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Windows 10 floppy disk

Remember Netbooks? Windows 10 makes them good again!

Among the many bizarre and stupid mistakes Microsoft made with Windows 8.x was the decision to require screens to have resolution of at least 1024 x 768. That decision meant that hordes of Netbooks, the very small laptops popular in the late noughties, had no obvious upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 8.x. Back in …
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We're not killing Chrome OS ... not until 2020, anyway – says Google

Google hopes to ease fears that its Chrome OS is not long for this world. The Mountain View ad giant said on Monday that it has no immediate plans to kill off Chrome OS nor the army of lightweight Chromebook PCs it has spawned: the web goliath has promised a "regular six-week software cycle and guaranteed auto-updates for five …
Shaun Nichols, 2 Nov 2015

Big mistake, Google. Big mistake: Chrome OS to be 'folded into Android'

Google is apparently going to "fold" Chrome OS into Android, potentially killing the development of a secure, lightweight desktop OS in the process. The Wall Street Journal, citing anonymous sources, claims engineers at the Mountain View giant have spent the past two years merging Chrome OS into Android. The end result will …
Shaun Nichols, 29 Oct 2015

Netbooks projected to become EXTINCT by 2015

Proving yet again that fame and fortune are fleeting – even for computer hardware – the analysts at IHS are projecting that the netbook, the New Hotness just a few short years ago, will disappear completely by 2015. "Once a white-hot PC product that sold in the tens of millions of units annually," IHS writes in an email …
Rik Myslewski, 12 Apr 2013

Could this be Google's slick new touchscreen Chromebook?

Video If what purports to be a leaked video turns out to be legit, Google may be planning to shake up the PC hardware market by releasing a new, upscale Chromebook featuring a high-resolution touchscreen display. Rumors of a touchscreen Chromebook have been floating around since last year, but the only sources have been Chinese …

2012: The year that netbooks DIED

Netbooks – those compact, underpowered, inexpensive notebook PCs once hailed as the future of mobile computing – are set to disappear from retailer shelves in 2013, as the last remaining manufacturers of the devices prepare to exit the market. According to Taiwanese tech news site DigiTimes, Acer and Asus are the only two …
Neil McAllister, 28 Dec 2012

Dell flees netbook market, dumps Minis

Dell has pulled out of the netbook market in a move that pretty much seals the fate of the pint-sized form factor. The Dell Mini range is no longer available on the website and the tech titan's US office has confirmed that the product line is dead. First announced in 2008, Dell Minis had 7in or 10in screens, were powered by …
Anna Leach, 16 Dec 2011

Ultrabook sales 'falling short of targets'

Those slim, svelte, sexy ultrabooks that Intel has been flogging may be having a hard time finding buyers due to their relatively high prices. So say sources speaking with the Taiwanese market-watchers at DigiTimes, which reported on Monday that both Acer and Asustek, which had expected to sell between 200,000 and 300,000 of …
Rik Myslewski, 31 Oct 2011
iPad vs netbooks

Netbook shipments slump in face of tablet rise

Tablets outshipped netbooks in Q2 2011. So says market watcher ABI Research, which recorded shipments of 7.3m netbooks in Q2 - down 13.1 per cent on Q1's 8.4m units - and 13.6m tablets. ABI said it reckons some 32m netbooks will ship in 2011 as a whole - 16.m of during H2. That is down 17.5 per cent on 2010's total shipments …
Tony Smith, 21 Oct 2011
Intel Atom

Intel rejects Atom rename claim

Intel has denied a claim that it will change the name of its low-power Atom processor when the next version of the chip, codenamed 'Cedar Trail', ships later this year. The unnamed industry mole(s) who say otherwise were't apparently able to say what new name Intel has picked. But they did claim that the rebranding excercise …
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2011
Dell Inspiron Duo

Intel pitches netbook-cum-tablet 'hybrids'

IDF 2011 Can't decide whether you want a tablet or a netbook? Have both, says Intel. The chip giant today pitched the notion of a hybrid device, skinnier than a netbook but thicker than a tablet by bringing the latter a built-in keyboard. It's not a new notion, of course. Dell launched the Inspiron Duo last year, and during 2011 the …
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2011
Intel Atom

Next-gen Atom benchmarks show big boost for GPU

Netbooks based on Intel's upcoming 'Cedar Trail' Atom CPUs - the N2600 and N2800 - may not show a big processing performance leap over their predecessors, but they will sport smart graphics core. So say benchmark tests carried out on the new Atoms for VRZone by erstwhile Reg Hardware Reviews Ed Lars-Goran Nilsson. 3DMark 06 …
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2011
Apple MacBook Air 11.6in

Intel says no to massive ultrabook CPU price cut

Intel has apparently rejected demands from notebook makers that it slash the cost of its ultrabook chips. Manufacturers keen to release skinny laptops along the lines of Apple's MacBook Air range say Intel's products need to be cheaper if they're to comptete. The inevitable unnamed sources say vendors asked the CPU giant for …
Hard Reg, 16 Aug 2011

Acer to deliver ARM notebook within nine days

Acer needs to hurry. Apparently, it's going to launch the first ever notebook based on an Nvidia Tegra 2 chip this month, and there only nine more days to go. The - we suppose we have to say "smartbook", the moniker once given to ARM-based netbooks but sadly much out of favour in these tablet-centric times - will run Android 3 …
Tony Smith, 22 Jul 2011

ARM to wrestle quarter of laptop market from Intel

Give it four years and ARM-based processors will be found in almost a quarter of all notebooks sold. So predicts market watcher iHS iSuppli, which also reckons 7.6m ARM-based laptops will ship next year - three per cent of total number of notebooks shipped. That itself is a staggering statistic since there are none shipping …
Tony Smith, 19 Jul 2011

Apple to out-ship HP in 2012, say pundits

Apple will next year out-ship HP - if only when it comes to mobile computers - it has been forecast. The catch, you'll have already guessed, is that media tablet sales have to be included in the total. Unnamed pundits cited by DigiTimes say Apple could ship 15m MacBooks in 2012. And on a forecast 60m iPads - 75 per cent of …
Tony Smith, 1 Jul 2011
Samsung NC110

Samsung NC110 matte-screen netbook

Review Tight spots don’t come much trickier than the one netbook makers find themselves in. Squeezed from above by prettier, more interesting tablets, netbooks such as Samsung’s £350 N350 are barely appealing alternatives to Apple’s glossy view of the future. Samsung NC110 Samsung's NC110: more of the same, but with a gloss-less …
Dave Stevenson, 27 Jun 2011
Asus Eee PC X101

Asus $199 MeeGo netbook out next month

Asus announced its MeeGo-based netbook, the 10in Eee PC X101, earlier this month, but said little else about the specs. Now a few tech details have emerged. The X101 - due out next month, apparently - will be based on Intel's Atom N435, the chip giant's new, single-core CPU running at 1.33GHz. Asus Eee PC X101 It'll have an …
Hard Reg, 27 Jun 2011

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