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Government lab that gives a crap pushes open source

The US government wants you to use its software, and if you're into manure, so much the better. The Idaho National Laboratory (INL), part of the US Department of Energy, last week released a new round of open-source projects in the hope that the public will take its research and run with it. Known for its MOOSE physics …
Thomas Claburn, 13 Sep 2017
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Get your very own open source nematode

A project to create a complete computer simulation of a nematode called Caenorhabditis elegans has taken a small step forward, releasing a model showing the operation of a group of the worm's muscles. The OpenWorm project has been working on its virtual nematode since December 2011, with the ambitious aim of modelling the …
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FOSS vendors lick chops over ConLib IT plans

Analysis In the run-up to the General Election both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats made positive noises about open source software in their respective manifestos. But now that a coalition government has been formed out of those blue and yellow political camps, will both parties actually stick to the Tories’ pledge of …
Kelly Fiveash, 18 May 2010

Red Hat sticks lawyers on non-neutral Switzerland

Red Hat is heading an appeal against a Swiss government agency’s award of a contract handed to Microsoft without any public bidding. The Linux software vendor said late last week that it was joining 17 other tech firms in disputing the Swiss Federal Bureau for Building and Logistics’ decision. The agency gave Microsoft the …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 May 2009
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Mandriva Linux 2009 threesome outed

Mandriva has released the latest version of its desktop Linux distribution, which comes loaded with new KDE, Gnome, Firefox and OpenOffice tools. Mandriva Linux 2009 was made available for download yesterday. It reduces boot time and includes an installer that optimises the platform for diminutive laptops, the open source …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Oct 2008
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Becta green lights open source software in schools, at last

Updated Open source providers have scored a significant and timely victory to get their software into UK schools with an official government blessing. The Sirius Corporation revealed yesterday that it was among 12 software suppliers to have been awarded places on the £80m Software for Educational Institutions Framework (SEIF) …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Sep 2008
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Red Hat buys Qumranet, sidesteps Microsoft

Red Hat has bought Qumranet, the company behind KVM virtualisation technology, for about $107m in cash. The acquisition means open source software giant Red Hat will be able to offer a virtualised platform to Windows desktop customers without having to play nice with Microsoft. Qumranet birthed SolidICE, the firm's take on …
Kelly Fiveash, 4 Sep 2008
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US judge decrees open source licenses valid

Openistas are celebrating a major court victory over a legal spat involving model railroad hobbyists that will have big implications for the Creative Commons license. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington ruled that just because a software programmer freely gave his work away, it didn’t follow that it …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Aug 2008
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Open source quality checker released

An open source software project, originally propped up by European Commission (EC) funds, has released an alpha version of its quality control program, Alitheia Core. Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software (SQO-OSS – pronounced squash) is intended to develop tools based on identified metrics to define and check …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Jul 2008

Xandros buys Linspire, says bruised ex-CEO

Desktop Linux maker Xandros is understood to be in the process of buying Linux distributor Linspire. According to several reports, and former Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony, Xandros has bought the privately-held company, which is based in San Diego, California, after stockholders agreed to sell all of Linspire’s assets. The deal …
Kelly Fiveash, 1 Jul 2008
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Voter-befuddling tricks moving online

CFP 2008 The conundrum in anything to do with voting: the people who write the election laws are the ones who won the election. What motive do they have for changing the status quo? Nearly eight years after the voting fiasco of the 2000 Presidential election, two disturbing US trends were highlighted at last week's Computers, Freedom, …

Apple's Leopard rejects latest version of Java

Apple faces yet more flack from the Mac faithful over the discovery that the operating system won't run the latest version of Java. It's one of several beefs relating to the OS X upgrade that is sparking vitriol among the normally docile crowd. Leopard may have 300 new features, but it is unable to run Java 1.6, even though …
Dan Goodin, 29 Oct 2007
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Ubuntu chief bids for prima-donna status

Radio Reg I'd like to live in a tub of cream cheese icing. Sadly, that's not an option for me. It is, however, an option for Canonical/Ubuntu head Mark Shuttleworth. The open source advocate has plenty of cash - enough cash to build a breathing apparatus and waste removal system for a man-sized icing pool. I bring up the icing for no …
Ashlee Vance, 4 Oct 2007
Marconi and transmission equipment

Yahoo!'s insanity over Zimbra and Google's plan to rule open source code

Radio Reg What in heaven's name was Yahoo! thinking by purchasing Zimbra for a stunning $350m? Well, Matt Asay, Dave Rosenberg and I cover everything you could ever want to know about this deal in Episode 3 of Open Season. Insight? Hilarity? Ego-fueled punditry? Yep, it's all there. If Zimbra's not your thing, that's just fine. We also …
Ashlee Vance, 27 Sep 2007
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Red Hat plots re-org to deal with JBoss woes

Red Hat is suffering from JBoss reflux, according to a pair of prominent open source software watchers. Credit Suisse analyst Jason Maynard has issued a fresh report in which he downgrades Red Hat to "neutral" from "outperform" due to what he sees as organizational struggles. The analyst once thought Red Hat's digestion of …
Ashlee Vance, 24 Sep 2007
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Eclipse tools up for Europa release

Eclipse gets its biggest update on Friday. The Europa update to the Eclipse Framework will wrap in 17 million lines of code spanning 21 projects, more than doubling last summer's first synchronized release, Callisto, with a mere seven million lines and 10 projects. Headlines will focus on new projects such as the dynamic …
Gavin Clarke, 27 Jun 2007

Tories plan open door for open source

A Tory strategy to make more use of open source software in the public sector is likely to tackle the culture of secrecy in government procurement, according to early details released to The Register. Planned for publication next month and stemming from shadow chancellor George Osborne's adoption of a West Coast attitude, the …
Mark Ballard, 4 May 2007
Free Software Foundation

Open sourcerers do battle for GPLv3

Open source luminary Bruce Perens has come out fighting in defence of the latest draft of GPLv3. The draft, which seeks to prevent patent protection deals like that struck late last year by Microsoft and Novell, has come under heavy fire from proprietary software advocates such as the ACT (Association for Competitive Technology …
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Apr 2007

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