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Far Cry 4

Wangling my way into the 4K gaming club with a water-cooled whopper

Feature The other week a Viewsonic VX2475Smhl-4K monitor, boasting a 3840x2160 resolution running at 60Hz – though only 24-inches of it – shows up at my door. I’m happy as a clam until it dawns on me that this isn’t a job my faithful little NUC, the Gigabyte Brix Pro, is up to. I was going to need a rig and a half, probably costing more …
Lucy Orr, 4 Sep 2015
Asus RoG G751 17-inch gaming laptop

Graphic designs: Six speedy 17-inch gaming laptops

Product Roundup Gaming laptops have a reputation for being big and heavy and providing battery life that is counted in minutes rather than hours. Slowly, though, increased power efficiency in both CPU and GPU designs has given rise to a new generation of gaming laptops that are at least semi-portable. Designs such as MSI’s 22mm Stealth Pro …
Cliff Joseph, 17 Apr 2015
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MSI Windows webpad goes on sale

How much would you pay for a 10in tablet running Windows 7 Home Premium? Whatever your answer, you could still be asked to pay as much as £650 for MSI's WindPad 100, which is just such a gadget. MSI WindPad 100W To be fair, retailer Simply Electronics will actually lighten your wallet by only £500, claiming that the £150 …
Tony Smith, 28 Jan 2011
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MSI tabulates WindPad Windows tablet

MSI has spec'd up its upcoming Windows-based tablet, the WindPad 100W. Think netbook minus keyboard and you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. So, we're looking at 2GB of DDR 2 memory, a 32GB SSD, a 10.1in, 1024 x 600 screen, 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, one USB port, one SD card slot and one mini HDMI port. MSI WindPad …
Hard Reg, 17 Jan 2011
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MSI confirms tablets to be outed at CES

No real details were mentioned, alas, but Taiwanese hardware maker MSI has confirmed that it too is hopping on the tablet bandwagon next year. Hopping on the fence too: MSI will be offering two tablets, one based on Intel chippage and running Windows, the other built out of ARM and Android. Branded WindPad, the two tablets …
Hard Reg, 13 Dec 2010
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More power to Apple iPad, says MSI

Manufacturer MSI has released a utility for its Windows-based computers that will allow them to charge Apple iPads more quickly. The tool, i-Charger, is an application that ups a USB port's power output from 0.5A to 1.2A. While the iPad will charge over a regular, half-an-amp power feed, it prefers the higher rating. MSI i- …
Hard Reg, 26 May 2010
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MSI tells 97,000 customers to 'Read The F***ing Manual'

Late last week, global hardware manufacturer MSI informed the 97,000+ people registered with its support forums that its reps were "fed up" with repeating information easily found in user manuals. The company even went so far as to say that it had installed an "RTFM" chip on its hardware boards to determine whether users had …
Cade Metz, 28 Mar 2010
MSI Wind Top A2220 Hi-Fi

MSI pitches all-in-one PC at audiophiles

MSI has introduced an all-in-one touchscreen desktop its claims is the bee's knees for PC audio. The Wind Top AE2220 Hi-Fi packs in a pair of "full range" 5W speakers whose output is processed through a noise cancelling system to eliminate ambient audio interference. MSI Wind Top A2220 Hi-Fi MSI's Wind Top A2220 Hi-Fi: the …
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2010
MSI U160 netbook

MSI's Pine Trail netbook: 'Do you think I'm sexy?'

CES 2010 As expected, MSI rolled out its Intel Pine Trail netbooks at a press event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - but there were a couple of surprises at Tuesday's roll-out. First, in addition to the MSI Wind U135 we reported last month, there's another 10-inch netbook in MSI's stable: the slim and arguably sexy - if …
Rik Myslewski, 6 Jan 2010
Atom 2.0

Asus, Dell, MSI announce next-gen Atom netbooks

The 'Pine Trail' netbook announcements are coming thick and fast, following Intel's announcement of its next-gen Atom platform last night. First up, Dell, MSI and Asus. Asus today admitted it has been working on Eee PC 1005P, 1005PE and 1001P netbooks, all members of its slimline Seashell family. Asus said they'll deliver up …
Tony Smith, 21 Dec 2009

MSI multi-touch desktop welcomes Intel

MSI has switched sides in the AMD versus Intel war, releasing a redesigned all-in-one AE2010 desktop PC with Intel processor and Nvidia graphics. MSI_AE2020_01 MSI's AE2020 has Intel and Nvidia Ion inside The AE2010 - released in August - featured a dual-core, 1.5GHz AMD Athlon X2 3250e processor andintegrated AMD Radeon …
James Sherwood, 10 Dec 2009
Atom 2.0

Intel to intro next-gen netbook Atom on 10 January?

Expect a raft of new netbooks based on Intel's next-generation 'Pine Trail' Atom chippage after 10 January - the day the products will be formally launched, it seems. That date is slap-bang in the middle of the Consumer Electronics Show. CES, which kicks off in Las Vegas on 7 January, has long expected to host Pine Trail's …
Tony Smith, 4 Dec 2009
MSI Wind 12 U230

MSI intros AMD 'Congo'-based thin'n'light laptop

AMD's answer to arch-rival Intel's CULV - Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage - processor series is making its way into laptops. MSI has just taken the wraps off the Wind 12 U230, a 12in machine based on two of AMD's 'Congo' chips. The parts' go-to-market name are the Athlon Neo MV40 and the Athlon Neo X2 L335, being single- and dual- …
Tony Smith, 27 Nov 2009
AMD Neo X2

MSI preps slim laptop with AMD Neo X2 chippery

MSI has rolled out a new member of its X family of skinny notebooks. This one has a AMD Neo X2 dual-core processor, proving that Intel won't have the thin'n'light laptop market all to itself. The X430 is based around a 13in, 1366 x 768 display - that's a 16:9 widescreen TV aspect ratio, hence the shorter-than-you-might-expect …
Tony Smith, 25 Nov 2009
MSI e-book reader

MSI to make Tegra-based e-book viewer

Taiwan's MSI is developing an e-book reader, its chairman, Joseph Hsu, has apparently revealed. The unit will be based on Nvidia's Tegra ARM-based system-on-a-chip, but that's ultimately irrelevant to its role - unless, of course, MSI plans to pitch the device as an all-round large-format media player along the lines of Apple' …
Tony Smith, 27 Oct 2009
MSI Wind Box BE200

MSI intros HDMI full HD nettop PC

MSI has introduced its latest nettop, touting the skinny clamp-on-the-back-of-your-monitor machine as a "great value... entertainment experience". MSI's claim that the PC, the Wind Box DE200, can put you "right inside the classiest cinema" with a big dose of sodium chloride, but the machine does have an HDMI port and is able …
Tony Smith, 19 Oct 2009

MSI adds to slim, light notebook clan

MSI has expanded the super-thin, super-lightweight notebook category with the launch of its latest model – the X400. MSI_X400_01 MSI's latest slim and portable notebook: the X400 The notebook’s 1500g weight – which includes a four-cell battery – and 9mm thickness make the X400 “one of” the slimmest and most stylish …
James Sherwood, 21 Sep 2009
Intel logo teaser

Lynnfield mobos on the march

Now that Intel's Lynnfield chips have been officially released, motherboard makers are rushing their consumer and enthusiast boards into the eager hands of waiting customers. Although sample quantities of the boards have been available for some time - along with sample Core i7 and Core i5 Lynnfield chips - today marks the …
Rik Myslewski, 8 Sep 2009

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