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Nokia's Ovi wunderkind is off ... to Nokia-backed Vision+

One of Nokia's high flyers is leaving the company – but will still be spending Nokia's money. Tero Ojanperä, an executive vice president, member of the core Leadership Team (and, don't forget, UN Young Global Leader) will head up a Nokia-backed investment fund called Vision+. The new investment fund "seeks to help communities …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2011
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Nokia will get own Windows shop window

Nokia will be selling Windows Phone applications from its own marketplace, with Symbian applications sharing space on the Nokia store shelves until 2016 at the least. Nokia has been reiterating its commitment to Symbian, with CEO Stephen Elop promising that the company will be supporting applications and issuing software …
Bill Ray, 27 May 2011
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Nokia finally gives Ovi brand a mercy bullet

"People often ask, 'What's a "Nokia"? – is it some new kind of yoga or a fashionable new diet?' Then you remind them – it's the platform for the Ovi mobile services experience – and the fog of confusion quickly clears." – The Register, August 2010 Tears will be shed in Shoreditch and Soho tonight as Nokia has confirmed it is …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 May 2011
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How Nokia and Microsoft will carve up mobile services

Nokia smartphones will be running Windows Phone, but the company is hoping to hang on to some of its service-provider identity even as Microsoft grabs the choicest morsels. Nokia tried hard to redefine itself as a provider of services, which is what everyone wants to be these days - hardware margins are tight and most software …
Bill Ray, 14 Feb 2011
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Ovi discovers the price of popularity

Nokia isn't coping well with the new-found popularity of its Ovi store, with delays to the signing process driving some developers elsewhere despite public apologies. Nokia reckons it is the popularity of the Ovi store that's causing the delays, which are running into weeks... and upsetting developers who based their schedules …
Bill Ray, 23 Nov 2010
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RIM gets another Indian reprieve

India won't ban BlackBerrys until next year, allowing RIM another three months to arrange lawful intercept, though the decision is not the good news it sounds. RIM's problem isn't time, it's the impossibility of providing a solution acceptable to politicians keen to be seen doing something, and enterprises reliant on RIM's …
Bill Ray, 14 Oct 2010
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HTC launches Ovi-ogling cloud service

HTC has launched its own cloud service, Sense, backing up data and helping to locate lost handsets as it tries to transition from a manufacturer to a service provider. The focus is on handset management. Recent HTC models registered with the service can be made to ring loudly (in case they're in one's other jacket) or post up …
Bill Ray, 7 Oct 2010
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Nokia’s new CEO needs to change the message

Nokia held its annual Nokia World event in London this week, with the usual series of handset launches, developer love-ins and promises to address its weaknesses in high end smartphones and north America. But all this was overshadowed by the ousting, just the week before, of CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, quickly followed by his …
Wireless Watch, 19 Sep 2010
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Pay-to-play apps hit Ovi

Nokia World Free signing for Java apps, a new Java touch API, a Web SDK for smartphones and a new Ovi store - but best of all you get to squash pigs with eagles. All this and more at Nokia World, which is this year combined with the Nokia Developers' Summit - reflecting just how important mobile applications are these days. Nokia is …
Bill Ray, 14 Sep 2010
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Nokia seeks to tap the X-Factor

Nokia is backing ITV's X Factor with a dedicated application and exclusive content, but it will take more then Auto Tune to make Ovi a Christmas number one. The X Factor application can be downloaded from the Ovi store from today, and features "backstage gossip", "exclusive video content", a rating function and "lots of …
Bill Ray, 3 Sep 2010
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Nokia blows Ovi Files out of the sky

Nokia has pulled the plug on Ovi Files, its cloud-based storage system, and told users they've got a month before the the system gets wiped. Not that users risk losing files - Ovi Files is a synchronisation system, so the data will be replicated on a desktop computer. Nokia suggests that users of Ovi Files might like to use …
Bill Ray, 2 Sep 2010
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Nokia gets into analytics

Nokia is to buy analytics service Motally, providing the technology to measure precisely how few people are using Nokia phones these days. Motally isn't a large company - eight people based in San Francisco - but its technology is designed to be embedded in mobile applications to collect demographic and usage data, which Nokia …
Bill Ray, 20 Aug 2010
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Nokia drops Nokia from Nokia Music

The world's biggest mobile company is to remove the obscure and confusing "Nokia" branding from its key strategic music service, Comes With Music, and lavish it with the world-renowned and highly respected "Ovi" brand, instead. The news didn't merit an official announcement, but was leaked to bloggers instead. A spokesperson …
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Aug 2010
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Nokia: Ovi developer price plunge permanent

Nokia has confirmed that the price drop for Ovi developers is permanent, losing the "beta" label previously applied and making Ovi the second cheapest app store to get on. The price cut was introduced last month along with the new Qt SDK, but the new pricing came with a "beta" tag which has now (unsurprisingly) been removed. …
Bill Ray, 18 Aug 2010
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Why the mobile App Store bubble will burst

The rush to pour resources into mobile App Stores is doomed to fail, reckons one analyst, in a scathing overview of both the scene, and Nokia's prospects. Marek Pawlowski, who organises the MEX conference writes: "The ever increasing complexity and number of these developer programmes is driving billions of dollars of …
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Ten Essential... Symbian Apps

Product Round-up Nokia may have come a little late to the app store party, but it's Ovi Store now has plenty of software to choose from, whether you're looking for games or utilities, productivity, comms or entertainment apps. Not sure where to start? Well, you can start by downloading the following ten apps that will help you get the most …
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Nokia woos developers with cheaper listing

Nokia has been making itself pretty for developers – launching a new SDK for Qt applications, dropping the cost of Ovi listing to €50 and signing applications for free. Not only that, but the Finns reckon they can get the average signing time for applications down to two weeks, along with making the whole process a lot cheaper …
Bill Ray, 24 Jun 2010
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Android and iPhone bite into Nokia Q2 results

Nokia has been having a worse year than expected, reminding the world that it's a tough market out there. Not that the world's largest phone manufacturer is downgrading expectations for the industry as a whole, or even expecting its own market share to drop significantly. The company will simply be selling fewer high-end …
Bill Ray, 16 Jun 2010

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