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Apple flushes poker apps after prod from Australia

In 2001 Australia passed the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, a law the then-conservative government created in a “won't somebody think of the children” knee-jerk reaction to worries about the possible effects of the early-ish internet. The law banned online gambling services in Australia and, in what was seen at the time as a …
Simon Sharwood, 17 Jul 2013
Qinling panda

Panda-peddlers cuffed for chess gambling gambit

Two Chinese virus writers jailed in 2007 for spreading the info-stealing Panda (Fujacks) malware have been nabbed again after setting up an illegal online gambling site on their release from prison. After getting out of the slammer, Zhang Shun and Li Jun decided to go straight and launch an online gaming company, however …
Phil Muncaster, 17 Jun 2013
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We buy online punters: Sportsbet

Illegal bookmakers have always relied on “referral marketing”, but it’s now emerged that recruitment commissions cost Australian online betting agency Sportsbet as much as $AU4 million each year. According to The Age, the online agency’s CEO Cormac Barry also conceded that new punters aren’t told about the commissions paid to …

EU strengthens online shopper protection

The European Parliament has approved changes to a draft law aimed to strengthen protections for online shoppers who buy goods from other member states. The changes made by MEPs will now be pushed forward as the basis for agreement with all member states. It will cover all purchases whether made online, by phone, post or in a …
John Oates, 25 Mar 2011
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Betfair promises problems are behind it

Betfair suffered a brief outage this morning – one of several glitches the site has suffered in recent weeks. The problems at the betting exchange have alarmed customers, who could get stuck with an open position which they cannot close. An unusually helpful spokeswoman at Betfair explained the problems were related to moving …
John Oates, 11 Mar 2011
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Norway gov mulls blocking online gambling

The Norwegian government this week indicated it is considering blocking the ISP addresses of companies that offer gambling online. This follows a survey, attributed to the Norsk Tipping state gambling monopoly, suggesting that tough measures to curb online gambling already taken by the Norwegian government had failed: far from …
Jane Fae , 24 Feb 2011
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Gambling boss gets three years

David Carruthers, the former chief executive of Betonsports, was sentenced to 33 months' prison time last week. Carruthers, a British citizen, was arrested in Dallas in 2006 while changing planes on his way to Costa Rica, where the business was based. His arrest pre-dated the passage of US laws to ban online gambling - tacked …
John Oates, 12 Jan 2010
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BetOnSports founder Kaplan jailed for four years

The founder of was imprisoned for four years and three months on Monday after pleading guilty to violating the Wire Wager Act and racketeering offences. Gary Kaplan, 50, pleaded guilty to the offences and agreed to pay $43.6m as part of a plea bargaining agreement. The huge fine reportedly amounts to around …
John Leyden, 3 Nov 2009
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Online betting mogul cops plea, coughs up $43m in gains

Gary S. Kaplan, the founder of online gambling empire BetonSports, pleaded guilty on Friday to multiple federal charges in an agreement that required him to forfeit more than $43m in criminal proceeds. During an appearance in federal court in St. Louis, Missouri, the 50-year-old Kaplan admitted to conspiracy to violate the …
Dan Goodin, 14 Aug 2009
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Feds seek $566m from man in online gambling case

Federal prosecutors have accused a Canadian man of laundering more than $350m for offshore internet gambling operations to skirt US laws prohibiting payments to American citizens trying to cash out their winnings. Douglas Rennick, 34, was charged with three felony counts related to the alleged scheme by the US Attorney's …
Dan Goodin, 6 Aug 2009
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US lawmakers renew fight for legal online gambling

Lawmakers have renewed their efforts to legalize some forms of online gambling with a bill that would roll back a ban on internet betting that was passed in 2006, when Republicans controlled congress. The legislation was introduced earlier this month by US Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts. It would permit the …
Dan Goodin, 26 May 2009
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Minnesota calls for 200-site net gambling blockage

Minnesota officials have ordered 11 internet service providers to block all computers in the state from accessing nearly 200 online gambling sites. The state Department of Public Safety invoked a federal law passed in 1961 that requires "common carriers" to block telecommunications services used for gambling. As the Associated …
Dan Goodin, 29 Apr 2009
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Online bookie Bwin funding dodgy football website

Online bookie Bwin is funding a website that links to unauthorised live internet broadcasts of Premier League and other football matches, according to a BBC Radio 4 investigation., which is based in The Netherlands, acts as a hub for online streams uploaded to the net by football fans around the world. While these …
John Leyden, 4 Mar 2009
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Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! settle un-American activity claims

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! have spilled a total of $31.5m to settle claims they promoted one of the most un-American of activities: online gambling. Today, the US attorney for the eastern district of Missouri - that's St. Louis country - announced that the tech-happy trio agreed to resolve charges that they took money from …
Cade Metz, 19 Dec 2007
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Betfair catches whiff of tennis match fix

The gentlewomen of the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) have gotten their knickers in a twist over some unusual betting activity at the online betting exchange Betfair, the AP reports. The suspicions led Betfair to suspend payouts on the match, in which 120th-ranked Mariya Koryttseva beat No. 96 Tatiana Poutchek of Belarus 6-4 …
Burke Hansen, 5 Oct 2007
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Far out Yuzoz gambles on the stars

Do you believe the Universe is really random? Back at GIGSE in Montreal, this correspondent got briefed on a new service for the online gambling industry - namely a service in the rather esoteric field of random number generation. After several weeks of phone tag, we finally managed to get in touch with Jeff Manber, CEO and co- …
Burke Hansen, 22 Jul 2007
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The geek gods have spoken - let the video games begin

GIGSE 2007 Could skill gaming be the next big forum for online gambling? One of the hottest topics at the Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo (GIGSE) in Montreal this week was the economic potential of wagering on skill gaming. Software and gambling providers alike are looking for new sources of revenue after a year of heavy-handed …
Burke Hansen, 10 Jun 2007
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Experts testify in Congress on behalf of internet gambling industry

Supporters of a regulated internet gambling environment testified before Congress yesterday, offering evidence that many of the alleged social ills associated with the industry are already being adequately addressed in jurisdictions that offer regulated gaming environments. "It was made clear at today's hearing that online …
Burke Hansen, 9 Jun 2007

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