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Parliamentary 'puters made 30k tries to procure pr0nz last year

The Houses of Parliament's network was used to access pornographic material 30,876 times from March to October, it was revealed today. That works out at approximately five attempts to access smut per hour, with Blighty's parliamentary filtering system blocking users from viewing the content. September was the month MPs were …
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Damian Green: Not only my workstation – mystery pr0n all over Parliamentary PCs

Under-fire Cabinet Office minister Damian Green has reportedly told an internal UK government inquiry that he has proof he was not the one who downloaded porn onto his Parliamentary computer. The minister has forwarded to investigators an email from Eleanor Laing, deputy speaker of the House of Commons, detailing how one of …
Queen's Speech 2015. Screen grab from Parliament TV

Queen's speech announces laws to protect personal data

The government is to pass new laws to protect personal data and create a commission for countering extremism on the internet, the Queen announced in the annual state opening of Parliament today. Her speech revealed a scaled legislative programme focused on delivering Brexit, with Theresa May's minority government having …
Kat Hall, 21 Jun 2017
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That's cute. AI and IoT need 'ethics regulation', mumbles Lib Dem baron

A Liberal Democrat peer has suggested that the Internet of Things needs government regulation in the UK. Speaking in Parliament yesterday, Baron Timothy Clement-Jones said that artificial intelligence, as well as IoT, needs "huge consideration" of its "ethics". "It may be that we need to construct a purpose-built regulator …

Parliamentary Trump-off? Pro-Donald petition passes 100k signatures

Proving that democracy is just fine in the internet era, a petition demanding that Donald Trump should be invited to make a state visit to the UK has passed 100,000 signatures – passing the threshold to be "considered" for a Parliamentary debate. The petition was set up in response to a much more popular one demanding that …
Gareth Corfield, 31 Jan 2017
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Top UK judges rule: Government can't pull the Article 50 trigger alone

Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to trigger formal talks for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU in March have been thrown into uncertainty. Judges sitting in the United Kingdom’s highest court have ruled her government cannot trigger Article 50, the process initiating the UK’s formal negotiations to leave the UK, without the …
Gavin Clarke, 24 Jan 2017
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Use Brexit to save smokers' lives and plug vaping, say peers

The government should take advantage of Brexit to save lives, the House of Lords heard last week. Conservative peer Baron (Martin) Callanan, who tabled the motion being debated to withdraw the EU’s latest vaping regulations, said smoking policy should no longer be driven by the interests of Big Pharma, and called on the …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Jul 2016
The Palace of Westminster. Pic: Misko, Flickr

Parliament is building a new website – and it doesn't want GDS anywhere near it

The UK Parliament is hiring a load of web developers, analysts and UX folk as it prepares to revamp its website – and it's keeping the whole project well away from the Government Digital Service, The Register has learned. Parliament's website, while functional and reasonably clear, is a bit long in the tooth – and its …
Gareth Corfield, 22 Jun 2016

Is Alphabet-Google 'too big to jail'? The Lords find out

Europe's examination of Big Tech's dominant platforms – like Alphabet-Google and Amazon – is only just beginning, but Parliament got a teaser of the battles ahead this week, as two antitrust professors sharply disagreed on the merits of the enquiry. Professors David Evans, of UCL, and Ariel Ezrachi, of Oxford University, at …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2015

UK MPs have right old whinge about ‘defunct’ Wilson Doctrine

Parliamentarians have hit out against a ruling by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) that GCHQ is allowed to collect the communications of MPs, a move which seemingly ends the so-called Wilson Doctrine. Or does it? During parliamentary debate this week, Labour MP Chris Bryant said: "Until last Wednesday, it was thought …
Kat Hall, 21 Oct 2015
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Cause of Parliamentary downtime on Microsoft Office 364½ revealed

A major Microsoft Office 365 outage in the Houses of Parliament that left up to 3,000 users without email was due to Microsoft failing to inform itself about a technical change, The Register can reveal. The outage occurred on 23 June and resulted in a total of 13 hours of downtime, the Parliamentary Digital Service said in …
Kat Hall, 6 Aug 2015
Parliament in the clouds

Parliament wants to splash £6m on network build 'n' run contract

The Houses of Parliament is looking to splash up to £6m on a data network management and support services network. The contract is worth between £3m-£6m over a six year period. The managed services deal will cover maintenance, support, management and monitoring of the Houses of Parliament Network Security Services. That …
Kat Hall, 23 Jul 2015

Three-way EU Big Data privacy wrestling match kicks off

The EU will take a big step towards finalising measures to protect its citizens' privacy today, as negotiators from member states, the European Commission, and the European Parliament will come together for the first time to thrash out an agreement on the EU’s planned data protection law. The Parliament agreed its position on …
Jennifer Baker, 24 Jun 2015

MEPs, Council still deadlocked over EU telco laws

After three years of negotiations, the proposals to overhaul Europe’s critical telecoms rules could come to nothing, with political power blocks seemingly deadlocked. The so-called Telco Package has been shorn of many of its original proposals and has now been whittled down to just two major issues: net neutrality and roaming …
Houses of Parliament in night-time

Election? Pah. Here's the REAL question: Who’s the SEXIEST MP?

Forget the tribal allegiances of politics, the truth is the UK's Members of Parliament can't stop checking each other out, with being one of the most popular sites accessed on the Parliamentary Network. For those unfamiliar with it, the site presents two photos and asks the user "Which MP would you rather have sex …
Kat Hall, 14 May 2015
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Not in the Budget: Spooks beg for £111m brown envelope

Blighty's intelligence agencies have held out the begging bowl to Parliament for a handout of £111m before April. In a written ministerial statement today Cabinet Office minister and Paymaster General Francis Maude sought Parliamentary approval for the additional funds. He said the money reflects a number of "in-year …
Kat Hall, 18 Mar 2015
Being haunted

Work harder to stop online child abuse, MEPs tell EU states

EU countries are doing too little to combat online child sex abuse, said MEPs on Wednesday. The European Parliament called on national authorities to fully implement the 2011 directive on combating child abuse images and exploitation, adding that more than half of EU member states have so far failed to do so. The Parliament …
Jennifer Baker, 12 Mar 2015
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MPs 'alarmed' by millions of mugshots on Brit cops' databases

A panel of MPs has attacked the Tory-led coalition government for failing to clamp down on the collection of millions of Brits' mugshots, which have been stored on a police database without robust legal oversight. Parliament's Science and Technology Committee, chaired by Labour MP Andrew Miller, branded the "continuing lack of …

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