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IBM's System x3620 M3 server

China clears Lenovo's slurp of IBM server biz

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has finally approved Lenovo’s $2.3bn deal to buy Big Blue’s server biz, according to Reuters. The country’s anti-monopoly bureau has taken its time over the decision and the US authorities have yet to rule on the acquisition, but Lenovo has said it expects the deal to close this year. Chief …
National Archive Entrance tweets now national treasures! – National Archives

Video The UK’s National Archives has announced that it will be saving YouTube videos and tweets for posterity, to make social media a part of Blighty’s official history. Youtube Video The Archives will start collecting Twitter posts and YouTube vids from today from UK central government departments and other official social media, …
National Rail Enquiries Android app icon

National Rail Enquiries

Android App of the Week I should use local trains more often, but there are several reasons why I don’t. One is I’ve no idea where most of my local stations are, let alone the ones dotted further afield around Manchester. Secondly, I can’t be bothered picking up timetables. The new National Rail Enquiries app solves both these problems and could …
Alun Taylor, 8 May 2012
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Water utility hackers destroy pump, expert says

Updated Hackers destroyed a pump used by a US water utility after gaining unauthorized access to the industrial control system it used to operate its machinery, a computer security expert said. Joe Weiss, a managing partner for Applied Control Solutions, said the breach was most likely performed after the attackers hacked into the …
Dan Goodin, 17 Nov 2011
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Hackers commandeer US government satellites

Hackers interfered with two US government satellites on four separate occasions in 2007 and 2008, according to a report scheduled to be released next month by a congressional commission. In June 2008 and again in October of the same year, a Terra AM-1 earth observation satellite operated by NASA experienced interference at the …
Dan Goodin, 28 Oct 2011
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Japan's Parliament, defense contractor, pierced by hackers

Sensitive data belonging to 480 lawmakers and their staff may have been exposed for more than a month, after computers in Japan's Parliament were infected by malware, it was widely reported on Tuesday. The data-stealing trojan compromised computers used by three members of the Lower House, and possibly a server, The New York …
Dan Goodin, 25 Oct 2011
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Top-secret US lab infiltrated by spear phishers – again

One of the most sensitive science labs in the US has shut down all internet access after attackers exploited a vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser to steal data from some of its servers, according to published news reports. The security breach at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is at least the second time …
Dan Goodin, 19 Apr 2011
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Union attacks fire-brigade control room IT modernisation

Union officials have launched a public attack on a government networking and IT project designed to reduce the number of fire-brigade control rooms from 46 to 9. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) says that the Fire and Resilience Control (FiReControl) project is in "meltdown" and can't possibly be ready in time for the London …
Lewis Page, 22 Jun 2009
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eBay put Skype on iPhone 'to boost price of NSA backdoor'

April Fool Skype was pushed onto Apple's iPhone at the instigation of the VoIP app's corporate owner eBay, the Reg can exclusively reveal - in order to reap huge sums from government listening agencies interested in spying on Jesus-mobe-toting terrorists. The revelations come from a disgruntled eBay insider familiar with the matter, …
Lewis Page, 1 Apr 2009
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UK cops' road accident reporting going paperless

The British police road accident reporting and mapping system is to go paperless, it has been announced. Officials believe that replacing paper forms with electronic ones on mobile terminals will allow faster and more accurate identification of trouble spots. “Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world," said …
Lewis Page, 27 Jan 2009
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Spy chief to Obama: Let DARPA fix economy

Newly-inaugurated President Barack Obama has been urged by a top US spysat chief to revitalise America's economy through the use of DARPA*, the legendary Pentagon barmy-boffinry bureau which has given the world the internet and the stealth bomber. More recently the agency has also sponsored initiatives such as mindreading peril- …
Lewis Page, 21 Jan 2009
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US nuclear bomb lab develops 'self-warming' hand cream

A New Mexico cosmetics entrepreneur has collaborated with a US government nuclear weapons lab to deal with one of the great scourges threatening society today, that of chilly handcream fresh from the jar. The solution: high-tech "personal care lotion" which warms itself up as it is "gently rubbed" on. According to the Sandia …
Lewis Page, 18 Dec 2008
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Public support for ID cards dips to 55 per cent

Update The latest Home Office poll on public attitudes to the planned National ID card indicates that support for the scheme has eroded slightly, with the proportion of those in favour down from 60 to 55 per cent. The survey, carried out among 2,098 randomly selected Brits from 31 October to 4 November, showed opposition to the Card …
Lewis Page, 12 Dec 2008
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Gov beta test for grid-friendly, carbon-saving smart fridges

Dynamic demand technology, in which domestic appliances adjust their drain on the national grid so as to smooth out collective spikes and dips, is to get a widespread UK trial next year. The Guardian, reporting on the new initiative from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, says that three thousand intelligent demand- …
Lewis Page, 2 Dec 2008

Nuke boffins plan Penguin petaflop cluster

America's Lawrence Livermore nuclear bomb lab has teamed up with open-source computing heavyweights to build the next generation of Linux superclusters, ultimately scaling into the petaflop range. The project has been dubbed "Hyperion". "Hyperion represents a new way of doing business. Collectively we are building a system …
Lewis Page, 20 Nov 2008
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Airline industry refuses to be ID card guinea pig

News emerged today that government plans for a compulsory UK national ID card pilot scheme in the airline industry are deadlocked by industrial and union opposition, casting a blight over the unveiling of the cards' design. The Financial Times reports this morning that the government's intended rollout of the biometric ID …
Lewis Page, 25 Sep 2008
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MPs probe MoD accountancy shenanigans

Analysis The UK Ministry of Defence has taken yet another lengthy roasting from the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, PAC, which has been examining its recently audited accounts. The MoD is accused of "masking" the costs of its biggest and most expensive equipment projects by creative accounting, and responds by pointing out …
Lewis Page, 24 Jul 2008
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UK gov announces Road Pricing 2.0 - Managed Motorway

The UK government has announced its plans for the national road network in coming years, assigning funding for a variety of different projects. Transport Minister Ruth Kelly has also published plans for a future of "managed motorways", which will require "a high level of monitoring and compliance to make the package work". "I …
Lewis Page, 17 Jul 2008

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