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Forgotten your Myspace password? Just a name, username, DoB will get you in – and into anyone else's, too

Myspace's account recovery process is hopelessly flawed, according to a security researcher. Positive Technologies' Leigh-Anne Galloway stumbled on the issue in the process of attempting to gain access and delete her account back in April. "I discovered a business process so flawed it deserves its own place in history," she …
John Leyden, 17 Jul 2017
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This MySpace investor keeps spamming Google with lawsuits – and the ad giant just wants him to stop

Google has asked a US court to stop a former MySpace investor from repeatedly filing suit against it. The web advertising giant this week told (PDF) the US District Court for Northern California that Brad Greenspan has been burdening its lawyers and racking up its legal bills by constantly filing motions in a lawsuit that was …
Shaun Nichols, 19 Aug 2016
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Time acquires Myspace, creates 2004's most fearsome media giant

Time Inc. said it has acquired what's left of social networking ghost town Myspace. The media giant will take on ownership of Myspace as part of a larger acquisition of parent company Viant, an advertising and data analytic firm. Viant acquired Myspace from News Corp in 2011. Time said that it plans to integrate Viant into …
Shaun Nichols, 11 Feb 2016
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UK's richest man backs music minnow merger to annoy Ticketzilla

Two former MySpace featurettes which became companies — Songkick, which alerts you to acts playing near you, and CrowdSurge which handles merchandise and ticket sales — have agreed to merge. They will "do business under the globally recognized Songkick brand, bringing together over 500 of the world’s biggest artists with a …
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Myspace: Where are you going? We still have all your HUMILIATING PICS

Remember those regrettable party photos you snapped during spring-break in 2005? Myspace does. And the once-massive social network isn't above waving them about if it means getting you to come back and check out its redesigned music portal. The company has recently been sending users an email message (as first reported by …
Shaun Nichols, 2 Jun 2014

Boffinry breakthrough OF THE DECADE: Teens 'influenced' by friends

Social networking turns teens into cigarette-smoking, booze-swilling party monsters, researchers have claimed. Groundbreaking eggheads at the University of Southern California surveyed more than 1,500 high-school students and found that they were more likely to drink or smoke if they saw pictures of their friends doing so. …
Jasper Hamill, 5 Sep 2013
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MySpace zaps millions of teens' tearful rants, causes wave of angst

MySpace, the Justin Timberlake-owned social network that refuses to die, is back yet again with a new desktop interface – and minus several years of users' blogs and comments. Blogs don't form part of the new MySpace – sorry, Myspace, they've dropped the capital S – and neither do home pages full of pinned videos and user …
Bill Ray, 13 Jun 2013
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Murdoch Facebook gloat: You're like my $580m, 'CRAPPY' MySpace

Rupert Murdoch had a Gerald Ratner moment on Twitter earlier today when, in a warning to Facebook, he labelled MySpace - a website he once owned - as "crappy". The media tycoon, who bought MySpace in 2005 for $580m and then copped a $254m loss when he sold the drain-circling website six years later, was responding to reports …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 May 2013
Facebook v Myspace, source:comScore

Myspace mutates Windows 8 with new look

Myspace* has released a video that shows off a new look that, at first glance, owes a fair bit to the design thinking behind Windows 8, with a dash of Pinterest thrown in for good measure. The once-dominant social network, infamously acquired by Rupert Murdoch for US$580m in 2005 and then offloaded Specific Media for a paltry …
Simon Sharwood, 25 Sep 2012
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Google to axe Meebo apps on 11 July

Google acquired Meebo for $100m last month and has already started to shut down the advertising service's products. Ten years ago Meebo would clearly have been labelled as a nefarious data-slurping and spyware operation and would have probably spawned a web-wide boycott. How times have changed. Meebo's clients are mega- …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Jun 2012
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Steve Jobs' death clears way for Ashton Kutcher's role of a lifetime

Foursquare investor, Twitter personality, Rihanna love-interest and actor Ashton Kutcher has been chosen to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic film - titled Jobs. Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher, credit: David Shankbone, Apple They both have brown eyes, an interest in tech, and are associated with small social networks (cough …
Anna Leach, 2 Apr 2012
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MySpace no longer crying a river with 1 MILLION new punters

MySpace may have been dumped by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch but today its star investor - aged pop prince-turned-actor Justin Timberlake - has something to smile about: the site has gained 1 million users since December. The signups represent the first growth for the site since Specific Media bought it. Murdoch's company News …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Feb 2012
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Panasonic buys into JT's MySpace TV experiment

Has Justin Timberlake just sounded the death knell for subscription TV? Timberlake and Specific Media, the new co-owners of Rupert Murdoch’s digital mischance MySpace, have unveiled a new platform with Panasonic which they claim that it will transform the television experience into a social one. Previewed at CES, MySpace TV …
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Rupert's MySpace mea culpa

War-weary News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch made one concession at the company’s high drama AGM on Friday, stating the MySpace acquisition was a “huge mistake.” The sorry tale of the social network’s digital demise at the hands of NewsCorp began with the purchase of MySpace for $US580 million in 2005. “We paid $US600 million. We …
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Google+ chases MySpace for second place

Google+ unsurprisingly saw a spike in visitors after Mountain View opened the new social network to all-comers last week. It had previously been in a so-called "field trial" since being launched by Google in June this year, but anyone wanting access to the service could do so on an invite-only basis. According to Hitwise, …
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Sep 2011
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MySpace site glitch mistaken for hack attack

An error message on once dominant but now almost defunct social networking site MySpace early on Friday has been confused with a hack. Surfers visiting the home page were confronted with a title bar saying "All is wrong :(" where "MySpace" would normally appear and a message about puppies and kittens (extract below …
John Leyden, 12 Aug 2011
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MySpace vanishes $254m from News Corp coffers

Television and film continue to be News Corp's core area of sales growth, even as other aspects of Rupert Murdoch's empire – including recently-sold MySpace and scandal-ridden News International – unsurprisingly had a bumpy Q4. The company rolled out Murdoch at its conference call in New York to personally anoint the results ( …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Aug 2011
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Digital Rupert’s bumper $545m loss

The very expensive, sorry tale of how to turn a cool digital business into a boring corporate leper has ended with a painful US$545 million loss for News Corp and perhaps a chance at resurrection for MySpace. Following a prolonged sale process the social network has been sold for a bargain $35 million, to digital ad network …

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