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UK, German Android-ers can buy apps on phone bills

Vodafone will be the first operator in Europe to add the cost of apps to the phone bill, signing up with Google Marketplace to offer the service in the UK and Germany. Vodafone customers with Android handsets will be able to have the cost of applications added to their bill, or deducted from their prepaid balance, with the …
Bill Ray, 22 Aug 2011
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Layar gets a Vision, and a revenue stream

Augmented reality poster child Layar has found a way to make money, by recognising 3D objects and linking them to content which can be dropped into its altered version of reality. Layar has launched Vision, an enhancement which can recognise 3D, or 2D, objects and offer the user an interactive experience when they're spotted. …
Bill Ray, 12 Aug 2011
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Amazon paints the Kindle cloudy

Amazon has created a web-based Kindle app that does everything the desktop version can do, letting Chromebook users read on the plane but also bypassing Apple's cut on the iPad. The Kindle Cloud Reader only works on Safari and Google's Chrome, and uses HTML5 to download books for offline reading. It also links directly to the …
Bill Ray, 11 Aug 2011
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Amazon Free Apps start to rile developers

Amazon app store isn't following its promise to kick back at least a fifth of the asking price, unilaterally deciding that free promotion is worth more than cash in developers' pockets. Amazon has been asking developers to forsake revenue for a day in exchange for home-page promotion, and demanding they don't discuss that …
Bill Ray, 3 Aug 2011
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'Dodgy Android apps are breaking our phones' - Motorola

Motorola's CEO reckons 70 per cent of smartphone returns are caused by third-party applications dragging down their devices, thanks to the openness of the Android platform. Speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Technology Conference, Sanjay Jha, who heads up Motorola Mobility, said that the lack of quality control in …
Bill Ray, 6 Jun 2011
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In-app payment patent scattergun fired at small devs

Mobile developers using in-app purchasing have been hit with letters requesting they hand over half a per cent of their US revenue as a licence for using the patented concept. The letters arrived by FedEx on Friday, addressed to individual developers of applications that allow the user to unlock additional functionality in …
Bill Ray, 16 May 2011
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Android Market goes commercial in 131 countries

The Android Marketplace now takes payments in 131 countries, Google has revealed, leaving China and Greenland as the biggest blanks on the map along with some of the more war-torn countries. That's up from the 32 countries that supported paid apps last September, and includes the Philippines which has been a notable exception …
Bill Ray, 13 May 2011
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Insurance firm pushes out iPhone app that rates driving ability

State Farm insurance has released an iPhone application to rate driving ability, using data from the phone's accelerometer and GPS, then spouting advice on how to be a better driver. Driver Feedback monitors motion and location using the iPhone's sensors, then rates the driver's acceleration, braking, and cornering ability …
Bill Ray, 3 May 2011
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Alcatel gets free and easy with OpenPlug

Alcatel Lucent has decided to hand out the developer version of OpenPlug free to drive more Adobe Flex development. Cross-platform development environment OpenPlug doesn't need Adobe Flex; it can plug in to Eclipse too, though that's an "alpha" release. The product is clearly intended for developers wanting to take …
Bill Ray, 28 Apr 2011
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Android gets in-app billing

Google is set to launch in-application billing for Android next week, and is encouraging developers to upload their billing-event-enabled apps now. The Android Marketplace has been talking about in-application billing for almost a year now, and yesterday the team finally opened the store to developer testing with a view to …
Bill Ray, 25 Mar 2011
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BlackBerry bans drink-drive apps

Responding to complaints from four US senators, RIM has expelled two applications that warn users when they're approaching a police checkpoint, though Apple has yet to do the same. The applications don't just show checkpoints looking for drunk drivers – they also list speed traps, enforcement cameras and other road hazards – …
Bill Ray, 24 Mar 2011
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Mobile Bing comes over all HTML5

Microsoft has revamped its mobile search offering, dropping location-based and iTunes app searching into HTML5 layouts. On an iPhone the new version of includes Google-style swipe-navigation of images, with pretty zoom effects, along with a shopping interface organised by category. It's also tied into the Apple …
Bill Ray, 24 Mar 2011
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BlackBerry users get free remote wipe, backup and location

BlackBerry users without an IT department behind them can now locate, back up and remotely wipe their handsets for free, as RIM bulks out its consumer offering. The free BlackBerry Protect service is now in open beta, providing a host of functionality previously restricted to enterprise users but now available direct from RIM …
Bill Ray, 22 Mar 2011
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A glimpse at Amazon's app store

Bored bloggers at a German website tried typing the expected address of Amazon's forthcoming app store, and were rewarded with a glimpse of the initial stock and pricing. The site has disappeared now, and Amazon's service isn't expected to launch until later this month, but Android News managed to grab screenshots of the store …
Bill Ray, 18 Mar 2011
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iPhone lead in ad revenue generation slipping away

Android users are seeing almost as many adverts as iPhone users, in Europe at least, and that is despite Apple customers seeing more than a billion adverts in January from independent ad network InMobi alone. Android is gaining ground fast, with InMobi reporting that it delivered nearly 750 million adverts to European Android …
Bill Ray, 9 Mar 2011
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Amazon outlines Android bill of rights

Amazon's foray into mobile applications is getting firmer, with the company's approach to copy protection showing how it plans to differentiate itself from Google's Marketplace, or not. Amazon Appstore Digital Rights Management apparently "simplifies life for developers and customers", but only by virtue of operating on …
Bill Ray, 7 Mar 2011
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Firefox 4 squeezes onto phones

Firefox 4 is now available for Android, able to sync bookmarks with its desktop cousin and offer a stable, if occasionally slow, browsing experience. Available as a free download for Nokia's Maemo-based N900, and in the Android Market for 2.0 and above, the new beta release of Firefox takes a long time to start up, and …
Bill Ray, 24 Feb 2011
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Android and iOS get a little Minecraft love

Despite never being advertised, or having a publisher, the Java game Minecraft has sold more than 1 million copies, and is now on its way into mobile phones. The game itself is remarkable only in its lack of objective, primitive graphics and (critically) infinite variety that allows players to create intricate landscapes for …
Bill Ray, 23 Feb 2011

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