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Ubuntu made me puke in a bucket

Radio Reg The world is a disgusting, filthy place. So, it's important to take a moment away from the turmoil from time-to-time, spread your legs and eat some aromatic pistou of borage. And, god bless, that's exactly what you can do at the Ubuntu restaurant and yoga studio in Napa. We discussed Ubuntu and better bowel maintenance during …
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jul 2008
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Bill Gates battles Kermit the Frog in the name of open source

Radio Reg Every time Mark Shuttleworth farts an angel gets its wings. Or at least that's what his girlfriend told me. If only Bill Gates enjoyed the same enthusiasm for his bowel actions. Instead, Microsoft's Chairman is just pounded with ridicule and hatred by dolts who fail to understand his greater contribution to the human race. We …
Ashlee Vance, 2 Jul 2008
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Bill Gates cried to make the world a better place

Radio Reg Is there a connection between an alleged coke-addicted CEO with a prostitute lair and open source? You bet there is - on Open Season. Episode 18 of our fine show kicked off with a look at ex-Broadcom chief Henry Nicholas and his current travails with the legal system. If you've yet to hear about this story, you're in for a …
Ashlee Vance, 13 Jun 2008
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Open source zealots fill with venom

Radio Reg Some pundits out there think you can't get rich off open source software. Well, that's just not true. As evidence, we bring you Mike Olson, the former CEO of Sleepycat Software who milked Oracle for millions. You can see Mike here, although he doesn't actually work for Oracle anymore. These days he's eating burritos filled …
Ashlee Vance, 19 May 2008
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Open source software is murder

Radio Reg In Russia, they say the only way to untold software riches is to partner with Microsoft. Or at least that's what Microsoft's Russian operatives are telling people these days. Open Season intrepid correspondent Matt Asay just returned from the land of Mayakovsky and Emma Goldman - a beer spills in Silicon Valley for these …
Ashlee Vance, 2 May 2008
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There's no way Ballmer survives Yahoo! disaster scenario

Radio Reg Microsoft is buying Yahoo! to . . . oh, that's right no one from Redmond has really explained that one yet. Most of the pundits think Redmond has an ad play in mind. Well, the Open Season crew sees it differently. In Episode 15, Matt Asay, Dave Rosenberg and I dig into the real motives behind Microsoft's lust for Yahoo!, …
Ashlee Vance, 12 Apr 2008
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Ubuntu chief picks panda over penguin, while Microsoft rolls Novell

Radio Reg If you're ever staying at the HoJo in Victorville, California, be sure to hit up the gay bar next door and down a Chelada with this guy. He's a hoot, and I'm pretty sure he'd be all about open source if he cared as much about software as he does for clam-fused tomato juice and Bud Light. Shot of bartender holding Chelada drink …
Ashlee Vance, 29 Mar 2008
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Microsoft can pound sand with its IP - my grandma runs Ubuntu

Radio Reg It took an pundit with his own code-name to return Open Season to respectability. Redmonk analyst Michael Coté joined the Open Season crew for Episode 13 of our glorious show. With Coté on board, we managed to discuss about things that might actually matter to open source companies rather than simply prattling on about our …
Ashlee Vance, 14 Mar 2008
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Steve Jobs talks open source with El Reg

Radio Reg The Register, as many of you know, enjoys enormous pull with Apple. From developer conferences to product launches, we're at the top of Apple's "we'll allow you to pay attention to us" list. Such a privileged position is a privilege - one that we take very seriously and brush every night. I only bring all of this up to …
Ashlee Vance, 4 Mar 2008
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On the open source implications of Dell's rodent abuse

Radio Reg Does Dell making hamsters cry have anything at all to do with open source software? Not really. Still, the Open Season crew gathered for Episode 11 to draw any connection between Dell, rodent torture and open source code that we could. Matt Asay, Dave Rosenberg and yours truly hit on those hamsters, Sun's purchase of innotek, …
Ashlee Vance, 14 Feb 2008
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How and why MySQL grabbed $1bn in five weeks

Radio Reg When one of technology's major players lays down $1bn for an open source software maker, the Open Season crew must swing into action. To our credit, we swung in style this week, getting Sun - the acquirer - software chief Rich Green and MySQL - the acquired - CEO Marten Mickos on the horn. Matt Asay of Alfresco fame, Dave …
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jan 2008
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Red Hat flips CEO, as Microsoft 'goes' astroturfing

Radio Reg MacWorld, MacWorld, MacWorld. Let those proprietary clowns play with their toys and false idols. We'll stick with open source decency - thank you very much - and dish out Episode 9 of Open Season. As always, we had Alfresco's Matt Asay and Mulesource's Dave Rosenberg on the show. They're bloggers, but we'll forgive them. I was …
Ashlee Vance, 15 Jan 2008
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IBM to make massive Ubuntu server play?

Radio Reg Forget wasting time with open source software minutiae. Episode 8 of Open Season dives right into the real things that matter - like food. Mulesource CEO Dave Rosenberg, Alfresco exec Matt Asay and I fired up our mouths to discuss Tamarind, the only Michelin starred curry house going. It's a delicious spot in London's Mayfair …
Ashlee Vance, 28 Dec 2007

VMware douses open source with waterfall of nonsense

With groin stimulating IPOs comes great responsibility. Ah, let's be serious. With ludicrous IPOs, comes great nonsense. For example, our recent interview with VMware CEO Diane Greene took place in the company's new waterfall room. This magical room is just like your average conference room except it has a large glass plate at …
Ashlee Vance, 2 Nov 2007
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Ubuntu chief bids for prima-donna status

Radio Reg I'd like to live in a tub of cream cheese icing. Sadly, that's not an option for me. It is, however, an option for Canonical/Ubuntu head Mark Shuttleworth. The open source advocate has plenty of cash - enough cash to build a breathing apparatus and waste removal system for a man-sized icing pool. I bring up the icing for no …
Ashlee Vance, 4 Oct 2007
Marconi and transmission equipment

Yahoo!'s insanity over Zimbra and Google's plan to rule open source code

Radio Reg What in heaven's name was Yahoo! thinking by purchasing Zimbra for a stunning $350m? Well, Matt Asay, Dave Rosenberg and I cover everything you could ever want to know about this deal in Episode 3 of Open Season. Insight? Hilarity? Ego-fueled punditry? Yep, it's all there. If Zimbra's not your thing, that's just fine. We also …
Ashlee Vance, 27 Sep 2007
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Red Hat plots re-org to deal with JBoss woes

Red Hat is suffering from JBoss reflux, according to a pair of prominent open source software watchers. Credit Suisse analyst Jason Maynard has issued a fresh report in which he downgrades Red Hat to "neutral" from "outperform" due to what he sees as organizational struggles. The analyst once thought Red Hat's digestion of …
Ashlee Vance, 24 Sep 2007

Sun to virtualize boxes, storage and NICs with 'Project Virginia'

Sun Microsystems will soon extend its virtualization ambitions via something code-named Project Virginia. CEO Jonathan Schwartz has hinted at Project Virginia a couple of times without providing any real detail on the technology. Sadly, we can't make up for Schwartz's reticence with any grand information revelation. But we are …
Ashlee Vance, 18 Sep 2007

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