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Nokia, HTC and RIM dragged into patent dispute

Gadgets made by a host of big-name manufacturers, including Nokia and HTC, could be banned from import into the US, if a patent violation investigation being conducted the US International Trade Commission (ITC) rules in the claimant’s favour. The government body has voted to investigate claims by patent purchasing firm Saxon …
James Sherwood, 19 Jan 2009

Mobile spy app pitched at paranoid partners

If you’re a bit paranoid, you’ll worry that your partner’s doing everything from cheating on you to planning world domination behind your back. But buy them a Nokia with Interceptor Software installed and you’ll apparently be able to rest easy. The software acts like your personal "guy on the inside", because once it’s …
James Sherwood, 15 Dec 2008
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SkypeOut goes mobile, Skype goes beta

UK operator 3 is to allow Skype users to make international calls with their SkypeOut minutes, bypassing the operator completely, while the VoIP pioneer's desktop client continues its slow progress towards version 4 with a new beta release. Punters equipped with a Skypephone, or compatible handset such as an N95 or C902 on 3, …
Bill Ray, 1 Oct 2008

Nokia starts to ship N96

Nokia may have said in the past that its N96 flagship multimedia phone would arrive here in October, but it announced today that the N95 follow-up has begun shipping. Nokia N96 Nokia's N96: N95 successor leaving the factory as we speak There's no contradiction. Shipping from Nokia's assembly plants and arriving on shop …
Tony Smith, 3 Sep 2008

N96 launch delayed until October

Nokia’s much-hyped flagship handset – the N96 – is now available to buy. That’s what we’d be saying to you if we were in October, because that’s when Nokia’s delayed the phone’s UK launch until. Retailer Carphone Warehouse got panting punters all aquiver back in March, when it confirmed that the N96 was expected into its …
James Sherwood, 31 Jul 2008
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Tesco VoIP goes mobile

Tesco has started extending its VoIP service, Tesco Internet Phone, onto mobiles, offering Wi-Fi capable handsets the chance to make free calls to other Tesco customers. Tesco's existing service is a pretty-standard VoIP operation, and is handled by Freshtel, the Australian VoIP specialist with a PC client. Freshtel are also …
Bill Ray, 22 May 2008

Nokia N-Gage goes global

Nokia has launched its N-Gage internet gaming service, allowing videogames to be downloaded directly through Nokia mobile phones. The Finnish handset giant made the announcement through a blog post on the N-Gage website. The post said: “The games, the devices, and the community are all here for you to finally get your teeth …

Reviewer puts prototype Nokia N96 to test

Nokia's N96, the follow up to the popular N95, isn't even out until the summer, but someone's got his hands on a prototype and given it a write-up. The conclusion: don't chuck out your N95 just yet. Nokia N96 Nokia's N96: really any better than the N95? The pre-release N96 was picked up by Russian site Mobile Review, and …
Tony Smith, 28 Mar 2008

Japan turns its back on 2G

Japanese customers didn’t buy a single 2G handset during January, which could be why Japanese network operator NTT DoCoMo has decided to stop providing sub-3G connectivity by 2012. Although just over 4m mobile phones were shipped to Japanese stores during the first month of the year, the Japan Electronics and Information …
James Sherwood, 17 Mar 2008

Nokia N96 to land in August

Nokia’s upcoming flagship handset, the 16GB N96, will arrive in the UK in August, according to retailer Carphone Warehouse. Nokia N96 Nokia's N96: release window narrowed down Carphone Warehouse’s website has been updated to reveal that the successor to the popular N95 will arrive in the summer. Until now, Nokia fans had …
James Sherwood, 11 Mar 2008

Nokia unveils network-tied handset pair

Nokia clearly doesn’t want to show allegiance to just a single network operator, because it’s launched two new handsets: one of which is available through Vodafone, while the other’s only for T-Mobile customers. Nokia_6124 Nokia's 6124: Vodafone's special treat Vodafone has been granted access to the candybar 6124 handset …

Newcomer punts miniature 'pub phone'

It’s small, it’s shiny and it’s perfect for the pub, apparently. Electronics company Onyx has designed a miniature mobile phone that’s intended to be used in addition to your primary handset. Liscio_2 Onyx's Liscio: a mobile down-time Dubbed Liscio, the tri-band GSM handset measures just 91 x 35 x 18mm and weighs a mere …
James Sherwood, 25 Feb 2008

Nokia's N95 successor slips out on web

Nokia is rumoured to be on the verge of announcing the successor to the popular N95, following the discovery of tech specs on the mobile giant’s German website. The Finnish phone giant has since closed the page, but not before a selection of sites managed to scrawl down the handset’s tech specs, which have caused many to dub …

Nokia N95 8GB smartphone

Review Nokia has boosted the spec of one of its most popular smartphones, bolting in 8GB of Flash memory and refining key features. So is the latest version of the N95 a refreshing update for Nokia’s flagship multimedia, GPS-toting mobile? Nokia N95 8GB smartphone Nokia's N95 8GB: stacks more memory Unlike most upgrades, where …
Phil Lattimore, 14 Jan 2008

N-Gage First Access debut date slips... again

Nokia's revamped N-Gage online gaming platform has fallen further behind schedule, the Finnish phone giant's official N-gage blog has admitted. An "unexpected" issue exposed by N-Gage First Access Platform testers prompted Nokia to delay the launch, planned for this week, the blog said. The launch has been put back until after …
Tony Smith, 21 Dec 2007

Nokia N81 8GB smartphone

Review Nokia followed up its first 8GB mobile, the music-centric N91, with a second one, the N95 8GB. And now here's a third: the music and gaming geared N81 8GB. The N81 arrives at the same time as its more luxuriantly-equipped N95 stablemate, bringing a smidgen more choice at a lower price to the high-capacity music-mobile arena. …
Simon Lorne, 4 Dec 2007

Nokia N95 update speeds apps with virtual memory

Nokia has posted a software update for its N95 handset which, it claimed, makes the "multimedia computer" load applications more quickly and play music for three more hours on a single battery charge. The update, version 20.0.015, focuses on "battery, stability and performance improvements". Among them is the addition of "on- …
Tony Smith, 3 Dec 2007
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Nokia pays $8bn for Navteq

Nokia has jumped into the personal-navigation business with the acquisition of Navteq, for €5.7bn ($8.1bn). Chicago-based Navteq has about 3,000 employees based at 168 offices in 30 countries. The company will operate independently, providing existing customers with mapping information and continuing to run Nokia …
Bill Ray, 1 Oct 2007

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