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Private sector needs a little sumthin' sumthin' to get it sharing threat intel – US security chap

Israel Cyber Week Bigwigs mulled giving the UK's National Cyber Security Centre, the information assurance division of GCHQ, a regulatory function or even letting it charge for its services - before settling on its current role of encouraging better cybersecurity. That's what chief exec Ciaran Martin told Israel Cyber Week during a panel on …
John Leyden, 20 Jun 2018
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Massive cyber attack targets mid-Atlantic nation 'Berylia'

NATO and assorted partners have unleashed a massive cyber-attack on the fictional country of Berylia to test their ability to defend critical infrastructure against outside attacks. The virtual country will suffer its virtual attack under NATO's Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence's (CCDCOE) Locked Shields 2018, …

Military alliance NATO adopts official hymn

NATO, the military alliance originally formed to defend Europe against Soviet Russia, has formally adopted its own national anthem-style hymn. At this early stage in the article we find it necessary to assure readers that this is not a windup, nor is it April Fool’s Day. In a statement, NATO said that the NATO Hymn (catchy …
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NATO: 'Cyber' is a military domain

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has told a press conference ahead of a ministerial meeting tomorrow Brussels time that “cyber” is a “military domain” – and that a cyber-attack on one member can trigger NATO's Article 5. Article 5 of the Washington Treaty that establishes NATO embodies the principle of collective …
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NATO secures adoption of submerged drone data comms standard

Boffins at NATO have managed to ratify, across the entire alliance, the first ever official standard for underwater digital communications. “This marks the first time that a digital underwater communication protocol has been acknowledged at international level and opens the way to develop many exciting underwater communication …
Gareth Corfield, 27 Apr 2017
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Finally a reason not to bother with IPv6: Uh, security concerns...?

For all those sysadmins tired of having to make excuses for why they haven't moved to IPv6, worry no more: the new protocol brings with it the risk of network infiltration. That's according to NATO's Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, which has published a research paper [PDF] claiming it is possible to set up …
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Apr 2017

What next for the F-35 after Turkey's threats to turn its back on NATO?

Comment Turkey has hinted it may try to leave NATO – which could cause difficulties for the Lockheed Martin F-35 programme because the country has signed up to buy 100 of the advanced jet fighters. Speaking to state news agency Anadolu, Turkey's foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, hit out at both NATO and the EU over their lack of …
Gareth Corfield, 12 Aug 2016
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Smart TVs, satellites, and billboards all hacked in Ukrainian war

Black Hat The ongoing conflict between Russian and the Ukraine has shown the increasing sophistication of state-sponsored hackers and the casualties of war have included some surprising victims. Dr Kenneth Geers, senior research scientist at Comodo and coauthor of a NATO-funded study into the conflict, told delegates at the Black Hat …
Iain Thomson, 4 Aug 2016
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NATO holds up £2.5bn platter of IT procurement deals: Help yourselves

Anti-Soviet defence pact NATO's IT division wants to award €3bn (£2.5bn) worth of “cyber, air and missile defence” contracts, spanning everything from buying new keyboards to improving space satellites. The NATO Communication and Information (NCI) Agency's bumper pack of potential deals includes a £2bn (€2.5bn) satellite …
Gareth Corfield, 27 Jul 2016

Stuxnet was the opening shot of decades of non-stop cyber warfare

The famous Stuxnet attack against Iran is credited by some as forestalling the alternative: a bombing raid by Israel against Iran’s nuclear facility. The use of such cyber-weapons in the future, however, may mean more countries end up in low-level conflicts more or less continuously. Military strategists are still grappling …
John Leyden, 22 Jun 2016

Cisco, Fortinet cosy up to NATO for infosharing

Fortinet and Cisco have signed data-sharing arrangements with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to try and improve their respective infosec capabilities. The NATO Communications and Information Agency will be sharing cyber security trend information with the two partners. It will also support bilateral exchange of …
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NATO gets a front-door to look for Microsoft backdoors

Microsoft has renewed its 12-year-old agreement with NATO which, among other things, lets the organisation check for bugs, vulnerabilities, and backdoors in Redmond's products. The company announced the agreement here. The essence of the release is that NATO's Communications and Information Agency, NCI, has signed with …
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And now ... pre-recorded from London: It's the NEWS!

Vid Youtube Video Take a tour through this week’s tech news, guided by miniature, pleasingly oval news anchor icon Regina Eggbert. Didn’t get enough from the headlines? Read more about Google lobbying, NATO treaties and outages here, here and here. ® Regina Egbert, El Reg's virtual news anchor

NATO nations 'will respond to a Cyber attack on one as though it were on all'

NATO is set to agree a new cyber defence policy that would mean any severe cyber attack on a NATO member could be considered tantamount to a traditional military attack and invoke the alliance's collective defence provisions. Article V is the collective defence clause of the NATO treaty by which an attack on one member is …
John Leyden, 3 Sep 2014

These lucky people get paid to play cyber war games

Some lucky infosec professionals will be taking part in a cyber war game designed to test the readiness of NATO countries to respond to "large scale cyber attacks targeting information infrastructures" in the pretty city of Tartu in Estonia. Cyber Coalition 2013, a three-day exercise which starts today, will involve staff from …
John Leyden, 26 Nov 2013
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NATO defence ministers agree: This cyber business is very serious

NATO ministers have agreed to step up efforts to protect members' cyber networks, but are still unsure whether or not to step in and sort out individual hacks. Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a press conference after the first defence ministers' meeting devoted to cyber issues yesterday that attacks were " …
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NATO proclaimed winner of Locked Shield online wargame

NATO has – not surprisingly – been named the winner of the Locked Shield online wargames held last week at the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn, Estonia. The 48-hour exercise, which has been held annually for the last five years, simulates a coordinated attack by "Red" forces (a continuing …
Iain Thomson, 29 Apr 2013

Dear gov cyber-ninjas, try not to kill people. Love from the lawyers

A NATO-backed manual that attempts to pull together all the bits of international law regarding the "hostile use" of the internet has prohibited attacks against civilian targets. According to the legal experts who helped draw up the manual, attacks in cyberspace should avoid anything that might affect civilian targets such as …
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2013

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