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Lightning bolt smites 60ft Jesus statue

The faithful of Ohio were left contemplating a message from above this week after a bolt of lightning hit a 60 foot high statue of Jesus, reducing it to a smouldering steel skeleton. The King of Kings statue at the Solid Rock Church had previously stood 64 foot high, and 40 foot wide, making it something of a landmark for the …
Joe Fay, 16 Jun 2010
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Death row inmate claims allergy to lethal injection

An Ohio death row inmate is attempting to postpone his imminent appointment with the lethal injection gurney by claiming a possible allergy to the anaesthetic used by the state to dispatch its condemned prisoners. Darryl Durr Darryl Durr (pictured) is sentenced to die next Tuesday for the 1988 rape and murder of 16-year-old …
Lester Haines, 15 Apr 2010
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Cops need warrant to search phones, say Ohio Supremes

Police officers must obtain a search warrant before snooping through the contents of a suspect's cell phone, Ohio's supreme court ruled on Tuesday. The issue of whether mobile phones fall under US Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures appears never to have been weighed by any other US state supreme …
Austin Modine, 16 Dec 2009
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Woman rings cops to decry daughter's superior BJ skills

The local paper covering Findlay, Ohio, has secured its place in journalistic history by printing a brief report of a woman who rang cops to complain that her daughter boasted superior oral relief skills. explained on Monday: "A woman called the police early Saturday morning during an argument with her husband …
Lester Haines, 4 Nov 2009
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Ohio armed robber asked victim for a date

An Ohio man who robbed a couple at gunpoint was arrested when he returned to ask his female victim for a date, the Columbus Dispatch reports. Stephfon Bennett, 20, together with two other men, relieved Daniel Martinez Batista and Diana Martinez of their wallets outside their Columbus apartment on Saturday night. A neighbour …
Lester Haines, 9 Sep 2009
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Ohio prof develops CCTV people-tracker 'ware

Boffins in Ohio have taken another step towards the global surveillance panopticon of the future, developing software which can autonomously track an individual through a city using CCTV cameras. James W Davis, associate prof at the Ohio State computer science and engineering department, developed the new spyware with the aid …
Lewis Page, 19 Dec 2008
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Supersonic fighters could snuff out hurricanes

A Russian professor at an Ohio university has applied to patent a method for snuffing out hurricanes by flying jet fighters around the eye of the storm at supersonic speeds. Professor Arkadii Leonov and his collaborator Atanas Gagov, both of Akron Uni, actually filed their patent application "Hurricane Suppression by …
Lewis Page, 3 Dec 2008
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Ohio official sues e-vote vendor for sloppy counting

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner wants an electronic voting machine vendor to pay for dropping hundreds of votes in the state's March primary election. In a filing at Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Brunner seeks unspecified damages from Premier Election Solutions, formerly Diebold. She claims Premier made false …
Austin Modine, 9 Aug 2008
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Ohio table-shag man gets six months

The Ohio man caught on camera having sex with a picnic table has been jailed for six months, NBC reports. Art Price Jr, 40, of Bellvue, molested the round metal table on four occasions. The last garden furniture liaison was on 12 March, a day before an unnamed informant dropped off DVD video evidence with cops, showing the …
Lester Haines, 26 Jun 2008
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Surprise: Ohio's e-voting machines riddled with critical security flaws

Electronic voting machines used in Ohio contain critical security failures that could jeopardize the integrity of state elections, according to a study commissioned by Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. The report found that the machines were susceptible to numerous hacks, many that required little sophistication on the part …
Dan Goodin, 17 Dec 2007

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