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Austrians are most likely to bare all on beaches

It is official: Austrians are the most likely to get their kit off on the beach this summer. The country’s politics might be right of centre but clearly a vein of liberalism still exists in the Republic, even if it's related to tanning your hidden bits in public. Or so claims a survey by travel website, which …
Paul Kunert, 15 Jun 2016

Chinese loan sharks seek salacious selfies as collateral

Loan sharks in China are reportedly accepting nude selfies as collateral, presumably on the basis that the threat of publication is an effective way of ensuring the loan is repaid. The news first emerged in the local Nandu Daily (we think this expose is the story in question) and hit the People's Daily Online here. The …

Chinese bloke escapes execution for Forbidden City nude photo shoot

NSFW A Chinese artist will likely not be strapped to a gurney and injected with a lethal cocktail of chemicals, despite the best efforts of Western news outlets and the local Twat-O-Tron to suggest a nude photo shoot at Beijing's Forbidden City might represent a surefire shortcut to the execution chamber. According to The Mirror, …
Lester Haines, 3 Jun 2015

Naked cyclists take a hard line on 'aroused' protest participant

The Canterbury World Naked Bike Ride jaunt on Saturday got off to an entertaining start as one "over-excited" male participant was spotted sporting an erection. One shaken onlooker said: "Everyone was taking their clothes off to get ready for the ride. I heard gasps and I turned around – it was a horrible sight. It's fair to …
Lester Haines, 1 Jun 2015

George Clooney, WikiLeaks' lawyer wife hand out burner phones to wedding guests

George Clooney and his new wife – a human rights lawyer who has represented six-fingered embassy dweller Julian AssangeTM – went to extreme lengths to safeguard the privacy of their wedding, even issuing guests with "burner phones" under their control. Guests at last weekend's nuptials between George Clooney and top lawyer …
John Leyden, 30 Sep 2014
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Huge rock-hard marble erection shocks Japanese kiddies

The good burghers of the Japanese town of Okuizumo have suggested a giant replica of Michelangelo's David might do well to slip on some underpants, lest kiddies are left traumatised by an eyeful of the "big and unexpected" statue. Okuizumo, in Shimane Prefecture, has enjoyed the 5-metre tall nude since last summer. It was …
Lester Haines, 8 Feb 2013
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Naked Scarlett Johansson pic snatch bloke gets 10 YEARS

A US man who hacked into the email accounts of celebrities including Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis and later leaked their nude photos has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Former office clerk Christopher Chaney, who claims he was "addicted" to spying on celebrities' private lives, leaked naked pictures of the shlebs to …

Jubcropgate: El Reg in snake-fondling nude nipslip outrage

El Reg had Middle England choking on its Coco Pops a couple of weeks back following the failure of its jub-detection algorithm (JDA) - an advanced piece of coding designed to protect sensitive readers from an eyeful of unchecked chesticle. The JDA compares images uploaded to our media servers with a photographic database of …
Lester Haines, 23 Nov 2012
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Verizon staff arrested for stealing customer's nude pics

Two Verizon staffers are under indictment for allegedly stealing nude photographs from an attractive female customer's phone and passing them around. According to the gendarmes, the two men worked at a Verizon store in Bartow, Florida, where one, Joshua Stuart, 24, helped a nubile local waitress transfer her data from her old …
Iain Thomson, 3 Nov 2012
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Texan TSA crew accused of nude scanner ogling scheme

An investigation into the actions of TSA staff has uncovered a series of complaints from self-described “semi-attractive” female travelers who claim they were targeted for scanning based on their figures, and not on the likelihood of them being terrorists. CBS News investigated formal complaints to Texas authorities made by …
Iain Thomson, 17 Feb 2012
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New anonymity rule on Euro airport body scanners

The European Commission has adopted new rules for the use of body scanners at airports. From now on, any European Union country that wants to use the controversial technology with have to do so "under strict operational and technical conditions", the EC said in a statement. "Security scanners are not a panacea but they do …
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Feds probe naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

The FBI is probing hack attacks on celebs after nude photos of Scarlett Johansson were leaked onto the web last night. "The FBI is investigating the person or groups responsible for a series of computer intrusions involving high-profile figures," Laura Eimiller at the Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Los Angeles told …
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Nude Florida man in gunfight with police SWAT robot

Vid A naked Florida man sent a police SWAT robot fleeing from his home after opening fire on the tin cop with an AK-47 assault rifle. The heavily armed indoor nudist had become the subject of police attention as he was known to possess "several guns" and to have stated that he was suicidal, as well as offering threats. "He said …
Lewis Page, 11 Apr 2011
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Nipper's naked arse provokes Street View outrage

A Greater Manchester mum is "angry, disgusted and upset" after Google flashed her three-year-old son's arse at Street View surfers. Claire Rowlands, 25, told the Manchester Evening News of her horror at discovering the Great Satan of Mountain View's spymobile had grabbed her nipper's backside while he was butt naked in his …
Lester Haines, 30 Jun 2010
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London techies get kit off for charity

There is some really quite exciting news today for those of you who've spent years wondering just how you could justifiably buy photographs of butt-naked London tech entrepreneurs: check out the forthcoming Nude Tech 2010 calendar, featuring 24 disrobed IT movers and shakers, and all in aid of charity. The calendar goes …
Lester Haines, 14 Oct 2009
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Feminist org declines nude calendar cash

A group of Alloa women who got their kit off, in a charity-fundraising "Calendar Girls" stylee, are a little miffed that Scottish Women's Aid has declined to benefit from the proceeds. Domestic abuse victim Morag Hill and business partner Katherine Cram decided to emulate the famous Rylstone Women's Institute 2000 calendar, …
Lester Haines, 23 Jul 2009
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Nudie subterranean rat protein could arrest human ageing

US boffins believe they may be on the track of longevity-enhancing technology, by analysing the unusual proteins found in naked mole rats. These wrinkly, hairless burrowing creatures from East Africa live many times longer than other rodents, and remain attractive, fit and virile the whole time. MIT Tech Review reports on the …
Lewis Page, 20 Feb 2009
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US couple sue over McNudes

A US woman who sent some nude snaps of herself to her hubby's mobe got a nasty shock when they turned up online - complete with her name, address and telephone number. According to the BBC, Phillip Sherman accidently left his phone at a McDonald's in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on 5 July. Staff helpfully promised to hold onto the …
Lester Haines, 24 Nov 2008

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