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Zombie mobile Linuxes mate

The two leading mobile Linux flops are merging, according to a reputable source: LiMo and MeeGo are throwing their lot in together to produce one unified mobile Linux flop – or perhaps there is an afterlife, after all. FT Deutschland reckons the mating dance of the two zombies will be announced tomorrow. The FT positions it as …
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2011
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MeeGo and Mango promise mobile web delights

Earlier this year, Nokia derailed the MeeGo operating system project it shared with Intel by making Windows Phone 7 the heart of its strategy. This week, developer briefings have been held for both platforms, outlining their latest upgrades (MeeGo 1.2 and WP7 Mango) plus next generation plans. Both are laying claim to be the …
Wireless Watch, 29 May 2011
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Nokia updates N900 firmware

Nokia has released new system software for its Maemo-based N900 smartphone and it's a mandatory update if you want your N900 to remain compatible with the Ovi Store. The new release, PR 1.2 - aka version 10.2010.19-1 - includes a number of tweaks and improvements, including Skype and Google Talk video chat, Facebook instant …
Tony Smith, 27 May 2010

Nokia, Intel merge mobile Linux offerings

MWC Intel has tightened its alliance with Nokia by merging its Moblin mobile Linux platform into the Finnish phone giant's built-on-Linux Maemo OS. The combined platform will be called MeeGo - which will undoubtedly be satirised as 'MeeToo', given its clear intention to fight the rise of Android and iPhone. The two companies said …
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2010
Litl Webbook

US start-up punts family friendly netbook appliance

It's not a tablet, it's something new, claims manufactuer Litl, developer of the Webbook, a 12in machine designed to be used not only like a laptop but also be mounted on its side like a touch-operated all-on-one desktop. Litl Webbook Lilt's Webbook: 12in cloud appliance for all the family? OK, so it's essentially a laptop …
Tony Smith, 4 Nov 2009

Dell to punt Moblin for Mini 10v netbooks

Dell will tomorrow begin offering its Inspiron Mini 10v netbook with Moblin, the Intel-favoured version of Linux that was developed for mobile devices. Well, sort of. What Dell will actually be offering is Ubuntu Moblin Remix, a version of Ubuntu 9.04 with the Moblin 2.0 user interface sitting on top. Ubuntu developer …
Tony Smith, 23 Sep 2009
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Novell musing Moblin open-source app store

Novell is considering making a one-click "open-source app store" for its upcoming Moblin-based OS for netbooks. The scheme is intended as a selling point for average users largely unfamiliar with free software alternatives outside a Microsoft platform. According to PC Pro, Novell believes baking an open-source software …
Austin Modine, 9 Jun 2009
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Moblin Linux boosters go global

Computex Intel continues to push the adoption of the open-source Moblin Version 2 mobile operating system, today using the Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan as its bully pulpit. At the mammoth trade show, Intel hosted a Moblin Executive Summit to trumpet "the growing ecosystem momentum behind Moblin and demonstrate the richness of the …
Rik Myslewski, 3 Jun 2009
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Moblin 2.0 Linux goes alpha (again)

Novell is swearing its oath of fealty to the Moblin variant of Linux for mobile computing devices, based on Intel's Atom low-powered processors and, soon with the Moblin 2.0 release, netbooks. Intel launched the Moblin project back in July 2007 and got Moblin 1.0 into the field in April 2008, concurrently with the launch of …
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Intel trades ownership for popularity on mobile Linux project

Intel is handing over its mobile Linux effort to the Linux Foundation to stimulate broader interest. The Linux Foundation will run Moblin's developer events starting next week in San Francisco, and it will host Moblin's infrastructure and forums, executive director Jim Zemlin told The Reg. Zemlin noted Intel developers would …
Gavin Clarke, 2 Apr 2009

MontaVista joins Moblin crew

Linux tool vendor MontaVista is joining the Moblin community, the Intel-sponsored group that's putting a Linux stack on the low-power Atom processor. MontaVista specializes in tools for building embedded Linux apps on mobile devices like cell phones and GPS systems. Joining forces with Moblin could help the firm break into the …
Austin Modine, 4 Mar 2009
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Intel's Moblin 2 scurries into the wild

The first alpha of Intel's Linux-based Moblin 2 platform has been released for testing. The Moblin Project pushed out the initial version Monday, hoping to lure a community of developers to its open-source stack for netbooks and other low-power devices running on Intel's Atom processors. Alpha 1 includes the Linux 2.6.29-rc2 …
Austin Modine, 30 Jan 2009

Intel to build Atomized Linux fortress in Taiwan

Intel has recruited the Taiwanese government for its project to put a Linux stack on the Atom processor. The chip maker announced today that it's partnering with Taiwan's Ministery of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to establish a "Moblin Enabling Center" to drum up developer support and interest. Its investment arm is also sinking …
Austin Modine, 30 Oct 2008

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