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Thermal imaging in a microwave

Ex-NASA boffin dreams of PREDATOR-ish tech in humble microwaves

A former engineer on the Curiosity Mars rover team has come up with a bright idea to improve the aging microwave cooker: thermal imaging, inspired by the Predator franchise, to check when food is done. Youtube Video “The microwave has pretty much remained unchanged since it’s inception in 1967,” said Mark Rober in a vid …
Iain Thomson, 13 Feb 2015
EmDrive space motor

NASA tests crazytech flying saucer thruster, could reach Mars in days

NASA has tested an "impossible" electric space drive that uses no propellant – and found it works even when it is designed not to. EmDrive space motor The EmDrive space engine ... a long time coming This has sparked immediate skepticism of the technology. The system is designed to use microwave energy reflected along a …
Iain Thomson, 4 Aug 2014
Virgin Media Satellite acquisition

Scotland's BIG question: Will independence cost me my broadband?

Feature On 18 September, the people living in Scotland will vote in a referendum to decide if we should to slice the top off Great Britain and create a separate country. If that happens, and once the locals sober up, Scotland could be a country with universal broadband, a publicly owned postal service and mobile coverage which would be …
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2014
Shimzu plan for Lunar power

Solar enthusiasts rays idea of 'leccy farms on MOON, drones

Ever since the Golden Age era of science fiction, space-based power stations have been an object of desire for lovers of the future – but they haven't eventuated, so a Yorkshire-based outfit wants to try droning its solar panels at the more manageable 15,000 metres altitude. The idea, says the trio running the project (and …

RADIATION SNATCHED from leaky microwave ovens to power gadgets

A collaboration between universities in Tokyo and Atlanta has spawned a device for harvesting power leaked from domestic microwave ovens – turning wasted waves into free energy. Microwaves pump out energy in the 2.4GHz band: the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio space popularised by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The casing …
Bill Ray, 24 Sep 2013
The antenna at Ronny's end

Reg hack battles Margaret Thatcher's ghost to bring broadband to the Highlands

Scottish broadband remains an elusive dream for many, despite the money being poured into BT's coffers, but pigeonhole a Reg reporter and you might just get lucky. That's what Ronny did. He grabbed your correspondent at a ward meeting where reps from Community Broadband Scotland were polling householders for their opinions – …
Bill Ray, 22 Aug 2013
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Forget the invisibility cloak: Boffins invent INVISIBILITY FISHNETS

Boffins have developed the thinnest invisibility fabric ever made, just 0.15mm thick, great for carrying around Harry Potter-style. Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak Unfortunately the miracle "fishnet" copper-polycarbonate textile doesn't work in the visible spectrum. The device scores points for its slim silhouette …
The Register breaking news

The supercomputers LIED: UK rainfall is rising, but won't drown our phones

UK rainfall fell well short of the ITU's apocalyptic predictions in 2010, and isn't rising as fast as models predicted, according to Ofcom which has been measuring the levels in jam-jars. Ofcom's numbers come from rainfall gauges - jam jars with rulers stuck to the side - and cover 1990 to 2010 (1991-2011 in Scotland and NI), …
Bill Ray, 7 Mar 2013

Microwaves thrash fibre on speed... if you like two-nines uptime

“Time? They ain’t making any more of it, so you gotta get in and get out, or you’ll get your f*****g face ripped off,” screamed an old Chicago Merc floor trader at my grad school class during a field trip. I nodded, like the rest of the class, figuring he knew what he was talking about and also not wanting to provoke this …
Dan Olds, 27 Feb 2013
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Boeing zaps PCs using CHAMP missile microwave attacks

Boeing has successfully conducted a test of a missile capable of blasting a building's electronics with an energy beam without harming the structure itself. The era of EMP weapons has arrived it seems. The Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) is an air-launched device that uses a high-powered …
Iain Thomson, 25 Oct 2012
Samsung Zipel app-operated oven

Samsung warms up smartphone operated oven

And it's over to Samsung for the latest in kitchen kit for lazy-arse cooks: a smartphone-controlled, app-operated oven. The Zipel MC368GAAW5A combi oven sports bactericidal ceramic plates that cook your grub with good old-fashioned heat rather than than vitamin-zapping microwaves - though if you like your food cooked nuclear …
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2012

YouTube-linked microwave shows vids as it nukes

Students have found a way to spice up microwave meals by attaching a tablet to their radiation-oven, playing YouTube videos while the food cooks. The µWave uses the Arduino open source prototyping platform to read the cook time, which it sends to a server over an Ethernet connection. The server searches for a YouTube clip of …
Caleb Cox, 21 Nov 2011
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NASA: Beam me up some power, Scotty

NASA boffins are looking into making a science-fiction staple - the idea of transmitting power to spacecraft using lasers or microwaves - into reality. Sending enough energy to replace commonly-used present day space propulsion via laser beam would be quite a feat. One of the most powerful lasers in the world that's capable of …
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Diary of a Not-spot – the final chapter

Following seven years of dogged pursuit, the not-spot is now not-a-not-spot, sustaining connectivity a shade under 4Mb/sec: fast enough to finally join the 21st century. An improved antenna and radio, have tipped the balance to enable a microwave link at more than five times the previous best of 700Kb/sec, despite the …
Bill Ray, 3 Feb 2011
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ESA hits scientists with hefty Planck

The European Space Agency has released the first scientific results from its Planck microwave observatory, representing "thousands of very cold, individual sources which the scientific community is now free to explore". Among the goodies on offer is "evidence for an otherwise invisible population of galaxies shrouded in dust …
Lester Haines, 11 Jan 2011
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Diary of a Not-spot: One man's heroic struggle for broadband

Bringing connectivity to rural areas can involve lobbying MPs and signing petitions, but it can also involve knocking on doors, digging up sheep fields and climbing around on the roof in search of bandwidth. Over the last seven years I've tried all the alternatives, from satellite broadband to community networks, not to …
Bill Ray, 3 Dec 2010
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Tinfoil 'radiation shield' maternity wear hits 'Frisco

A fearmongering company has this week launched its brand of maternity tinfoil, dubbed "Belly Armor", in San Francisco. The makers of Belly Armor claim that it offers "guaranteed protection" for a pregnant wearer's unborn child from the dangers of "everyday radiation", for instance from mobile phones or computers. Pic …
Lewis Page, 15 Sep 2010
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US to export riot-roasting raygun

The United States is to export its crowd-grilling "less lethal" microwave cannon, the Silent Guardian - which has never been deployed by US forces due to worries over bad publicity - to an unnamed foreign ally. Aviation Week reports today that executives from American arms megacorp Raytheon, makers of the famous yet …
Lewis Page, 7 Oct 2009

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