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Mickey Mouse

HP Inc wireless mouse can be spoofed

If you're using an HP Inc wireless keyboard/mouse combo and the cursor starts behaving badly, someone might be pranking you. That's because the wireless mouse in the ERK-321A bundle is unencrypted: anyone can sniff its signals, learn its protocol and commands, and inject their own signal in a spoofing attack. German …
Cat and mouse

More brilliant Internet of Things gadgetry: A £1,300 mousetrap

Pest control firm Rentokil has developed an Internet of Things mousetrap that gasses rodents and automatically calls out a disposal bod – and it can be yours for a cool £1,300. The mousetrap was featured by an entirely straight-laced BBC video reporter, who asked a Rentokil rep: “This could be quite an expensive proposition. …
Gareth Corfield, 23 Feb 2017
Samsung Eyecan

Hey, here's some face-tracking tech from Samsung you probably won't find creepy at all

Samsung says it'll release the source code to software that allows physically disabled people to move a mouse pointer with their eyes. The South Korean tech giant promised to publish hardware blueprints and code for its Eyecan+ box so others can develop it further and sell as a thing.Samsung said it won't turn the tech into a …
Shaun Nichols, 26 Nov 2014
Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse

Six of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos

Product round-up I would like to think my gaming skills make me invincible but if I ever do get pwned it’s always easiest to blame the hardware. In the case of the keyboards and mice I’m reviewing, it might be difficult to put forward a convincing argument that they are to blame, as they are all developed to make the very best of my gaming …
Lucy Orr, 26 Aug 2014
Inch-thick layer of fluff on PC case

The hoarder's dilemma: 'Why can't I throw anything away?'

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Alistair Dabbs is unwell this week. This column is a repeat publication of something we found, er, at the back of the cupboard. It's actually not that musty (it's from 2012). I like my house zen. Unfortunately, I am a hoarder, so it’s not. My half-life wife has been trying to educate me by making me watch TV programmes with …
Alistair Dabbs, 30 May 2014
Contour Design Roller Mouse Re:d

Pimp my office: 10 cubicle comforts

Review Office equipment invariably goes through years of abuse and is often consigned to landfill only after a strategic coffee spill brings about a lethal end to a troublesome or antiquated device. In more enlightened environs, the idea of a kit refresh from time to time isn’t an alien concept, but there is an inclination for simply …
Bob Dormon, 23 Oct 2013
Fujistu palm-vein scanning mouse

Double-click? Oh how conventional of you, darling!

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Click and wait. Now click again. OK, that didn’t work. Let’s try again. Click and let go of the mouse button... and wait... and click a second time. No, I don’t want you to double-click. I need you to click twice, yes, but with a gap in between. Look, you have to click and leave that mouse button alone for a second or two …
Alistair Dabbs, 11 Oct 2013
Messy mouse ball. Source: University of Washington

Tickle my balls, stroke my button and blow the fluff from my crack

Something for the Weekend, Sir? “Give yourself a little blow job every morning and your working day will be a happier one!” These were the unabashed directions given to me during my first professional computing training course. The trainer was full of these saucy one-liners. Another of her favourites - for my trainer was a she - was: “If fluff gets down …
Douglas Engelbart and mouse

Douglas Engelbart, PC pioneer and creator of the mouse, dies at 88

Obit Douglas Engelbart, the creator of the computer mouse and the man who pushed the computer industry into the graphical user interface age, has died in his California home at the age of 88 from kidney failure. Douglas Engelbart and mouse Douglas Engelbart and the first mouse In 1967 Engelbart filed Patent No. 3,541,541 for "X …
Iain Thomson, 3 Jul 2013
Empty phone battery

Assault on battery

Something for the Weekend, Sir? When working on-site, I like go into the office early on Thursdays because I have to leave by 5pm. It’s simply essential that I get away in good time on Thursdays. And on Wednesdays. Oh, and Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Weekends are completely off-limits, by the way. Empty phone battery 'Heylp! Heylp!' Source: Pratheek …
Alistair Dabbs, 23 Nov 2012
Garbage dump (pic from US National archive)

The hoarder's dilemma, or 'Why can't I throw anything away?'

Something for the Weekend, Sir? I like my house zen. Unfortunately, I am a hoarder, so it’s not. My half-life wife has been trying to educate me by making me watch TV programmes with titles like Extreme Hoarders, I Can’t Stop Hoarding and Smelly Old Fat Bastards Who Don’t Wash And Won’t Throw Anything Away. To some extent, this does the trick. After each …
Alistair Dabbs, 19 Oct 2012

Microsoft unveils fondle-ready keyboards, mice

Offering the latest evidence that Microsoft is moving toward an Apple-like integrated product strategy, on Monday Redmond announced a new collection of keyboards and mice that cater not just to Windows 8's spare aesthetic, but also to the design of Microsoft's upcoming Surface tablets. The new devices, which Microsoft says …
Neil McAllister, 30 Jul 2012
Thermaltake Black Element Cyclone Gaming Mouse

Mad fan-fitted mouse keeps mitts moisture-free

Suffer from excessively sweaty palms when you're gaming on your PC? Accessory maker Thermaltake has a - rather bizarre, IMHO - answer: a mouse with its own tiny clip-on fan. The Thermaltake Black Element Cyclone Gaming Mouse blows a gentle breeze over a player's hand, thanks to its detachable USB-powered air cooler. The …
Caleb Cox, 29 Jun 2012
Logitech G600 gaming mouse

Logitech's G600 mouse packs keypad too

Logitech has unveiled the G600 MMO gaming mouse, a customisable clicker that squeezes a total of 20 buttons into the body. Schweet. The G600 makes quite a splash as it enters the gaming mice pool, with a cluster of 12 keys on one side and its own in-built memory so customised settings can be saved to the mouse itself, rather …
Caleb Cox, 15 Jun 2012

Txt-speak is a sign of humanity 4 U

Something for the Weekend, Sir? It barely warranted a mention in Reg Hardware's recent Retro Week, but mobile telephony will be celebrating a couple of anniversaries this year. Groupe Spécial Mobil (GSM) was founded 30 years ago and the first commercial GSM networks came into service ten years later. First text More significantly for what old farts call ' …
Alistair Dabbs, 18 May 2012
The Register breaking news

Horny VIKING MICE raped and pillaged Euro pipsqueaks

Virile Norse mice rampaged through Scotland, Ireland and Iceland impregnating locals and mixing their Viking mouse genes in the native rodent populations, according to research published by the BMC Evolutionary Biology journal. Artist's impression of a Viking mouse in an ill-fitting helmet Boffins found that the spread of …
Anna Leach, 20 Mar 2012
Logitech Touch Mouse M600

Logitech rolls out touch-sensitive mouse

Logitech will next week release its answer to Apple's Magic Mouse: an input doohickey with a touch-sensitive skin. Logitech Touch Mouse M600 The Touch Mouse M600 uses said surface to read taps, swipes and scroll gestures. The M600 is wireless - it uses Logitech's proprietary 2.4GHz tech - and optical. Logitech Touch Mouse …
Hard Reg, 8 Feb 2012
Wacom Bamboo Fun S Pen and Touch graphics tablet

Wacom Bamboo Fun S Pen and Touch

Review Take TWO pointing devices into the shower? Not me, I use Wac-and-Go. When I first saw this product demonstrated – a graphics tablet with pressure-sensitive stylus but whose surface equally supports touch gestures – I thought I’d seen the best creative gadget ever. Wacom Bamboo Fun S Pen and Touch graphics tablet Wacom's …
Alistair Dabbs, 19 Jan 2012

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