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Oracle acrobatics in the cloud

Oracle snaffles up a chunk of SD-WAN market with Talari Networks buyout

Oracle is to slurp up software-defined WAN provider Talari Networks for an undisclosed sum. Big Red has been trying to bolster its cloud application business, and San Jose-based Talari's tech aims to improve reliability and security of application access over IP networks. Oracle said the acquisition of Talari, which has more …
Rebecca Hill, 16 Nov 2018

Oracle's JEDI mind-meld doesn't work on Uncle Sam's auditors: These are not the govt droids you are looking for

Oracle's bid to halt the Pentagon's JEDI $10bn winner-takes-all cloud IT contract has been turned down. Uncle Sam's Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a statement on Wednesday explaining that it would not be taking up Oracle's appeal of the US Department of Defense's stipulation that the entire JEDI technology …
Shaun Nichols, 14 Nov 2018
Andes mountain range at Santiago de Chile

Stanley Kubrick made Eyes Wide Shut. Data-protecting Andes Rubrik makes bytes slide shut

Rubrik has expanded its database, unstructured data, and in-cloud protection. The Cloud Data Management v5, codenamed Andes, release brings a list of improvements: Live Mount for Oracle databases providing instant recovery and clones for app development NAS Direct Archive to manage and globally search unstructured datasets …
Chris Mellor, 14 Nov 2018
AWS boss Andy Jassy speaking at AWS SFO Summit 2015

Stay classy: Amazon's Jassy gets sassy with Larry

Amazon’s consumer business has switched off its Oracle data warehouse and will be almost Big Red-free by Christmas – at least according to AWS boss Andy Jassy. The claims – made over Twitter, so it must be true – were then doubled down on by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, who said that the database was one of the largest in the …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Nov 2018

Irony meters explode as WordPress GDPR tool hacked, cell network hack shenanigans, crypto-backdoors, etc...

Roundup This week we had broken promises in China, broken keys in Steam, and broken ..err, everything in Apache Struts. Here's some other stuff kicking off in infosec beside everything else we've reported since this time last Saturday. FaceTime looks ugly after bug reports A Google researcher punched a trio of holes in Apple's …
Shaun Nichols, 10 Nov 2018
Person cutting up their payment card

An Oracle botherer always pays its debts: Rimini Street reports $48.4m net losses

Support biz Rimini Street's net losses have skyrocketed to $48.4m in the latest quarter as a result of debt payoffs. The firm yesterday announced results for the three months to 30 September – in which it pulled in revenues of $62.6m – saying that it had now completed refinancing its credit facility after the long-running …
Rebecca Hill, 9 Nov 2018

Civil rights group says Oracles, Tapads and Experians get let off for wanton info-sucking

Privacy International (PI) has filed complaints of "systematic infringements" of data protection law by seven info-sucking companies that it says find it too easy to fly under the radar. In the civil rights group's sight are data brokers Acxiom and Oracle, ad-tech firms Critero, Quantcast and Tapad, and credit referencing …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Nov 2018
Wrong Way sign, Shutterstock, Phil Hill

Oracle 'net-watcher agrees, China Telecom is a repeat offender for misdirecting traffic

Oracle has backed claims that China Telecom Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) announcements regularly take internet traffic on an unwanted tour of the Middle Kingdom. At the end of October, a paper by Chris Demchak of the US Naval War College and Yuval Shavit from Tel Aviv University documented what the pair said were "unusual and …
Larry Ellison photo by drserg via Shutterstock

Haha, good times: Larry Ellison regales noobs about when Oracle staff almost didn't get paid

Oracle staffers were about a week away from not getting paid, founder Larry Ellison has said of the firm's early days. Ellison reportedly laughed off Big Red's initial financial troubles at a cocktail-and-schmooze session he hosts for startup founders each year. According to eWeek, which got an invite to the event, Ellison …
Rebecca Hill, 31 Oct 2018
Oracle and Sun logo

Our brave El Reg vulture sat through four days of Oracle OpenWorld to write this cracking summary just for you

Special report Cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud. Oracle – the IT giant once known for its derision of the off-premises tech – spent its four-day annual conference waxing lyrical about how it is now great at the fluffy stuff. Having been caught on the back foot, and having watched Amazon, Google, and Microsoft zoom past it, Oracle has been forced …
Rebecca Hill, 26 Oct 2018
Oracle OpenWorld 2018 Intelligence Panel

Ex spy bosses: Cyber-warfare needs rules of engagement for nations to promptly ignore

OpenWorld Former intelligence leaders have called for international terms of engagement in cyber warfare and greater collaboration between the public and private sectors to defend critical infrastructure. The comments came at a security-focused keynote at this year's Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, where – instead of the …
Rebecca Hill, 24 Oct 2018

If you want to rent AMD Epyc bare-metal boxes in the cloud, Oracle hopes you see red

OpenWorld Oracle today insisted it is the first public cloud vendor to offer bare-metal servers powered by AMD’s Epyc processors. We're told an Epyc-based bare-metal Standard E2 server can be rented at $0.03 per core per hour, and is available immediately. Oracle claimed this was up to 66 per cent cheaper, on average, per core than …
Rebecca Hill, 23 Oct 2018
Tom Baker Doctor Who

US congress-critters question prime directive of Pentagon's $10bn JEDI cloud contract

A pair of US congressmen are calling for an investigation into the Pentagon's $10bn single-vendor IT contract dubbed JEDI – aka the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. House Reps Tom Cole (R-OK) and Steve Womack (R-AR) have sent a letter asking the inspector general of the Department of Defense (DOD) to probe and report …
Shaun Nichols, 23 Oct 2018
Oracle's Chatbot

Well, it is the Empire of enterprise IT... Oracle's Ellison plans 'Star Wars cyber defense' for his second-generation cloud

OpenWorld Oracle reckons it has “fundamentally” rebuilt its cloud architecture to boost security, promising full separation of customer software and cloud control code. After painting a picture of a nefarious customer, Big Red’s CTO and cofounder Larry Ellison claimed in his first keynote of this year's OpenWorld conference that the …
Rebecca Hill, 23 Oct 2018
Oracle OpenWorld 2018 in San Francisco

Huge if true: We'll put customers, applications, and AI first, says Oracle at annual SF shindig

OpenWorld Oracle has kicked off the first day of its annual OpenWorld gabfest with a hard sell on applications – the chunk of the business that is, according to the latest figures, struggling the least. The opening keynote on the first day of the conference, in San Francisco, USA, was given over to application software, revenues for …
Rebecca Hill, 22 Oct 2018
Jakarta and Larry Ellison

Enterprise Java caretakers float new rules of engagement for future feature updates

The Eclipse Foundation, saddled with oversight of Java EE last year after Oracle washed its hands of the thankless business of community governance, wants to revise the process by which enterprise Java – rechristened Jakarta EE when Oracle declined to grant use of its Java trademark – gets improved. Mike Milinkovich, executive …
Thomas Claburn, 18 Oct 2018
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is worth 154 median minions

It has been a bumper year for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, whose compensation soared to $25.8m in fiscal 2018. Quite a bit more than the median salary of the rest of the company, which hovered at an admittedly none-too-shabby $167,689. The figures (PDF), which have been submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in …
Richard Speed, 17 Oct 2018
dump truck

Thought Patch Tuesday was a load? You gotta check out this Oracle mega-advisory, then

Oracle has released a wide-ranging security update to address more than 300 CVE-listed vulnerabilities in its various enterprise products. The October release covers the gamut of Oracle's offerings, including its flagship Database, E-Business Suite, and Fusion Middleware packages. For Database, the update addresses a total of …
Shaun Nichols, 16 Oct 2018

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