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Sony nabs cloud gamers OnLive, administers swift headshot

Subscribers to the OnLive cloud gaming service have just 27 days of playing time left before the corporate servers that host their fragging sessions are to be shut down by Sony, which announced that it had acquired the service on Thursday. "It is with great sadness that we must bring the OnLive Game Service to a close," the …
Iain Thomson, 3 Apr 2015
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HTC takes another punch to the wallet, loses $40m OnLive investment

Taiwanese phone-maker HTC has just seen the $40m it shovelled into an internet gaming company go up in smoke. HTC [2498 Taiwan] invested in OnLive in February 2011 as part of its push into the gaming space. The American gaming company offered console-free cloud-gaming, and HTC bought the 5.33 million preferred shares in OnLive …
Anna Leach, 20 Aug 2012
Ouya Android games console

Ouya Android games console to ship April 2013

Ouya, the 'play Android tablet games on a telly' gadget, will be shipping in April 2013, the company behind it having been pledged a whopping $8.6m in crowdsourced funding - more than nine times the amount it was seeking. And it's taking orders. Slap down your local currency equivalent of $119 (£76), which includes $20 P&P, …
Tony Smith, 9 Aug 2012

OnLive goes legit with licensing downshift for virtual Windows

Updated Microsoft has claimed a partial victory in getting OnLive to change its Windows-on-an-iPad service to comply with Windows 7 licensing terms. OnLive set up a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) system, offering users of the iPad and other hardware to use a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) version of Windows 7 on their devices. …
Iain Thomson, 10 Apr 2012
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Microsoft talking turkey with OnLive over Office to iPad

Microsoft has said it is "actively engaged" in discussions over licensing terms with OnLive over its service streaming Office to iPads. OnLive is one of a range of companies offering the ability for owners of the world's most popular fondleslab to use Office documents via VDI. Microsoft has so far remained quiet on its plans …
Iain Thomson, 8 Mar 2012
OnLive Desktop

Windows 7 squeezed into Android tablets

OnLive may be better known for its cloud gaming service, but the advantage of running a heap of virtual Windows PCs on a server farm somewhere is that you can run Windows desktops on them as well as games. Which means, if you have OnLive's new Android terminal app, you can run Windows 7 - and Windows 8 soon too, presumably - …
Tony Smith, 2 Mar 2012

LG touts tellies with cloud-gaming capabilities

CES 2012 CES 2012 Week LG is to build the Gaikai cloud gaming platform into future LG smart TVs. All LG Cinema 3D TVs launched in 2012 will support Gaikai, a service the manufacturer claims runs on a "much more powerful hardware in the cloud than today's PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360" consoles. LG's TVs need no additional hardware and …
Caleb Cox, 12 Jan 2012
OnLive cloud gaming app


iGamer CES 2012 Week Sometimes technology just blows your mind. When I reviewed the OnLive Game System, I was impressed by the simple fact that this "cloud gaming" kit worked at all – let alone that it worked so well. Then the company invited me along to see its new iPad app and my jaw landed with a thud on the ground as they …
Cliff Joseph, 11 Jan 2012
OnLive cloud gaming system microconsole

OnLive Game System cloud gaming console

Review The OnLive cloud gaming service was launched in the UK in September, and I was impressed by the fact that it allowed me to play a wide range of PC games on my Mac – without requiring Boot Camp and a copy of Windows, or any virtualisation trickery. OnLive cloud gaming system microconsole The USB ports are for charging …
Cliff Joseph, 9 Dec 2011

OnLive pushes game stream service to UK punters

Cloud-based game service OnLive opened its gates to the UK public this morning, providing access to over a hundred titles and offerings exclusive deals for punters with BT internet connections. The service has been active in the US since June 2010. To date, UK players have had access to the service through its US servers, and …
Caleb Cox, 22 Sep 2011

OnLive streams towards Blighty

Cloud-gaming service OnLive has finally announced its official UK opening, with a launch set for this September's Eurogamer Expo. The service, which gives gamers instant access to a range of titles, has been active Stateside since June 2010. Those of us in the UK have been able to access it, but only through US servers, which …
Caleb Cox, 11 Aug 2011

OnLive cloud-gaming on UK horizon in Q3

After a successful first year in the US, cloud-based game service OnLive is finally heading to the UK this autumn. Customers with fast internet connections will be able to stream games such as Borderlands and Prince of Persia straight to their computer or TV set, no download required. OnLive's UK page now shows a countdown …
Caleb Cox, 3 Jun 2011

WTF is... cloud gaming?

It's 3am, you can't sleep so you switch on the television. Amid the inevitable reruns and chatline ads, an advert comes on for the latest videogame. Inspired to try it out, you switch over, grab a control pad and immediately start to play. No download, no trips to Blockbuster, no waiting for the postman to arrive with a game …
Caleb Cox, 15 Mar 2011

HTC buys into OnLive for game streaming on phones?

Mobile phone giant HTC is taking a $39m stake in OnLive - a sign that the cloud-based gaming platform service will show up on smartphones in the near future. OnLive, which launched last year in the States, offers hardcore gaming without the need for a console, with all content remotely stored on servers. Yesterday HTC …
Caleb Cox, 8 Feb 2011
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Dell's DCS is a big shiny server star

For the past several years - and some of them not particularly good ones - Dell's Data Center Services (DCS) bespoke iron-making forge down in Round Rock, Texas, has been a particularly bright spot in the company's enterprise business. Although it serves only a handful of very demanding hyperscale data center customers, the …
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Dell lands custom gaming server deal

The E3 Expo is raging in Los Angeles today, and Dell's bespoke server techs are on hand backing up the launch of OnLive, the maker of an online gaming system that lets users play games over a broadband link from within a Web brower, with the video and data processing associated with the game being done back in OnLive's data …

BT preps games-on-demand online service

BT will bring online games-on-demand sales and play to its broadband customers later this year. The telco telco today said it has agreed to bring US-based OnLive Game Service to the UK. OnLive feeds "the latest games from many of the world’s leading publishers" to PCs, Mac and even internet-connected TVs - with a suitable …
Tony Smith, 13 May 2010
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OnLive game beta enters public stream

OnLive, the streaming game service that seeks to answer if the all-powerful cloud can run Crysis, is letting PC and Mac users test the system for themselves. The company has opened a public beta for the service today, seeking a wide range hardware configurations and broadband situations to apply. Those signing up are prompted …
Austin Modine, 3 Sep 2009

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