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Mio Cyclo 300 bike satnav

Review: Mio Cyclo 300 cycling satnav

For some people cycling is about the exercise, for some it’s about the countryside and for some it’s about the gadgets. The carbon fibre water bottles and rare alloy spokes. Mio Cyclo 300 bike satnav Mio's Cyclo 300 all weather satnav It’s easy to assume that a bike computer is something which is only right for those in …
Simon Rockman, 12 Dec 2012
Mio Spirit 695 LM satnav

Mio Spirit 695 LM satnav review

These be tough times for satnav makers when, for under £100, you can pick up a good 4in smartphone like the Huawei Ascend G300 which comes with Google’s ever-evolving and improving free navigation, and even entry-level eight grand motors, like VW’s new Up!, feature low-cost optional navigation packages. To compete satnav makers …
Alun Taylor, 7 Sep 2012
Navigon 20 Easy satnav

Ten... Satnavs to suit all budgets

Product Round-up The squeeze is on for satnav makers stuck between the rock of smartphone navigation apps and the hard place of the built-in systems that are finding their way into ever cheaper showroom models. Of course, there are still a heck of a lot of cars on the road that don’t have built-in navigation and while using your phone is fine …
Alun Taylor, 21 Apr 2012
Mio Spirit 687

Mio Spirit 687 satnav

Review The 687 sits at the top of Mio’s new range of Spirit satnavs and is a good illustration of exactly how much navigational kit you can expect to get for £150 these days. For your money you get a 5in, 480 x 272 screen, voice command, Bluetooth, road maps of 44 European countries, free TMC traffic data and some rather handy …
Alun Taylor, 27 May 2011
Mio V575 TV

Mio Navman V575 TV satnav and Freeview tuner

Review Just because something can be done doesn't mean it should be – invading Iraq and putting Vanessa Feltz on TV are a couple of arguable examples that spring to mind. Fitting a TV to a satnav is possibly another. Mio V575 TV Mio's Navman V575 TV – licence fee not included Given that a terrifyingly large number of drivers seem …
Alun Taylor, 19 Feb 2011
Mini Navman 470 Satnav

Mio Navman 470 satnav

Review With an eye to entry-level ownership, Mio has added two new affordable satnavs to its range: the Navman 470 and 475. The cheaper 470 will set you back less than 100 nicker and comes with a 4.3in screen. For £110, the 475 offers access to TMC traffic data which isn't featured on the 470, the model I've had stuck to my windshield …
Alun Taylor, 18 Jun 2010

Safety wonks condemn digital TV satnav

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has hit out at Mio’s latest satnavs, which allow drivers to catch some TV while driving. mio_spirit_TV_satnav Mio's TV satnav: RoSPA not pleased Mio’s 4.7in and 7in Spirit satnavs can pick up DVB-T signals, but only display a warning when TV mode is enabled, not …
James Sherwood, 24 Jun 2009

Mio tunes into TV satnavs

Mio has showcased a two satnavs that are bound to brighten up boring motorway journeys, because they can also receive TV signals. mio_spirit_TV_satnav Mio's 4.7in and 7in Spirit satnavs: pick up TV channels The 4.7in and 7in devices are part of the firm’s Spirit range and can pick up DVB-T signals, in addition to getting …
James Sherwood, 13 May 2009

Four co-branded 'Navman Mio' satnavs en-route

Two years after it acquired the Navman satnav brand, erstwhile rival satnav maker Mio has confirmed that several co-branded devices are on the way. Mio’s owned by Mitac which acquired the various Navman divisions – including Navman Europe – from owner Brunswick New Technologies in March 2007 for $16m (£10.6m/€11.9m). A …

Mio enters spirit of motoring with new satnav UI

CES Mio has introduced a slick new satnav UI designed, it claims, to make it easier to spot interesting items en route. Mio Spirit santnav UI Mio's Spirit UI: Explore Mode in action The essential idea behind Mio's new Spirit navigation software is that other current systems don't put enough emphasis on the in-journey part of …

Mio parks satnav dock with Skoda

Satnav manufacturer Mio has teamed up with Skoda to get its navigation devices into the car firm’s motors. Mio_satnav_01 Mio_satnav_02 Mio's active cradle satnav Under the terms of the deal, anyone buying a new Fabia, Fabia Combi or Roomster Skoda will soon be able ask that a Mio satnav be installed. The satnav’s been …

Mio announces Knight Rider satnav

We’ve watched the dual Anamorphic Equalizers pulse as they guide wannabe Michael Knights across the alkaline flats, but, until now, Mio’s never confirmed whether the Knight Rider satnav was real. Well, it is. Mio has put fans of 1980s telly out of their panting misery and confessed that it will release the Knight Rider satnav …

Driver-updated satnavs to beat traffic jams

The next time you’re stuck in traffic with no idea what the hold-up is, a driver way out in-front could be the one to let you know. That’s if a driver-fed satnav information service makes it out of the starting grid. The Congestion Avoidance Dynamic Routing Engine (Cadre) will allow drivers to upload traffic information in …

Knight Rider satnav spied in the wild

Video The Knight Rider satnav won global acclaim after being spotted earlier this week. But anyone doubting its authenticity can now rest easy, as maker Mio has confirmed it's existence. And a demo video has surfaced. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from A video posted onto YouTube shows the KITT-inspired …
James Sherwood, 26 Jun 2008

Yes! It's the Knight Rider satnav!

The days when Michael Knight tore across the US in KITT are long gone, but Mio is keeping the memory alive with a Knight Rider inspired satnav. Knight_Rider_GPS_01 Mio's Knight Rider satnav uses the car's original 'voice'. Images courtesy of Auto Blog According to a report by car news website, Mio has designed …
James Sherwood, 23 Jun 2008

Mio DigiWalker C620T

Review Every office has a luddite, even an organisation so devoted to the new and the technological as Register Hardware. There's always at least one person who clings to his or her fear and loathing of some aspect of the modern world. For instance, whenever a new satnav system would arrive here, our very own exemplar of the breed …
Alun Taylor, 20 Feb 2008

Mio intros 'true' 3D GPS

When every sat nav unit on the planet does what every other sat nav on the planet does, how do you differentiate your own offering? If you're Mio, you up the eye-candy count, adding 3D landmarks and topography to your maps. Mio C620 Mio's C620: piazza express The first of Mio's GPS gadgets to offer the feature, part of its …
Tony Smith, 18 Dec 2007
Google logo

Google trials GPS-without-GPS mobile navigator

Google has begun testing a mobile phone mapping service which it promises will find your location and send you on your way, even if your handset’s not GPS-enabled. Dubbed My Location, the service initially requires you to download Google’s free Google Maps software onto your handset. Then, whenever you need to find a location …
James Sherwood, 29 Nov 2007

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