation over Prime-Minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown's support for the programme has been see-sawing for lack …
Mark Ballard, 30 May 2007
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Home Office wants officials to watch more TV

Oh for the life of a sub editor. It must be the most thankless task: people only notice you when you don't do your job perfectly. And when it comes to spelling and grammar, someone can always be relied upon to notice. Screen grab of the offending article But it is also a position of incredible power, which must occasionally …
Lucy Sherriff, 22 May 2007
Warning: aircraft

Gatwick gets iris recognition

Gatwick South has started using an iris recognition system - it is the ninth UK airport terminal to roll out the system. Project IRIS(Iris Recognition Immigration System) is designed to give travellers resident in the UK, who have no black marks against their name on the immigration database, a means of avoiding normal …
Mark Ballard, 18 May 2007
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UK gov mulls prison for those employing illegal immigrants

The UK government is considering increasing fines and introducing prison sentences to encourage employers to act as immigration police on their own staff. The Home Office published a consultation paper (21 page pdf) on its plans today, inviting comment on its proposed system of penalties. The penalties were attached to a …
Mark Ballard, 15 May 2007

Serco snaps up Cornwell

Public sector services giant Serco has tabled an offer to buy Cornwell Management Consultants Plc, an AIM-listed firm based in Surrey, for £7m. Serco said in a statement that Cornwell had a good profile with the Identity and Passport Service as an IT and management consulting firm. It was also known in the NHS, and as an …
Mark Ballard, 24 Apr 2007

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