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US Supreme Court says 'no sale' to Amazon's New York sales tax appeal

The US Supreme Court has declined to intervene in a long-running spat between Amazon and the State of New York over collection of sales tax for online purchases, Bloomberg reports. The decision means the web retail giant has exhausted its legal options, and the law requiring it to add sales tax to purchases by customers in the …
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Google demotes BeatThatQuote one day after buying it

Google has penalised its own newly acquired UK price comparison site, after the firm was found to be violating Mountain View's guidelines about linking. Earlier today, Aaron Wall noted on his SEO Book blog that Google had recently penalised for offering discounts in exchange for links. " …
Kelly Fiveash, 8 Mar 2011
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Overstock's Byrne claims $5m scalp over short selling CEO Patrick Byrne has said that hedge fund Copper River Partners paid his company $5m this afternoon to settle claims it colluded to denigrate Overstock and then profit from short positions in the etailer's shares. Byrne - who has waged a very public battle over Wall Street short selling - tells The Reg that the $ …
Cade Metz, 9 Dec 2009
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Byrne's naked shorting crusade outs Yahoo! security vuln

Patrick Byrne's unrelenting crusade against naked short selling has uncovered a gaping security hole in Yahoo!'s ever-popular message boards. Yahoo! has now patched the cross-site scripting bug - which allowed miscreants to snatch Yahoo! IDs, cookies, and IP addresses from users merely searching the message boards - but not …
Cade Metz, 8 Sep 2009
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Overstock's Byrne deciphers Economic Meltdown Civilization Deleveraging

Radio Reg Patrick Byrne doesn't call it an economic meltdown. He calls it "the de-leveraging of a civilization." When the ever-quotable CEO last sat down with Radio Reg, the world still pegged him as a tin hat–wearing crackpot. But now that Wall Street has buckled under its own excess, he's been recast as an financial …
Cade Metz, 3 Dec 2008
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Emails show journalist rigged Wikipedia's naked shorts

Two and a half years ago, CEO Patrick Byrne penned an editorial for The Wall Street Journal, warning that widespread stock manipulation schemes - including abusive naked short selling - were threatening the health of America's financial markets. But it wasn't published. "An editor at The Journal asked me to write …
Cade Metz, 1 Oct 2008

Newegg plays chicken with New York 'Amazon Tax'

Defying New York lawmakers, "egg-cellent" electronics etailer has suddenly ceased collecting sales tax from the Empire State's online shoppers. Under Governor David Patterson's new $122bn budget, online retailers with New York-based affiliate marketers are considered to have a "physical presence" in the state, and …
Cade Metz, 25 Aug 2008
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Wikimadness XVII: The Return of Byrne

We spoke too soon. The web's longest running farce is alive and well. Earlier this summer, it seemed we had finally seen the end of the epic squabble pitting the CEO of against Jimmy Wales and the cult of Wikipedia. But as it turns out, more fun was on the way. Three and a half years after Overstock boss Patrick …
Cade Metz, 11 Aug 2008
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Overstock and Patrick Byrne sue New York over Amazon Tax

New York's new online tax law is now facing lawsuits from two big-name online retailers. A month ago, Amazon sued that Empire State over its so-called Amazon Tax, and on Friday, cut-rate e-tailer filed its own suit, reiterating that the Amazon Tax affects more than just Amazon. Under Governor David Patterson's …
Cade Metz, 2 Jun 2008

Overstock's Patrick Byrne battles New York Sith Lord

Unwilling to collect the Empire State's new "Amazon Tax," Patrick Byrne and have jettisoned their New York-based affiliate marketers. Late last month, New York Governor David Patterson rubber stamped a $122bn state budget that attempts to collect an additional $50m in sales taxes from various online retailers. …
Cade Metz, 15 May 2008
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Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain

Exclusive "We aren't democratic." That's how Wikipedia founder Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales described his famously-collaborative online encyclopedia in a recent puff piece from The New York Times Magazine. "The core community appreciates when someone is knowledgeable," he said, "and thinks some people are idiots and shouldn't be writing." This is …
Cade Metz, 6 Dec 2007

Netezza nets plenty of cash in IPO

Netezza sure sounds like some namby-pamby Web 2.0 start-up destined for failure. The company, however, is actually a masculine, high-end hardware and software maker that just enjoyed an almost spectacular initial public offering (IPO). On Thursday, Netezza stock - NZ on the NYSE - jumped 45 per cent from $12 to $17.39 per …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Jul 2007

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