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GitHub lost a network link for 43 seconds, went TITSUP for a day

A 43-second loss of connectivity on the US East Coast helped trigger GitHub's 24-hour TITSUP (Total Inability To Support User Pulls) earlier this month. The bit bucket today published a detailed analysis of the outage, and explained that the brief loss of connectivity between its US East Coast network hub and the primary US …
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Britain's rail ticket-booking systems go TITSUP*

Updated Train companies across the UK are unable to take online ticket bookings due to what has been described as a "national issue" with the country's reservation service. The outage – which appears to have affected all UK train operating companies (TOCs) today – means that users can't book tickets on websites or on mobile apps. The …
Rebecca Hill, 29 Oct 2018
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Unexpected MySQL database meltdown fingered in GitHub's 24-hour website wobble

Updated Programmers, your snow day is well and truly over: GitHub's website has finally cleared its 24-hour outage, and reckons everything is operating normally again. Last year, CEO Chris Wanstrath said the company was shooting for zero downtime, or at least five-nines of uptime. Well, that comes out at about five minutes of non- …

Amazon Alexa outage: Voice-activated devices are down in UK and beyond

Amazon Alexa devices stopped working in the UK and reportedly in parts of continental Europe this morning, with some users still complaining of intermittent outages at the time of writing. The digital blackout began at around 0800 UK time and though it appeared to be recovering by 09.30, some folk – including Reg staffers – …
Gareth Corfield, 26 Sep 2018
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Ooof! Cisco Webex has been down for 7 hours – and counting

Updated Cisco Webex is currently suffering a seven-hour outage and counting, with biz bods alternately raging at the failure but secretly being glad they don’t have to suffer the indignities of teleconferencing. The "major outage" began at 0122 GMT, according to Cisco’s status page. At the time of writing every single service …
Gareth Corfield, 25 Sep 2018
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Barclays and RBS on naughty step: Banks told to explain service meltdown to UK politicos

The influential Treasury Committee has demanded that banking execs at RBS Group and Barclays must explain why customers were again unable to access online services at the tail end of last week. On Thursday, 20 September, Barclays' systems were offline for hours, while the Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest and Ulster Bank went …
Rebecca Hill, 24 Sep 2018
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Microsoft reveals train of mistakes that killed Azure in the South Central US 'incident'

Microsoft has published the preliminary findings for what it calls “the South Central US incident”, but what many will call “the day the Azure cloud fell from the sky” and it doesn’t make for happy reading. Thunder and lightning, very very frightening As is well known now, high energy storms hit Southern Texas early in the …
Richard Speed, 17 Sep 2018
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HubSpot outage KOs Red Hat Ansible site and other hapless marketers

Sales and marketing software slinger HubSpot has suffered an outage – amid the Inbound 2018 marketing conference and just one day after it revealed plans to shift all its cloudy plumbing onto AWS. The online wobbles, which began at 0507 EDT (1007 UK time), took down a number of customers' websites right in the middle of the …
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Thunderstruck: Azure Back in Black(out) after High Voltage causes Flick of the Switch

Microsoft is blaming bad weather for the massive outage that knocked a number of Azure cloud and Visual Studio Teams services offline Tuesday. The Windows giant revealed its South Central US facility in Texas was crippled after severe storms and lightning strikes overloaded its cooling equipment, forcing its servers and other …
Shaun Nichols, 4 Sep 2018

TSB goes TITSUP: Total Inability To Surprise Users, Probably

TSB customers that stuck with the embattled bank after this year's major IT foul-up have been left questioning their loyalty as systems went down again this weekend. In scenes that are now all too familiar, the bank's systems stuttered shortly after they were taken down for planned maintenance. TSB said on Friday that online …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Sep 2018
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Brit Railcard buyers face lengthy, unexplained delays. Sound familiar?

Brits have found themselves facing long delays in acquiring Railcards following a week of mysterious technical problems at Doubtless seeking to recreate the daily joy of actually travelling on the British rail network, the discount card outfit, owned by the UK's Rail Delivery Group, has left users twiddling …
Richard Speed, 21 Aug 2018
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Face-PALM: US Patent and Trademark Office database down for 5 days and counting

The US Patent and Trademark Office has taken a novel approach to dealing with the problem of patent trolls. The solution? Shut everything down. The Patent Application Locating and Monitoring (PALM) database forms the backbone of a distressingly large number of US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) systems and, during some …
Richard Speed, 20 Aug 2018
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TSB takes on 250 complaint-wranglers to absorb £200m outage fallout

British bank TSB is reportedly hiring an extra 250 customer service bods to help it cope with an avalanche of customer complaints after its IT meltdown earlier this year. The Press Association reported the sudden hiring surge at the bank, which suffered a week-long outage in April, caused by a botched systems upgrade and data …
Gareth Corfield, 15 Aug 2018

I feel a plead... a plead for speed: FastMail naps amid network blunder

Email slinger FastMail took some time out to smell the roses this morning, much to the dismay of its paying users. Problems for the Melbourne-based mail provider began at 07:39 UTC this morning, with FastMail admitting that it was experiencing network issues. These "issues" took down pretty much the entire service, as users …
Richard Speed, 1 Aug 2018
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Mamma Mia! UK film fans forced to Q as Vue's website craps itself

Updated Cinema chain Vue's wobbly website frustrated customers for a second day today as would-be film-goers found themselves dumped into a queuing system in order to buy tickets. Problems began over the weekend when users reported long waits even to retrieve showtimes. Website is terrible, it was the same story yesterday, I had to …
Richard Speed, 30 Jul 2018
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Tech Shutdown Blows: IT chaos cost Brit bank TSB almost £200m

IT meltdown bank TSB has today admitted that the week-long outage and its aftermath have cost it almost £200m. Reporting its results for the six months to 30 June 2018, TSB said that it had made a statutory loss before tax of £107.4m due to the impact of the failed IT migration from parent biz Lloyds' Banking Group's Systems …
Rebecca Hill, 27 Jul 2018
Screenshot of BBC website returning HTTP 500

BBC websites down tools and head outside into the sun for a while

The entire BBC website (less iPlayer) went down briefly this morning. Auntie's online offerings, ranging from free online news to telly and radio listings, recipes and educational content for kids, were all briefly offline. All the BBC's sub-sites were throwing up HTTP 500 errors, complete with a nice little graphic of the …
Gareth Corfield, 26 Jul 2018
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Sub-Prime: Amazon's big day marred by server crashes, staff strikes

Amazon's 36-hour "Prime Day" marketing jamboree has kicked off with more than a few hiccups. Almost as soon as it started, Amazon customers eager to indulge in an orgy of consumption found their purchasing plans paralyzed – because Amazon's servers refused to accept payment details. Wannabe buyers grew increasingly frustrated …
Iain Thomson, 16 Jul 2018

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