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Two's company, Three's unbowed: You Brits will pay more for MMS snaps

Mobile operator Three UK is celebrating the approach of British summer by, er, hiking its charges for some of its services. A reader tipped off The Register to the changes at the CK Hutchison subsidiary, which will hit customers who go outside their allowance or who fancy a play on some of Three's additional services. The …
Richard Speed, 20 Apr 2018
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Twitter discovers MMS for photo tweeting

Twitter users can now pump pictures directly into their tweet stream using the Multimedia Messaging Service that has been languishing, barely used, for years. In the UK the service is already working on O2, Vodafone and Orange. Once one has registered a phone number with the networking site, photographs sent to the Twitter …
Bill Ray, 22 Sep 2011
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Nokia: When pigeons fly home to roast

Pundits this week are describing Nokia's fall from grace as one of the greatest corporate car-crashes of all time. But here's an unfashionable view. Nokia's problem is not Stephen Elop, or his strategy. Its problem is it didn't have Stephen Elop, or his strategy, in place two years ago. And while we are certainly watching a …
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The new killer app is … MMS

Ditch the iPhone and forget about social media, the new killer app is actually MMS, claims tech author and 3G strategist Tomi Ahonen. Ahonen told an audience of digital and content executives at MipTV in Cannes that the humble mobile phone trumps iPhones, television and social media as the platform with greatest reach and …
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M&S signs up to O2 location grab

High street stalwart Marks & Spencer has joined the O2 More service, pushing out free smoothies to O2 customers passing by their doors. O2 added location-based messaging to the opt-in service last October, offering to push SMS and MMS messages out to customers based on their location, which now includes being near an M&S …
Bill Ray, 17 Jan 2011
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MMS (finally) comes to AppleT&T

AT&T has made good on its promise to bring the multimedia messaging service to the iPhone. The feature, which has been available since June for iPhone users on other networks, went live on Friday in the US, where AT&T is the sole authorized carrier for the device. That means US-based iPhone users will finally be able to embed …
Dan Goodin, 25 Sep 2009

AppleT&T's MMS legal woes double

Two lawsuits filed earlier this month against Apple and AT&T Mobility alleging that the companies misrepresented the iPhone's ability to send MMS message have been joined by two more. As we reported mid-month, two essentially identical lawsuits were filed in Louisiana and Illinois. Now, two equally identical lawsuits have been …
Rik Myslewski, 31 Aug 2009
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Be Unlimited pulls plug on home CCTV service

A wheelchair user faces losing vital security and independence because his broadband provider Be Unlimited is withdrawing a recently launched network CCTV service. The ISP has not offered any reason for the imminent withdrawal of the Home Monitor package, which costs £150 for a plug-and-play networked security camera and £5 …

Alcatel launches 'My First Handset'

It’s hard to believe, but there’s actually a sector of society where people exist without owning mobile phones. Alcatel is trying to change that though and has unveiled a cheap-as-chips handset for first-time phone users. Alcatel_OTS520 Alcatel's OT-S520 is basic Someone who’s never owned a mobile before probably won’t be …
James Sherwood, 11 Jul 2008
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Germany, Spain and Belgium get free mobile calls

Ad-financed network operator Blyk has announced plans for expansion into Germany, Belgium and Spain, taking the concept of mobile-phone operator for freeloaders right across Europe. Blyk customers get 43 free minutes and 217 text messages in exchange for receiving targeted adverts based on the demographic information they …
Bill Ray, 25 Jun 2008

Apple takes the operator's shilling

Apple's new iPhone is faster, better and cheaper than its predecessor, but the low cost is achieved by taking a subsidy from the network operator: a business model that Apple rejected last time, and one that will drive the unlockers quickly out of business. Most mobile phones are sold to operators and retailers - Nokia's …
Bill Ray, 11 Jun 2008
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Blue Whale pushes email for free

Blue Whale Systems is providing a push email client for a variety of phone handsets, and plans to pay for it by putting a banner at the top of the screen. Last year Chiswick-based Blue Whale started developing Java and native (Symbian) clients for its service, and these are now available to download. The premise is pushed …
Bill Ray, 11 Jun 2008

JPG hole cuts RAZR open

A bug in Motorola's RAZR firmware could allow a malformed JPG file sent over MMS to overflow the stack, theoretically making it able to execute arbitrary code. The exploit is hypothetical, and would be very hard to abuse, but it's still a serious enough prospect for Motorola to issue a fixed firmware download – even if it's …
Bill Ray, 28 May 2008
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Too dim to set up your phone? Pay someone else to do it

A new service from WDSGlobal will send your mobile all the configuration settings it needs, and the company reckons you'll pay a quid for it too, despite network operators offering the same thing for free. Configuremyphone is a website where UK punters can select their mobile phone and network to receive settings for browsing …
Bill Ray, 22 May 2008
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Mobile malware menace hits high - McAfee

3GSM Malware attacks across mobile networks have reached an all-time high, if figures aired by McAfee today are anything to go by. Four in five mobile operators (83 per cent) were hit by mobile device infections last year, according to a study by analyst group Informa. In addition, the number of reported security incidents in 2006 …
John Leyden, 12 Feb 2007

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