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We wanna give IoT folk kilobit data rates, beam NB-IoT telcos

MBBF2016 Mobile operators are quite comfortable with NarrowBand Internet of Things and hope it will funnel more and more IoT customers into their arms – but not all of them understand the market, it seems. Speaking at last week's Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum, the GSMA's Graham Trickey, the mobile talking shop's "head of connected …
Gareth Corfield, 28 Nov 2016

Ericsson puts 5G towel on Japanese deck-chair

We don’t know what exactly Ericsson might mean by "5G", since the next generation of mobile wireless internet technologies is still very much in the committee stage, but the Swedish firm is rolling out a trial in Yokosuka, Japan anyway. Ericsson will be conducting the tests together with Japanese mobile firm NTT DoCoMo, which …
Simon Rockman, 9 May 2014

NTT DoCoMo says two mobe OSes are enough, so sayonara to Tizen

The open-source Tizen mobile OS has suffered another setback, with Japanese mobile giant NTT DoCoMo announcing that it has put off plans to launch a smartphone powered by the system this year. The carrier had earlier said that it would launch a Tizen device in March. But according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on …
Neil McAllister, 18 Jan 2014

'Instant translation' glasses to come online for 2020 Olympics

NTT Docomo has wasted no time ramping up the excitement ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games, in announcing a 5G network 100 times faster than LTE and augmented reality “instant translation” glasses – both of which should be ready by 2020. Both innovations were unveiled at IT and electronics show CEATEC 2013 in Tokyo this week. …

NTT Docomo leads 5G push with 10Gbps uplink tests

Japanese operator NTT Docomo has successfully tested uplink packet transmissions at an uber-fast 10Gbps, hundreds of times quicker than the 4G services only just beginning to roll out across North America and Europe. The outdoor experiment was conducted in collaboration with the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Okinawa’s …

So a health boss, a GM veep and Qualcomm's big cheese walk into a bar

MWC 2013 The GSMA, which represents the world's mobile networks, tries to get people from outside the industry to give speeches at its annual Mobile World Congress shindig - preferably ones unlikely to upset anyone. This had led to an odd mix of folk from inside and outside the mobile world sharing a stage at the conference, held in …
Simon Rockman, 26 Feb 2013

NTT demos double-sided see-through smartphone

Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo and computing giant Fujitsu gave smartphone fans a glimpse into the future of mobile computing at this year’s Wireless Japan show, demoing a prototype Android device with a transparent, double-sided touchscreen interface. The as-yet-unnamed device features a petite 2.4in, 320x240 QVGA …
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Japanese telco to splurge £2bn a year on LTE

Japan's largest mobile phone operator plans to spend a total of 880bn yen (£7.26bn) to rollout its LTE network and launch LTE-enabled phones. The sum will be spent up to fiscal 2015, NTT Docomo chief exec and president Ryuji Yamada said at a mobile conference in Hong Kong, Reuters reported. The carrier, already the biggest …
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Japan seeks unheard-of new uses for cell location data

Japanese operator NTT Docomo plans to use its store of location data to work out where to build more houses, and how many people get stuck during an earthquake. Those are two just of the potential applications for the huge amount of location data stored by mobile network operators, and where Docomo and the University of Tokyo …
Bill Ray, 6 Jun 2011
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Vodafone and DoCoMo bundle into India

Vodafone is to spend $5bn buying out local partner Essar for control of India's second-largest operator, while DoCoMo is spending $175m to improve 3G coverage in the country. Vodafone already owns a significant stake in Essar, having paid Hutchinson Telecommunications more than $10bn for a controlling interest back in 2007. …
Bill Ray, 31 Mar 2011

BlackBerry Bold sales suspended in Japan

Some would say that the BlackBerry Bold’s a hot bit of kit. But few would think it's so hot that Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo would decide to suspend sales of the phone because of complaints about the handset's temperature. But that's what has happened. The network took the drastic step late last week because it received …

NTT DoCoMo shows off futuristic modular phone

Japanese network provider NTT DoCoMo has shown off a handful of wacky, yet technologically advanced, prototype phone designs that may find their way onto its futuristic network. NTT_DoCoMo_MWC_phone NTT DoCoMo's "Separable Mobile Phone" Lurking behind a velvet rope and protected by a glass case at Mobile World Congress …
James Sherwood, 18 Feb 2009

The healthy handset

Lots has been written about the potential dangers of mobile phones to the human body, so it’s refreshing to hear about one handset that aims to keep users healthy. Fujitsu_health_phone_01 A pulsimeter checks your pulse Fujitsu’s latest clamshell – the F884iES – includes a “health diary” application, with features …
James Sherwood, 31 Jul 2008

Japan's Softbank signs up for iPhone

It's official: Japanese cellco Softbank will offer Apple's iPhone, the company said today. Like all the other carriers who've announced they'll begin selling the handset, Softbank said the iPhone would be added to its network "later this year", news agency Reuters reports. Expect it sooner rather than later. Certainly, World+ …
Tony Smith, 4 Jun 2008

Japanese carrier to test smell-o-vision phone kit

Would you like to come home to the rich smell of a beef dinner roasting? Or be woken up with the whiff of freshly cut grass? Both could soon be possible, provided the upcoming trial of a odour-outputting mobile phone rig doesn’t get up Japanese consumers' noses. NTT_smell_pic1 NTT's Mobile Fragrance Communication kit: …

Japan turns its back on 2G

Japanese customers didn’t buy a single 2G handset during January, which could be why Japanese network operator NTT DoCoMo has decided to stop providing sub-3G connectivity by 2012. Although just over 4m mobile phones were shipped to Japanese stores during the first month of the year, the Japan Electronics and Information …
James Sherwood, 17 Mar 2008

Fujitsu fetes world's slimmest waterproof mobile

Sometimes you suddenly come to your senses and ask yourself what in the world you are doing. This happened to me today, as I was taking pictures of a bikini-clad beauty who was brandishing a mobile phone while standing up to her knees in a swimming pool on the roof of a nine-storey building in central Tokyo. Fujitsu's …
Hugh Ashton, 17 Jul 2007
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O2 serves notice on i-mode service

O2 has hit the red button on its i-mode service less than two years after it brought the Japanese mobile web technology to Europe. The Spanish-owned telco says "a limited range of devices has restricted its growth and we don't see that changing". It will support the service for another couple of years, but won't launch any more …
Joe Fay, 17 Jul 2007

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