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Firm finalises Wii weights design

Whether or not you agree that videogames are a healthy pastime, you can now become the next Stallone or Schwarzenegger by simply switching on your Wii. riiflex_final_01 Riiflex dumbbells beef you up and keep you entertained, apparently Register Hardware recently brought you news of a set of prototype dumbbells into which …

Championship cyclist injured playing Wii

A British world champion cyclist has injured himself, but not during a steep up-hill ride or while navigating a winding French road. No, the injury occurred during... ahem... a Wii gaming session. Mark Cavendish, who won four stages of this year’s Tour de France, was playing a snowboarding game on his Wii when he slipped off …

Wii whacked with patent infringement claim - again

The Wii’s been hit with yet another patent violation claim, this time by a US firm alleging that the console’s controllers its ‘Human Movement Measurement System’ (HMMS). It’s claimed that Nintendo violated a patent owned by Ohio-based company Motiva for an HMMS involving a “hand-held tracking device in communication with a …
James Sherwood, 13 Nov 2008

PETA goes ape over Sega chimp advert

An animal rights group went bananas when it discovered that Sega had used a real chimpanzee in an advert for its latest Wii game. But the gaming firm has now promised to end its monkey business. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from In the advert for Samba De Amigo, a chimpanzee is shown shaking the Wii …

Nintendo unveils Wii Music

The Wii’s Nunchuck is set to become a musical instrument, because Nintendo has launched a musical videogame for the console. Wii_Music Wii Music: get musical, virtually Wii Music, which borrows many of its ideas from the Guitar Hero series, lets gamers re-create any one of the 50 bundled tracks by using the Remote and …
James Sherwood, 10 Oct 2008

PS3 and Xbox to get Wii-style Nunchuck

A recently acquired gaming firm has unveiled plans to launch a motion-sensing controller that’s compatible with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Gametrak_freedom In2Games' Gametrak Freedom controller In2Games today unveiled Gametrak Freedom, a handheld “ultrasonic 3D motion sensing” controller that enables gamers to play …
James Sherwood, 16 Sep 2008

Nintendo facing lawsuit over Wii - again

A lawsuit has been filed against Nintendo by a US-based firm, which claims that the Wii tramples over four patents for on-screen navigation and control technology. Hillcrest Labs owns three patents relating to a “handheld three-dimensional pointing device” and another for a “navigation interface display system that graphically …
James Sherwood, 21 Aug 2008

Asus confirms Eee Stick controllers

Asus has finally officially launched its Wii-style controllers, which hit headlines earlier this year. Called the Eee Stick, the wireless controller allows users to play games in the same way as on the Wii console. Asus_eee_stick Asus' Eee Stick: a Wii look-alike? The Eee Stick is made up of a seven button “Activation …

Sony Ericsson's Nunchuck mobile

Playing videogames on your mobile could soon become lots more user-friendly, because Sony Ericsson (SE) is to bundle a Wii Nunchuck-esque controller with an upcoming handset. zeemote_SE Zeemote's Jsi 'Nunchuck' controls games on Sony Ericsson's W760i phone SE will launch the W760i later this year, but it’ll be the first to …

Wii MotionPlus will be cheap

Nintendo isn’t willing to say how much MotionPlus will cost whenever it finally hits the shops, but the firm’s president has stated that it’ll be fairly cheap. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Satoru Iwata admitted that the manufacturing costs of the Wii Remote add-on are “not that much”. He claimed this means Nintendo “ …

Wii Classic Controller faces US sales ban

The fate of the Wii Classic Controller is hanging in the balance after a US judge rejected Nintendo's attempt to avoid a $21m pay-out awarded against it when a patent infringement case came to trial this year. Nintendo_Wii_Classic_Controller Nintendo's Classic Wii controller Texas-based US District Court Judge Ron Clark …
James Sherwood, 23 Jul 2008

Nintendo hints at MotionPlus Remote integration

Nintendo’s hinted that it may integrate MotionPlus into future incarnations of the Wii’s Remote rather than offer it separately. Nintendo Wii Motion Plus MotionPlus could soon be built into the Remote MotionPlus is a small unit that plugs onto the end of the Remote in the same port usually used by the Nunchuk. The add-on …
James Sherwood, 17 Jul 2008

Asus shows Wii-style controllers for Eee

Asus has shown off a pair of Wii-esque controllers, which it’s thought could be used to direct videogames run on the company’s popular Eee PC. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from Although details are still sketchy, one online source has reported that Asus demonstrated the controllers at a recent tech …
James Sherwood, 30 May 2008

Controllers to define consoles in future?

Consoles and videogames will be defined by controllers in future, rather than graphics, according to the head of a videogame development firm. Alex St John, CEO of PC gaming firm Wild Tangent, made the claim at a recent gaming conference in New York. He also stated that, out of the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, only the Wii …
James Sherwood, 28 May 2008

Wii controller lawsuit costs Nintendo $21m

Nintendo has vowed to fight a court order demanding it pay $21m (£10.7m/€13.5m) to a US gaming company for patent infringements associated with controllers for the Wii and GameCube. Although specific details of the violation of Anascape's intellectual property rights haven’t been disclosed yet, the US court found that Nintendo …
James Sherwood, 16 May 2008

Xbox 360 'Wii Remote' in development?

Microsoft is secretly designing a Wii Remote-style motion controller for the Xbox 360, it has been claimed. If it's real, the add-on could appear in stores in time for Christmas. An unnamed developer source has apparently told MTV News that Microsoft’s motion-sensitive controller is designed to replicate all of the Wii Remote’ …

Wii Remote controller gets cradle

If the floor space around your TV and consoles is anything like ours, then it’s littered with controllers. Peripherals manufacturer Thrustmaster has created a combi cradle-cum-charger for the Wii. Thrustmaster_one_wii_pack Thrustmaster's T-Charge One NW: handy and powerful Dubbed the T-Charge One NW, the unit allows gamers …
James Sherwood, 25 Mar 2008

Set your Nunchuck free

Since the Wii’s arrival, gamers have moaned about that little wire connecting the console's main Remote to the Nunchuck. Gaming peripherals manufacturer Nyko has cut the cord and created a wireless alternative. Nyko_Cord_Free_for_wii Nyko's Cord-Free: does away with wires Nyko’s Cord-Free system is very simple. Firstly, a …
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008

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