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Dropbox upgrade adds nice bits for sysadmins

Sysadmins need a "nice" user experience, and Daniel Iversen, head of solution architects for Dropbox Asia Pacific, told The Register that was in mind when the company pushed out a bunch of new admin capabilities. In other words: this is “not about a feature race”, he said, rather a more deliberate – and staged – upgrade …

The paperless office? Don’t talk sheet

Something for the Weekend, Sir? A report has arrived in my email inbox, claiming to provide information on “the paperless office”. Instinctively, I check the calendar. No, it isn’t 1985. Perhaps I misread the subject line? Nope. There it is: “the paperless office”. Ah bless. I’ve heard people talking about the concept of office work without paper since my …
Alistair Dabbs, 19 Feb 2016

Live-streaming paper plane drone takes to the skies

For an example of just how far paper plane and drone tech have come since the historic launch of our Vulture 1 aircraft back in 2010, look no further than the PowerUp FPV - described as the "first ever paper airplane drone with a live streaming camera". Various configurations of PowerUp The chaps behind the PowerUp FPV have …
Lester Haines, 8 Jan 2016
The self-folding crawling robot in three stages

Tiny transforming bots: Meet these self-assembling 'thoughtful' droids

Rise of the Machines Engineers have come up with self-folding robots that can put themselves together and crawl away on their own – although batteries must be included. Three stages of the origami robots assembling Three stages of the origami robots assembling. (Credit: Seth Kroll) Foldable ‘bots are nothing new, but this is the first time …
A Dyson vacuum cleaner

Facebook unwraps Paper, a content-hoover application

Facebook has announced a new application that is designed to get more people to donate more information to the social network, and to let more people spend more time viewing the ad-wrapped content. The "Paper" smartphone app was announced by Facebook in a blog post on Thursday as part of a new strategy by the company to gather …
Jack Clark, 30 Jan 2014
Animated gif of the LOHAN team

SPEARS joins the 19-mile-high club: Intimate snaps

Pics and vid The Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) team is just about done sifting through the photos and vid from our recent test flight of the Special Project Electronic Altitude Release System (SPEARS) control board, and we hereby present highlights for your viewing pleasure. Click here for a bigger version of the LOHAN …
Lester Haines, 26 Jul 2013
The CHAV rises above Brightwalton, as seen from the main payload camera

How our shaken Reg Playmonaut survived a 113,000ft stratodangle

We're pleased to report that the intrepid Playmonaut who last weekend soared to 34,571m (113,421ft) during the test flight of our Special Project Electronic Altitude Release System (SPEARS) control board is, although somewhat shaken, otherwise none the worse for suffering a dramatic stratodangle. Our intrepid miniature pilot …
Lester Haines, 19 Jul 2013
Electronic waste dump in China

Paper computers: Not mere pulp fiction

Something for the Weekend, Sir? I love it when I read or hear the phrase “Print is dead”. Idiocy is so enthralling. I am fascinated by people who can shamelessly proclaim their own ignorance in public with such determination. Tomorrows World Elliot light pen 1967 Future tech: Elliot light pen shown on Tomorrow's World in 1967 How many trees could you grow …
The Register breaking news

America mounts attempt to top the Register's world record spaceflight

It's come to our attention that a crack squad of US students is poised to make an attempt on El Reg's Guinness World Record for the highest launch of a paper plane. On 28 October 2010, our Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) Vulture 1 spaceplane glided into the history books from a dizzying 89,591ft* (27,310m). Well, …
Lester Haines, 26 Oct 2012
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Mighty ROBOT achieves total SUPREMACY over feeble humans

No matter how many John-Wayne-inspired moments you've had in front of the mirror, you're not as quick on the draw as the Janken robot. Ishikawa Oku Laboratory in Tokyo has built the android to have a perfect score at rock-paper-scissors, identifying which way its human opponent is going to go in one millisecond. The boffins …
Buffalo gold drive

Ten... mad materials made into tech

Whether they're attempting to increase durability, lower production costs or simply impress with aesthetics, manufacturers are always looking for new materials to build their tech with. Apple was this week rumoured to be coating the iPhone 5 in Liquidmetal, a metal alloy with the structure of glass that can be injection …
Caleb Cox, 20 Apr 2012
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Paper plane world record disputed

An “unpure” paper dart has all-but claimed the world record for the longest paper airplane flight. American football quarterback Joe Ayoob’s mighty ball-tossing right arm launched a paper plane 69.1 metres, beating the previous mark by nearly six metres. The plane climbed fast, descended sharply but picked up sufficient speed …
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Paper PCs design rolled out

A materials manufacturer has produced a paper-based compound which may soon find its way onto hardware factory lines, with recyclable PCs mooted as one possible target. Paper PP Alloy promises to cause a revolution in the world of laptop production, with its inexpensive production, super strength and environmentally friendly …
Caleb Cox, 16 Feb 2012

El Reg premieres PARIS: The Motion Picture

Last week marked the anniversary of our Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) triumph, and we decided to mark the occasion by offering our beloved readers a short commemorative video of the audacious spaceplane project. Yes, we can already hear you muttering "Why has it taken so long to get a bleedin' vid together?", and …
Lester Haines, 4 Nov 2011
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PARIS acquires visual tracking capability

Our Paper Aircraft Released Into Space (PARIS) programme continues to advance on multiple fronts, with the Vulture 1-X structure coming along nicely, a Mark 2 release mechanism ready for testing and our logistics team pondering just how to get the maximum bangs for bucks from launch day - when it finally arrives. As avid …
Lester Haines, 20 Aug 2010
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El Reg space paper plane christened Vulture 1

It's official: The El Reg "Paper Aircraft Released Into Space" (PARIS) vehicle has been christened Vulture 1 by popular vote, and with this formality out of the way we can move on to pondering just how our audacious upper atmosphere programme is actually going to work. We're grateful to all those readers who chipped in with …
Lester Haines, 10 Aug 2009
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Gary Glitter expelled from GCSE paper

Convicted paedophile Gary Glitter has been excised from a GCSE music coursework paper which listed his glamtastic 1970 hit I’m The Leader Of The Gang as “related listening” to be enjoyed by wide-eyed teens. The outrage was spotted by an anonymous deputy headteacher and father of two from Windsor on the Assessment and …
Lester Haines, 10 Nov 2008

IBM solves world's 'paper or plastic' crisis

Since the dawn of history, mankind has been plagued by an unnecessary burden whilst grocery shopping at their neighborhood supermarket: telling the cashier whether they prefer a paper or plastic bag. Precious moments are squandered. Moments better spent reading the collected works of Spinoza, curing cancer, building shelters …
Austin Modine, 6 Aug 2008

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