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Facebook in the dock: Web giant faces trial for allegedly ripping off data center blueprints

Facebook is set to be dragged before a jury next year to face allegations that its Open Compute Project is built on stolen server and rack technology. In a California district court, Judge Edward Davila today laid out a timeline for the legal battle between the social network and UK data center specialist BladeRoom. The latter …
Shaun Nichols, 12 May 2017
Photo by Saul Bromberger for OpenPOWER Foundation

Power9: Google gives Intel a chip-flip migraine, IBM tries to lures big biz

OpenPower Summit IBM's Power9 processor, due to arrive in the second half of next year, will have 24 cores, double that of today's Power8 chips, it emerged today. Meanwhile, Google has gone public with its Power work – confirming it has ported many of its big-name web services to the architecture, and that rebuilding its stack for non-Intel …

Big Switch Networks glues together physical and virtual networks

Big Switch Networks has announced its next major revision, with a focus on unifying the physical network and the virtual network. Speaking to El Reg ahead of the release, CMO Gregg Holzrichter says the next revision is designed to bring virtual networking into line with virtualisation and containers at the server level. …
"Typical E-scrapping dismantling operation. 100,000 such migrant workers labor in Guiyu breaking down imported computers in hundreds of small operations like this one in a four village area surrounding the Lianjiang River."

You care about TIN? Why the Open Compute Project is irrelevant

There’s a lot of angst right now over the Open Compute Project, Facebook’s open-source data centre gift to the world. Some, as detailed by El Reg, describe Open Compute testing as “a complete and utter joke.” One that isn’t apparently very funny. At least, not to Cole Crawford, executive director of the Open Compute Project. …
Matt Asay, 16 Jul 2015
Old Trafford football stadium Photo PeeJay2K3

Don’t want a footie-field-size data centre? No problem (or is there?)

Open Compute has generally been a playground for super-large, cloud-scale service providers to play in. Unless you’ve got a data centre the size of a footy field, the general consensus has been that it isn’t for the likes of you. As it gradually gains traction among non-cloud service providers, though, there’s a question to …
Danny Bradbury, 12 May 2015
Facebook data center - interior, lit up

One day all this could be yours: Be Facebook, without being Facebook

Data centre design is a costly business, costing Apple $1.2bn for a pair of “next-generation” carbon-neutral plants in Ireland and Denmark. Even the smallest average Joe data centre will easily cost north of $1m once the options such as multihomed networks, HVAC systems and other such critical kit is installed with redundancy, …
Stuart Burns, 30 Mar 2015

Convenience trumps 'open' in clouds and data centers

Comment Call it OpenStack. Call it Open Compute. Call it OpenAnything-you-want, but the reality is that the dominant cloud today is Amazon Web Services, with Microsoft Azure an increasingly potent runner-up. Both decidedly closed. Not that cloud-hungry companies care. While OpenStack parades a banner of “no lock in!” and Open Compute …
Matt Asay, 17 Mar 2015
T Platforms GP Blade Chassis

Hairy situation? Blade servers can reach where others can't

Any follower of today's technology magazines will have heard a lot about Open Compute Project (OCP) servers. These are servers stripped down the bare minimum, crammed into a single chassis and managed centrally through software that provides high automation and data centre-scale orchestration. In an OCP world, cost reduction …
Trevor Pott, 5 Dec 2014

Panel: Death of Cisco and Juniper switches are greatly exaggerated

OFC 2014 Cheap no-brand networking gear rolling off Asian assembly lines has its uses, but they are fairly small, a trio of industry insiders have said. In a panel discussion at the Optical Fibre Conference 2014 in San Francisco on Tuesday, execs at two service providers and one supplier gave their thoughts on the wave of enthusiasm …
Jack Clark, 12 Mar 2014
Facebook's new couple page, credit Facebook

Ultra-green Europeans scorn Facebook's data centre blueprint

Facebook’s Open Compute Project has found little overt support in Europe to date, the firm’s data centre boss said today, in part because of those crazy continentals’ obsession with carbon neutrality over efficiency. Tom Furlong, Facebook’s veep of site operations, told the Datacenter Dynamics Conference in London that the …
Joe Fay, 21 Nov 2013

Price cuts, OpenStack transition make Rackspace miss in Q1

Rackspace Hosting did not turn in the kind of first quarter it wanted for the period ending in March, so expect knee-jerk reactions and hyperventilating from investors who think it can't stay in the cloud game against the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Its results did not meet Wall Street's expectations, with only 20. …

Rackspace: Why we're designing our own cloud servers

Exclusive Any cloud computing provider that wants to operate at scale and compete against its peers is under pressure to build some kind of custom hardware. It may, in fact, be necessary to compete at all. That is what Rackspace, which is making the transition from website hosting to cloud systems, believes. And that's why the San …

Rackspace to build custom servers, storage for cloud biz

Open Compute 2013 Rackspace Hosting is getting into custom server design, and it is working with manufacturing partners with the Open Compute Project to get its tweaked versions of servers, storage arrays, and racks created by Facebook to run the social network manufactured by multiple suppliers. The hosting giant and cloud contender has made …
The mechanical drawing of the Dragonstone server

Facebook rolls out new web and database server designs

Open Compute 2013 Facebook, the company behind the founding of the Open Compute Project that is opening server, storage, rack, and data center designs, gave a sneak peek this week at some new models that it is working on and could donate to the OCP cause. At the Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara this week, Frank Frankovsky,vice president of …
An X-Gene ARM microserver that plugs into the Group Hug backplane

Applied Micro ARM servers all over Open Compute Project

Open Compute 2013 ARM server chip upstart Applied Micro Circuits was all over the Open Compute Summit hosted by Facebook and its server and data center designing friends in Santa Clara, with several partners flashing devices based on Applied Micro's forthcoming 64-bit X-Gene ARM-based processor. Company president and CEO Paramesh Gopi also gave a …
The Group Hug microserver backplane from Open Compute

Facebook friends bash servers, storage, and racks into bits

Open Compute 2013 When you are the company the size of Facebook, you get to dictate the terms of your server acquisitions to your vendors, and a year and a half ago, the social network did a remarkable and unselfish thing and opened up the hardware specs for its first data center and the servers that were built to run in them as the Open Compute …

AMD+friends forge 'Roadrunner' Open Compute server mobo

Open Compute 2013 Struggling server processor and chipset maker Advanced Micro Devices is getting some friendly help from the Open Compute Project, the open-source hardware effort started by Facebook in April 2011. Or, conversely, AMD is being friendly with the Open Compute Project to try to boost sales of its latest Opteron 6300s now that the …
The Register breaking news

Facebook's new Open Compute V2 servers

Now that Intel and AMD have finally launched their respective Xeon E5-5600 and Opteron 6200 processors for two-socket servers, the Open Compute Project, a foundation created by Facebook to open source its data center technologies, can finally divulge the feeds and speeds of the Open Compute V2 machines. That's precisely what …

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