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Ever longed to be naked in Paris? City council votes TODAY

French nationals, tourists - in fact anyone and everyone - may soon be able to get their kit off and walk through Paris - well, a designated area - without fear of a hefty fine. The Green Party for the capital of love will today propose at a city council meeting that a nudist park be created, though the exact location has yet …
Paul Kunert, 26 Sep 2016
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Swede who spent 28 years vacuuming in the nude to be evicted

A sweep-silly Swede is being turfed out of his studio apartment following complaints from hard-pressed neighbours upset about his gratuitous vacuum cleaner usage – and nude laundering. A judge in Sweden has finally given the landlord of the flat in Linköping, southern Sweden the green light for him – after 28 years of trying …
Paul Kunert, 17 Jun 2016
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Zuck: Get your FULLY EXPOSED BUTTOCKS off my Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg apparently "goes to great lengths to protect the privacy of his personal life", but it hasn't stopped the Facebook chief from encouraging the free content ad network's users to share more stuff online. Late on Sunday the company's boss confirmed that Facebook had slightly modified the wording of its guidelines …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Mar 2015
Nude gamers

No nudity, please, we're GAMING: Twitch asks players to cover up

Twitch, the streaming site where users show off their gaming prowess to the public, has altered its terms and conditions to ban users from being cheeky by playing in the buff. "Nerds are sexy, and you're all magnificent, beautiful creatures, but let's try and keep this about the games, shall we?" the firm's updated rules of …
Iain Thomson, 29 Oct 2014

No sex please, we're Twit-ish. Vine bans non-educational nudity

A six second sexual encounter is bound to disappoint and annoy. So it's little wonder that the teeny-weeny video service Vine has called an end to them. The Twitter-owned video service has decided to weed out filthy content that is "not a good fit for our community". This basically means any sort of nudity or sexual content …
Jasper Hamill, 7 Mar 2014
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Apple rejects NAKED HIPPIE ebook, despite apple coverup

Photos A Danish author's ebooks documenting freewheeling hippie nudity have been rejected from Apple's iBookstore in that country, even after the author and publisher covered up the offending naughty bits – with images of ripe red apples. "Apple founder, Steve Jobs, marketed himself as a child of the hippie movement," author Peter …
Rik Myslewski, 6 Nov 2012
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Judge frees nude TSA protester, citing free speech rights

The techie who stripped naked to protest invasive airport security, saying he was sick and tired of being harassed by Transportation Security Administration screeners, has been cleared of all charges. "It is the speech itself that the state is seeking to punish, and that it cannot do," said Judge David Rees when dismissing …
Rik Myslewski, 20 Jul 2012
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Couple can sue service that monitored their net sex

A federal judge is allowing a lawsuit to proceed against a laptop-tracking service that surreptitiously intercepted explicit images from a public school teacher during an investigation of a stolen computer. Susan Clements-Jeffrey filed the suit against Absolute Software after one of its employees captured steamy chats and naked …
Dan Goodin, 31 Aug 2011
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Get your kit off for Putin, win an iPad 2, Russian ladies told

Vid Backers of Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin have hit upon a perhaps not-so-novel means of bolstering his political support: they have offered young Russian women the chance to win an iPad 2 by "stripping for Putin". In this YouTube vid, we observe saucy Muscovite minx Diana – who already has an iPhone 4 – striding boldly along …
Team Register, 19 Jul 2011
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Ohio cops taze naked marathoneer

A 35-year-old Ohio man pleaded not guilty to "public indecency and obstructing official business" yesterday, after being tazed over the weekend after attempting to run a marathon while naked. Brett Henderson was collared during Cincinnati's Flying Pig marathon on Sunday, after a wardrobe malfunction left him pounding the …
Team Register, 3 May 2011

Wanted: Nude female web coders

NSFW A Buckinghamshire company is looking to recruit "a number of female web coders" who are prepared to work as nature intended in a "warm and private" naturist office environment. Nude House provides software which creates "hot-spots" on website photos, as explained here. As well as naked sales people tempting customers to buy, …
Lester Haines, 4 Apr 2011
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Pr0n stars to demo against .xxx

Porn stars are set to rally against the proposed .xxx top-level domain name outside the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) public meeting in San Francisco next week. The Free Speech Coalition (FSC), a porn trade group, has called a press conference and rally outside the Westin St Francis Hotel in Union …
Kevin Murphy, 9 Mar 2011
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YouTube clasps naked dancer to bosom

It's official: smut is now allowed on YouTube – so long as it's artistic smut. And with this recognition that not everything that is naked is evil, YouTube appears to have scored one up on the slightly more straitlaced types over at Facebook. More seriously, by instituting a formal appeals process, it may have set the ball …
Jane Fae , 19 Oct 2010
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Facebook follows papal line on censorship

What do the Pope and Facebook have in common? They both abhor public displays of nudity. Facebook though may not go to quite the lengths of one medieval pope, who allegedly sponsored the mass removal of every penis (of the statuary sort) in the Vatican - thereby giving rise to the legend of the papal penis room, where the …
Jane Fae , 16 Sep 2010
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Could Sadville break the internet with nakedness?

Comment Second Life's introduction of adult zoning and age verification highlights an uncomfortable truth about the future of the web - as network function increases, so the anarchic free-for-all we are used to will be eroded further, and possibly abolished forever. There is much frothing on Sadville forums over Linden Labs’ proposals …
Jane Fae , 13 May 2009
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Right-wing Oz politico in nude snaps rumpus

A right-wing Australian politician has protested that nude snaps published (NSFW) in Oz's Sunday Telegraph are not her in a state of advanced undress as captured by a former boyfriend back in the mid-1970s. Pauline Hanson, a former fish-and-chip shop owner who in the 1990s enjoyed a degree of celebrity as founder of the anti- …
Lester Haines, 16 Mar 2009
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Asda declares baby's arse 'pornographic'

Mum Gail Jordan's amusing plan to celebrate her son's 21st birthday by presenting him with a cake sporting a snap of him as a bare-cheeked bouncing baby came off the rails when Asda staff declared the image "pornographic", the Telegraph reports. Jordan, 41, went to the supermarket chain's branch in Liscard, Wirral to avail …
Lester Haines, 26 Jun 2008
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DARPA working on T-ray spyeye spectacle tech

Pentagon boffinry chiefs have sprung aboard the terahertz technology bandwagon which has been gathering speed in recent times. Funding is now on offer for those who can have a credible stab at making the slippery T-ray easier to generate and detect, potentially unlocking a huge techno treasure vault stuffed with goodies such …
Lewis Page, 17 Jun 2008

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