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In mourning for Nano, chap crafts 1k-loc text editor

Ticked off by the news that Nano opted out of GNU, a programmer called Salvatore Sanfilippo has written his own text editor. What's impressive about it is that it provides a basic code editor with syntax highlighting and search, without ncurses as a dependency, and in a mere 1,000 lines of code (at Github). Why did he decide …

Mohawk Valley, NY to become the new Silicon Valley in fab fab deal

A deal between SUNY Poly (State University New York), the state of New York, GE and Austrian sensor and analog IC company AMS will see an East Coast US chip fab built to research and make nano-scale devices. AMS is putting an initial $2bn into their venture, which the state will top up with $200m. GE will stump up $200m and …
Simon Rockman, 24 Aug 2015
Apple iPod Nano 7G

Apple iPod Nano 7G review

Having sold something like 350 million iPods in the last decade, Apple has quite sensibly stuck to pretty much the same basic designs for most of the iPod range. The glaring exception to that rule is the ever-changing, shape-shifing iPod Nano. This is the seventh version of the Nano in seven years, and in that time it’s …
Stephen Dean, 18 Oct 2012
Orange mini Sim

Euro cellcos hoard nano Sims ahead of iPhone 5 launch

More evidence, perhaps, for the iPhone 5's not-far-off-now launch: European mobile network operators are eagerly ordering millions of nano-sized Sim cards. Keen to avoid being stuck for suitable Sims - which happened when Apple launched the micro Sim-equipped iPhone 4 in 2010 - the cellcos are this time laying their mitts on …
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2012

Apple recalls first iPod Nanos over battery flaw

Apple is asking for its six-year-old first-generation iPod Nano back. Having uncovered a "very rare" instance in which the music player may overheat "and pose a safety risk", Apple is replacing them. Apple iPod Nano "This issue has been traced to a single battery supplier that produced batteries with a manufacturing defect …
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2011
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Rumors of iPod classic's death prove exaggerated

Updated The lack of an iPhone 5 announcement at Apple's "Let's talk iPhone" event wasn't the only pundit–defying act performed by Apple CEO Tim Cook and his merry men: despite rumors to the contrary, the venerable iPod classic also lives. As does the iPod shuffle, Apple's $49, 2GB bare-bones digital music player. Those two iPods, …
Rik Myslewski, 4 Oct 2011

VIA double stuffs x64 clone chips

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are not the only ones innovating in the x64 chip racket. VIA Technologies has carved out a niche for itself for low-powered chips suitable for netbooks, small form factor PCs, micro servers, and other embedded devices, and is double-stuffing its sockets with the QuadCore X4 chips to better …
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Stanford prof pops lid on paint-on battery tech

Boffins in America have developed a "one-dimensional" nanomaterial liquid which can be painted onto walls or pieces of paper to create working batteries. "If I want to paint my wall with a conducting energy storage device, I can use a brush," says Yi Cui, materials engineering prof at Stanford. "These nanomaterials are …
Lewis Page, 8 Dec 2009

VIA intros Nano 3000 netbook, notebook CPUs

VIA has introduced out its latest Nano CPUs, pitching the new 3000 family of low-power processors at makers of thin'n'light laptops and of all-in-one desktops. The Nano 3000 series runs to six processors, clock at between 1GHz and 2GHz. They all sit on an 800MHz system bus. Four U3x00 models consume just 100mW of power when …
Tony Smith, 3 Nov 2009
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Boffins test cancer-stinging 'nano-bee' swarms in mice

American medi-boffins say they have developed a way of using tiny nanotech devices, which they call "nanobees", to carry a potentially poisonous drug safely into the body for the purposes of killing cancerous tumours. The "bees" are so-called - as opposed to being named "nanowasps" or "nanocobras" or whatever - because the the …
Lewis Page, 11 Aug 2009
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'First-ever' flight of robotic ornithopter announced

Vid Famous crazycraft company Aerovironment has won a $2.1m contract to further develop its robotic "Nano Air Vehicle" (NAV), which flies and hovers using flapping wings like a hummingbird. The company has also released a video of the innovative craft in test flights. According to Aerovironment, the fluttering NAV achievement …
Lewis Page, 2 Jul 2009
Asus Ion Eee Top

Asus and co. co-opt Nvidia's Ion for mini-PCs

Computex Yesterday, Asus was "considering" Nvidia's Ion platfom. Today, it has product to show. So have rather a lot of its rival Small, Cheap Computer makers. All of them are demo'ing Ion driven kit at Computex. Acer's Revo desktop is already launched, but alongside it we will now see similar machines from ASRock, ECS, MSI, Pegatron …
Tony Smith, 2 Jun 2009
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Dell taps VIA Nano chips for custom mini-servers

In the Web hosting world, you can charge a premium for customers who have dedicated servers. But Moore's Law and every-more powerful processors combined with server virtualization puts pressure on Web hosting companies to do shared servers for their clients because no modest Web customer can use a whole one-socket or two-socket …
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MEPs get the fear over nanotechnology

MEPs are veering between tech utopianism and fear of the planet being buried under grey goo if their latest crop of votes is anything to go by. Strasbourg's denizens voted overwhelmingly in favour of "more prudence" over the use of nanomaterials in consumer products yesterday, demanding that the Commission evaluate whether …
Joe Fay, 28 Apr 2009
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'Soon soldiers will have 3 tiny choppers in their pocket'

Top Norwegian microcopter boffins say they have now successfully tested the fagpacket-sized PD-100 Black Hornet vidcam whirlybird - outdoors. The firm has also released video of the tiny aircraft in indoor flight tests: The PD-100 isn't the same as your common-or-garden cheapo remote control toy copter, great as those are …
Lewis Page, 17 Apr 2009

Radiopaq punts 'custom tuned' cans

Not content with acting only as a search engine for web-based audio, Radiopaq has branched out into audio hardware and designed a selection of earphones tuned to your musical tastes. Radiopaq_02 Radiopaq's earphones emphasise the audio qualities of different music genres The firm’s launched four genres of Custom Tuned …
James Sherwood, 14 Apr 2009
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'Nanodiamond' asteroid tracked from space to desert impact

An international alliance of astronomers are exceedingly chuffed to announce the first occasion of an asteroid being tracked from space, through impact with the Earth's atmosphere and thence to recovery of fragments on the ground. "Any number of meteorites have been observed as fireballs and smoking meteor trails as they come …
Lewis Page, 26 Mar 2009
Yu Guan 'Apple' netbook

Hong Kong supplier punts Mac-alike netbook

If Apple won't make a Mac-style netbook, someone else will. And if you can't face waiting for the Asus Eee PC 1008HA, how about this fine piece of trademark infringement from Hong Kong? Yu Guan 'Apple' netbook Yu Guan's 'Apple' netbook: chip off the old unibody? Excitingly dubbed the WF188 - we'd suggest renaming it WTF188 …
Tony Smith, 17 Mar 2009

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