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Larry Ellison on stage at Oracle's cloud pricing announcement

No wonder Oracle exec Kurian legged it – sky darkens as cloudy tech does not make it rain

Oracle's stock price took a hit on Monday after the enterprise giant saw revenue growth come to a virtual crawl, crucial cloud segments stagnated, and overall performance fell short of forecasts. Here's a summary of Big Red's first quarter of its fiscal 2019, the three months to August 31, as released on Monday: Revenues of …
Shaun Nichols, 18 Sep 2018

Oracle tells students: You're not going to solve the world's problems – but AI and ML might

Not content with foisting buzzwords on customers, Oracle is now pushing artificial intelligence and machine learning at students. The data science technologies are two of the latest additions to the curriculum of its Oracle Academy, which is ostensibly to boost training in academic institutions. The scheme is a free …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Sep 2018
man crying, image via Shutterstock

Is someone chopping onions? Oracle cloud boss bids colleagues emotional farewell

Oracle's cloud guru Thomas Kurian has reportedly taken extended leave from the firm. Kurian, who has been with Big Red since 1996 and leads a team of 35,000 engineers across 35 countries, told colleagues the news in an email. "By now many of you may have heard that I have decided to take extended time off from Oracle," he …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Sep 2018
Pentagon - building - houses the US dept of defense in Arlington Virginia

Cloud-slingers get 3-week extension to pitch for Pentagon's JEDI contract

The Pentagon has pushed back the deadline for its $10bn cloud services contract by three weeks. Vendors planning to bid for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract – to cover different levels of secrecy and classification across all branches of the US military – will now have until 9 October. The US …
Rebecca Hill, 5 Sep 2018

Google skewered in ad sting after Oracle-backed bods turn troll

An advocacy group funded in part by Oracle posed as a Russian internet troll farm to call attention to what it claims is Google's failure to police online political ad sales. To demonstrate shortcomings in Google's ad sales oversight, Campaign for Accountability (CfA) spent about $100 (~6,800 rubles) on political ads over the …
Down the drain - Shutterstock

Hundred-million Kiwi Oracle project on hold after Deloitte review

New Zealand's government has decided to stop sending good money after bad by suspending an Oracle implementation that's so far cost the country NZ$100 million (£51m, $65.4m). The National Oracle System (NOS) was the subject of a critical report from the country's Auditor-General in June this year. The NOS was designed to …

Oracle trying hard to make sure Pentagon knows Amazon ain't the only cloud around

The Pentagon is no longer taking questions on its controversial cloud contract after making last-minute amendments to the deal – and has received another complaint from disgruntled prospective bidder Oracle. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract has a massive scope, covering different levels of secrecy …
Rebecca Hill, 30 Aug 2018
Toilet with smiling loo paper

Detroit sh*t shifter's operating costs waste away with Oracle's cloud

The City of Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) – more used to channeling waste away from civilisation – has squeezed out some fluff for Oracle by claiming its migration to Big Red's cloud saved it $1m. The shift to various flavours of Oracle clouds, which happened in May last year, is estimated to have saved the US …
Gareth Corfield, 29 Aug 2018

No do-overs! Appeals court won’t hear $8.8bn Oracle v Google rehash

Over eight years of feuding between Oracle and Google over the use of Java code in Android may be nearing its end following a Tuesday court ruling. The US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has declined [PDF] to re-hear the case in which it found Google to be in violation of Oracle’s copyright on Android API code. The Chocolate …
Shaun Nichols, 28 Aug 2018
Image by Mark Bennetts

£1 in every fiver that UK biz, public sector spent on software in 2017 went to *drumroll* Microsoft

Microsoft accounted for almost £1 in every £5 that Brit businesses and the public sector spent on software in 2017, unsurprisingly clinging to the top spot in the spend rankings. The research, published by analyst TechMarketView (TMV), revealed a total of £7.353bn coughed on enterprise software – licensing, maintenance and …
Richard Speed, 24 Aug 2018
Batman. Credit: DC Comics.

Rimini Street slapped with ban in Oracle copyright dispute

Oracle has won a permanent injunction against Rimini Street, banning it from controversial support practices that have been ruled a violation of copyright laws. The injunction (PDF), issued yesterday, means that the Nevada-based support biz can’t reproduce, prepare derivative works from, or distribute any of Oracle’s software …
Rebecca Hill, 16 Aug 2018

Oracle: Run, don't walk, to patch this critical Database takeover bug

Oracle is advising customers to update their database software following the discovery and disclosure of a critical remote code execution vulnerability. The flaw, dubbed CVE-2018-3110 was given a CVSS base score of 9.9 (out of 10) and Oracle warns that successful exploit of the bug "can result in complete compromise of the …
Shaun Nichols, 14 Aug 2018
A woman standing by a ladder to a cloud

Firefighters choke on Oracle's alleged smoke-and-mirrors cloud

Oracle has been sued by a pension fund that claims the database giant exaggerated its cloud business revenue. The City of Sunrise Firefighters' Pension Fund filed its lawsuit in a US district court in Silicon Valley against not just Oracle but also executives Safra Catz, Mark Hurd, Larry Ellison, Thomas Kurian, Ken Bond and …
Thomas Claburn, 13 Aug 2018

Oracle-botherer Rimini Street throws off credit shackles, plans 'aggressive' sales drive

Software support biz Rimini Street said it planned an "aggressive" investment in sales and marketing as it posted a 20 per cent boost in both revenues and client numbers. The thorn in Oracle’s side has previously complained that covenants in a refinancing deal had put a caps on its sales spending. But the firm's latest …
Rebecca Hill, 10 Aug 2018
WiFi outage

If for some reason you're still using TKIP crypto on your Wi-Fi, ditch it – Linux, Android world bug collides with it

It’s been a mildly rough week for Wi-Fi security: hard on the heels of a WPA2 weakness comes a programming cockup in the wpa_supplicant configuration tool used on Linux, Android, and other operating systems. The flaw can potentially be exploited by nearby eavesdroppers to recover a crucial cryptographic key exchanged between a …
Two businessmen facing each other shouting into loudhailers

Salesforce takes leaf out of Oracle's book to forge little co-CEO bromance

Salesforce chief operating officer Keith Block is to become co-CEO with Mark Benioff, in a move echoing their former employer Oracle's setup. Benioff founded the CRM giant in 1999, having spent the previous 13 years under Larry Ellison's wing at Big Red, and has been sole CEO since then. However, last night the firm revealed …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Aug 2018

Oracle's JEDI mine trick: IT giant sticks a bomb under Pentagon's $10bn single-vendor cloud plan

Oracle has filed an official complaint with US government over plans to award the Pentagon’s lucrative cloud contract to a single vendor. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract, which has a massive scope, covering different levels of secrecy and classification across all branches of the military, will run …
Rebecca Hill, 7 Aug 2018
Woman pays for something online with her credit card. Photo by Shutterstock

TSMC chip fab tools hit by virus, payment biz BGP hijacked, CCleaner gets weird – and more

Roundup This week we took a close look at Google security keys, bid adieu to Facebook's head security honcho, and had a few email credentials overshared by Atlassian. Here's everything else that happened in infosec land this week beyond what we've already reported. TSMC chip assembly line computers infected Chipmaker TSMC – which …
Shaun Nichols, 4 Aug 2018

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