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Oracle nemesis MariaDB tries to lure enterprise folk with TX 3.0

Open-source database biz MariaDB has upped the ante in its war against Oracle, promising enterprise customers better compatibility with – and easier migration from – Big Red. The Finnish firm's latest offering, MariaDB TX 3.0, released for GA today, extends the number of use cases to include temporal processing and advanced …
Rebecca Hill, 24 May 2018
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Women devs – want your pull requests accepted? Just don't tell anyone you're a girl

A new study has found that women are more likely than men to have their open-source software contributions accepted – but only when their gender is hidden from project leaders. The study from North Carolina State University and Cal Poly examined code committed by more than 1.4 million GitHub users and their contributions to …
Shaun Nichols, 11 Feb 2016

EMC to open-source ViPR - and lots of other stuff apparently

Surprise, surprise; snake-charmer EMC is open-sourcing its ViPR Controller product. ViPR is software storage controller tech that separates the control and data planes of operation, enabling different data services to be layered onto a set of storage hardware products - such as EMC's own arrays, Vblocks, selected third-party …
Chris Mellor, 5 May 2015
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Open source Drupal takes Gardens path to big business

Open..and Shut Even as we rapidly approach a future where most software lives on the web, with acronyms like HTML5 and SaaS pointing the way, it's easy to overlook a primary building blog of yesterday's web, Drupal, and its effects on the future web. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert claims that Drupal already powers one per cent of the web. Could …
Matt Asay, 19 Nov 2010
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A Linux server OS that's had 11 years to improve

Review: SME Server is pretty much the original ready-rolled server distribution. Although it has changed hands – and names – a few times, it's been around since 1999, when it was known as e-Smith, a name you'll still see in a few places. Name: SME Server 7.5.1 Supplier: Free download Price: Free, no subscriptions or registration …
Liam Proven, 17 Nov 2010

IBM Linux chief: Chasing desktop Windows a 'dead-end'

LinuxCon 2009 IBM says that battling for desktop market share against Windows is a "dead-end" for Linux. Bob Sutor, IBM's vp of open source and Linux for IBM, opened the inaugural LinuxCon conference held in Portland, Oregon on Monday with predictions for the open source desktop, telling developers they won't thrive unless they specialize. …
Austin Modine, 21 Sep 2009
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Canonical rents out Ubuntu mavens

Canonical has announced a new type of support for enterprises running Ubuntu that need some extra hands-on help: the Premium Service Engineer (or PSE). A PSE Ubuntu expert would working as a single point of contact for Canonical's larger customers, becoming "virtual team members" with the company's IT staff. Canonical says …
Austin Modine, 4 Sep 2009
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Linux guru: interface innovation is the challenge

Novell distinguished engineer James Bottomley believes Linux desktop environments need a dose of open source ingenuity rather than ape ideas from Windows and OS X. Bottomley, who also wears the hat of Director of the Linux Foundation and chair of its technical advisory board, says the next challenge for Linux as a whole is to …
Austin Modine, 27 Aug 2009
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Linux chief challenges Microsoft to pony up on patents

Microsoft's earned the respect of certain sections of the open-source community for its engineering work around open-source and Linux. Specifically, its support for MySQL, PHP and JBoss on Windows and its involvement with Eclipse and Apache have been welcomed by developers and various community leaders in and around these …
Gavin Clarke, 20 Aug 2009
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Drizzle for Christmas - year-end-prediction for MySQL fork

A production ready version of the MySQL fork Drizzle could be ready by the end of this year. Brian Aker, Drizzle lead architect, has said the project will start to look production ready and people can begin production testing in earnest after the next milestone build. If development and testing goes as hoped that means we …
Gavin Clarke, 18 Aug 2009

LiMo drives new phones from Panasonic, NEC

The LiMo Foundation wants you to know that the rise of Google's Android has not made its mobile Linux OS thoroughly irrelevant. Today, the Foundation announced that NEC and Panasonic have released nine new mobile phones based on the LiMo Platform, to be offered by Japan's largest wireless-services provider, NTT DoCoMo. …
Rik Myslewski, 11 Aug 2009
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Symbian frees security source code

The Symbian Foundation has started open-sourcing its mobile operating system, announcing the release of the Symbian OS security package source code under the Eclipse Public License. Last summer, after swallowing the last of the old Symbian Ltd., Nokia told the world it would open source the company's entire mobile platform, …
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jul 2009
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Microsoft open-source license finds (some) love

A home-cooked Microsoft license has carved out a small but growing following among the open-source community in less than two years. Microsoft's Public License (MS-PL) is used by 1.03 per cent of open-source projects less than two-years after it was officially recognized by the Open-Source Initiative and is poised to overtake …
Gavin Clarke, 18 Jun 2009
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Microsoft's TomTom patents under scrutiny

Open-source and Linux activists are not allowing the FAT patent dispute between Microsoft and TomTom to fade. Three patents held by Microsoft and the subject of the FAT litigation have been submitted for review to legal experts, to find prior art that might potentially disqualify them. The patents - 579517, 5758352 and …
Gavin Clarke, 28 Apr 2009
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Open-source iPhone plan to control your home

Two open-source heavyweights and their team have announced a proof-of-concept milestone to control all your home gadgets from an iPhone and iPod touch. The project, OpenRemote, is being shepherded by Marc Fleury whose middleware start-up JBoss ran circles around the closed-source app server big boys before becoming the subject …
Rik Myslewski, 15 Apr 2009
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Eclipse to unwrap Swordfish in early April

The Eclipse Foundation will soon be unwrapping the first release of Swordfish, an open source Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) run-time framework that's taking aim at the market's many proprietary approaches to SOA. Swordfish enterprise service bus (ESB) is built on existing standards like OSGi, JBI, and SOAP with the goal …
Austin Modine, 23 Mar 2009
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SpringSource buys Groovy and Grails specialist

SpringSource hopes to attract Java developers in the enterprise and dynamic languages fans with its acquisition of Groovy and Grails specialist G2One. The company is today expected to announce that it's buying G2One's team of six experts for an undisclosed package comprising cash and stock. G21 may be small but customers …
Gavin Clarke, 11 Nov 2008

Mozilla mobilizes for mobile Firefox browser

Mozilla is prepping a mobile version of Firefox, the world's most popular open-source web browser. "People ask us all the time about what Mozilla's going to do about the mobile web," reads a blog post from VP of engineering Mike Schroepfer, "and I'm very excited to announce that we plan to rock it." He says the company will …
Cade Metz, 11 Oct 2007

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