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Drop-stitch: Microsoft's 3D Photosynth app sinks into oblivion

Seeing as Microsoft's axe has been sharpened in recent days, the company has now decided to swing it at some unpopular apps including its cloudy, pic-stitching Photosynth product. Redmond couldn't quite bring itself to admit it had fallen out of love with Photosynth by posting this statement on Friday: Today we are …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jul 2015

Microsoft sells out of MSN Australia

Microsoft has sold its share of Mi9, the Australian incarnation of the Microsoft Network. Mi9 was once known as “Ninemsn”. The “nine” in both names references the Nine Entertainment Company, owner of one of Australia's three free-to-air commercial television networks. Ninemsn was created by James Packer, son and heir to Kerry …
Simon Sharwood, 14 Oct 2013
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MSN China shoots for e-retail push to grow business

Microsoft is reportedly set to expand its MSN China business, with a push into the e-commerce space and increased integration with Windows Phone, whilst looking to grow the presence of its Bing search engine in the People’s Republic. Bejing-based consultancy Marbridge Consulting brought the news to the masses courtesy of its …
Phil Muncaster, 23 May 2012
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Microsoft spoons news to punters with Facebook, Twitter-slurp

Microsoft is trying to make its online estate stickier by creating a new site that pulls in updates from Web2.0 outfits such as Facebook, Twitter as well as its own Bing search engine. msnNOW was launched by Redmond yesterday. According to Microsoft, this new website "will help you stay in the know." The company, which …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Feb 2012
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Microsoft adds RIM to its anti-Google axis

When Microsoft first burst on the mobile scene with the original Windows Mobile, its strategy was to work around the Symbian brigade by getting close to operators, via mainly white label phone-makers. Hence the rise and rise of HTC, on the back of huge market share in an OS that interested very few rivals, plus the special …
The Register breaking news

Coupons drive M&A activity downunder

It’s feeling a little bit like 1999 in the Sydney digital startup space. Last week online giant and TV broadcaster mash-up Yahoo!7 made the next in a series of digital acquisitions, this time taking out one of the top players in the white hot coupon space, Spreets, for a handy $40 million. For Spreets, which launched a mere 12 …
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Ad networks owned by Google, Microsoft serve malware

Two of the world's biggest ad serving networks – one owned by Google and the other by Microsoft – have been caught delivering booby-trapped banner ads that infect computers with malware without any action required on the part of the end user. The ads on Google's DoubleClick and Microsoft's contained heavily …
Dan Goodin, 13 Dec 2010
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Microsoft launches MSN health application

Microsoft has announced the availability of its brand new "health and wellness" HealthVault cloud platform in the UK. HealthVault is an MSN-hosted store for users to enter their data directly and to use applications or widgets developed by charity Nuffield Health. The announcement is full of well-meaning yadda yadda like …
Chris Mellor, 22 Jun 2010
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Paramount movies tip up on MSN Video

MSN UK is to carry full-length films from Paramount on the new MSN Video Player. Launched in the UK a month ago, MSN Video carries about 1,000 hours of TV programmes and clips, lots of clips, and trailers, lots of trailers, and music videos. Hardly a match then for BBC iPlayer - and probably it never will be. But Project …
Hard Reg, 14 Apr 2010
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Microsoft launches iPad-happy website for wimmin

Microsoft launched a website for women yesterday based on Adobe’s Flash technology, and it renders particularly well on Apple’s iPad. The site's homepage animation does not currently run on Microsoft’s own Silverlight software, which is the vendor’s rival to Flash. The Register has asked Microsoft when it plans to slot …
Kelly Fiveash, 7 Apr 2010
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Facebook faces Home Sec over lack of 'panic button'

Updated Facebook will today meet with Home Secretary Alan Johnson to explain its refusal to publish a "panic button" that would refer users to CEOP, the national online anti-paedophile agency. Johnson has said he sees no good reason for the refusal. Facebook believes its own safety mechanisms are effective. The meeting follows recent …
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Microsoft whitewashes MSN in latest Web2.0rhea whimsy

Microsoft has taken the beta wraps off its MSN homepage, which the company relaunched in the US in November 2009. Over the next two weeks Microsoft will roll out its Facebook-like facelift to 100 million Stateside users of MSN. The MSN overhaul is the first major makeover to Microsoft's website - home to its free Hotmail …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Mar 2010
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Microsoft applies lipstick to MSN butterfly

With Windows Live and Bing, Microsoft's MSN butterfly has had its wings ripped from it in recent years MSN was once the flagship of Microsoft's online aspirations, led by the familiar butterfly logo introduced in 2000. The effort spanned search and advertising, Hotmail, Messenger, shopping, and maps, while serving content such …
Gavin Clarke, 29 Oct 2009
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Microsoft to launch UK ad-funded online video player

Updated Microsoft plans to launch an online TV player in the UK next week, which serves up telly shows long after they've aired on the box. The software giant's ad-funded MSN Video Player will be made available to Blighty broadband customers and will feature TV programmes from BBC Worldwide and All3Media. Strangely, though, MSN Video …
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Jul 2009
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Microsoft warns customers against bogus 'Blue Edition' Office

Microsoft has today filed 63 lawsuits against online auctioneers in 12 countries who allegedly sold pirated copies of MS software on sites including its own MSN shopping network. The company said the number of counterfeit Microsoft goods sold online was getting out of hand. “Dishonest auctioneers are too often using these …
Kelly Fiveash, 4 Dec 2008
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Sun Java piggybacks Microsoft searchbar, divorces Google

Sun is now distributing Microsoft's Live Search toolbar atop its Java Runtime Environment, after parting ways with Google's browserware. According to Sun's press release, Internet Explorer users downloading Sun's JRE "have the option" of downloading the MSN toolbar too. But it's worth noting that the install-Microsoft-app …
Cade Metz, 10 Nov 2008

Microsoft waves updated Maps, Hotmail at customers

Microsoft yesterday updated its Windows Live versions of Hotmail and Maps, in its latest attempt to appear relevant in the online world. The proprietary software giant hasn’t rolled out the tweaks made to Hotmail to everyone yet. Most peeps will have to wait a few more weeks, but a few lucky non-Googlemail individuals can …
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Sep 2008
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Yahoo! shoots DRM servers, swallows keys to tunes

Like Micro, like Hoo. Following in the footsteps of Steve Ballmer and company, Yahoo! plans to destroy the DRM servers propping up all those people misguided enough to purchase tunes from its failed music store. It's called Yahoo! Music Unlimited. But there are limits. The online tune store/subscription service will close on …
Cade Metz, 25 Jul 2008

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