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Microsoft has signed up to the Open Invention Network. We repeat. Microsoft has signed up to the OIN

Who would have thought it? Not content with signing with LOT Network, Microsoft has taken the next step in patent cuddling and joined the Open Invention Network. A month shy of its 14th birthday, the Open Invention Network (OIN) was obviously very happy to welcome the beast of Redmond, and 60,000 or so of its patents, into the …
Richard Speed, 10 Oct 2018
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Happy with your Surface Pro 3's battery? Well, here's a setting that will cut the charge by half

In news that will make Surface Pro 3 owners twitch involuntarily, Microsoft is fiddling with Surface battery settings yet again. Fear not, however. The tweak is to allow users to restrict how much charge to give a battery while a Surface is plugged in. The setting, named "Enable Battery Limit Mode", and hidden within the Boot …
Richard Speed, 10 Oct 2018
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SoftwareONE goes Comparex: When one Microsoft reseller giant buys another

Switzerland-based flinger of Microsoft licences SoftwareONE has announced plans to snap up IT services provider Comparex in a deal that will create a licensing giant. The Austrian parent of Comparex, Raiffeisen Bank, has been shopping the company around for a while now, with attempts to sell the business kicking off back in …
Richard Speed, 10 Oct 2018
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Google and Microsoft boffins playing nicely together to stop replay attacks in their tracks

Google and Microsoft engineers have pooled their efforts to propose a protection against what are known as "replay attacks". These occur when an attacker steals something like a victim's OAuth token and uses it to impersonate them to access otherwise secured resources. The Token Binding Protocol is the next instalment in the …
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Microsoft deletes deleterious file deletion bug from Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The world now knows why last week's Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade deleted unlucky users' files: the software treated the default user directory as ripe for destruction, because it thought the files were elsewhere. The upgrade has since been pulled. Last week, some unfortunate punters who hit the “download” button on the Windows …
Girl and computer, photo via Shutterstock

It's October 2018, and Microsoft Exchange can be pwned by a plucky eight-year-old... bug

Microsoft has released the October edition of its monthly security update, addressing a total of 49 CVE-listed bugs. DLL bug a blast from the past Among the 49 fixes were three issues that have already been publicly disclosed and a fourth that was being targeted in the wild. On top of that, a remote code execution bug in …
Shaun Nichols, 9 Oct 2018

LinkedIn has a Glint in its eye and cash burning a hole in its pocket

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has announced it is acquiring Glint, a Human Resources outfit, which produces software to tell employers why workers keep leaving. The deal, which was for an undisclosed sum (although insiders reckon it could be as much as $500m or more), is expected to close before the end of the year and will see …
Richard Speed, 9 Oct 2018

First it came for your desktop, now Windows 10 1809 is coming for your Things

Roundup The Windows 10 October 2018 Update is heading thingwards, Windows RS5 is dead (long live 19H1), and trolls are banished (kinda) in this week's Microsoft roundup. Windows 10 IoT gets its very own October 2018 Update Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Windows Internet of Things (IoT) team announced its own version of the Windows …
Richard Speed, 8 Oct 2018
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Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Microsoft has taken the unprecedented step of pulling a Windows 10 release a mere four days after its arrival amid a clamour of users complaining about files not being where they had left them. Windows Insider supremo Dona Sarkar took to Twitter to announce that Windows fans would no longer be able to get their hands on the …
Richard Speed, 8 Oct 2018

Microsoft open-sources Infer.NET AI code just in time for the weekend

The sharing of Microsoft’s toys continued today with the open-sourcing of its model-based machine-learning framework, Infer.NET. A team at Microsoft’s research centre in Cambridge, UK, kicked off development of the framework in 2004, and it was released for academic use in 2008. In Microsoft’s brave new world of AI, the …
Richard Speed, 5 Oct 2018

On the third day of Windows Microsoft gave to me: A file-munching run of DELTREE

Updated Folk keen as mustard to get their hands on the Windows 10 October 2018 Update have reported files being mysteriously deleted by the upgrade. It was all supposed to be so much better this time around. Fewer features, more time spent fixing bugs, and yet here we are. Hot on the heels of the issues afflicting Intel display audio …
Richard Speed, 5 Oct 2018

Microsoft's elderly .NET Framework shakes stick at whippersnapper Core while Visual Studio drops another preview

A third preview of Visual Studio 2017 15.9 made an appearance last night, along with teasers for what Microsoft has planned for its .NET Framework and Core products. ARM64 for everyone and Siri Shortcuts in Visual Studio It has been possible to build Arm apps in Visual Studio for some time, but building a Universal Windows …
Richard Speed, 5 Oct 2018

Day two – and Windows 10 October 2018 Update trips over Intel audio

Barely a day into release and Microsoft has admitted there is a problem with its shiny new OS and chips from Intel. Using Intel Display Audio? No Windows for you! As well as the usual complaints from overenthusiastic users reporting freezes during setup and mysteriously vanishing files or apps, a low rumble of dissatisfaction …
Richard Speed, 4 Oct 2018
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Brit outfit IT Lab snaps up Office 365 and SharePoint pro Content and Code

British Office 365 and SharePoint consultancy Content and Code has been acquired by UK technology services outfit IT Lab. Under the deal, announced today, the combined business will enjoy a combined turnover of £60m and the IT Lab headcount will grow from 450 to more than 550 employees as the C&C staffers move in. C&C founder …
Richard Speed, 4 Oct 2018
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Linux, HCI and more, all from the new release of Windows Server 2019

After a lengthy gestation period, Windows Server 2019 has arrived loaded with goodies to ease the journey to a cloudier world. Windows Server 2019 is the next iteration of the platform in Microsoft's Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). It contains some new toys as well as features already enjoyed by those admins brave to surf …
Richard Speed, 3 Oct 2018
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Microsoft: OK, we have no phones, but look how much we love Android

With no phone platform left, Microsoft has snuggled much closer to Android. The new version of Windows 10 – available on demand today to all users – introduces what Microsoft calls "app mirroring" into the Windows. It's similar to Samsung's SideSync (but much more basic) or the open-source scrcpy display server. This …
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Windows 10 1809: Now arriving on a desktop near you (if you want it)

Windows 10 October 2018 update is here, having skipped past the Release Preview phase, and can be downloaded now if you can’t wait for it to make an automatic appearance. Windows 10 1803 screenshot Click to enlarge While many observers (us included) expected a release date for Windows 10 to be secreted among the hardware …
Richard Speed, 3 Oct 2018
Push to turn off JET photo SA Mathieson

Using Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations? Using Skype? Not for long!

Microsoft has flung out an advisory for some of its on-premises Dynamics 365 customers. Integrated Skype? Turn it off. Turn it off now. The issue, which could stop a user being able to sign in, affects Microsoft's Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in an on-premises environment. A "refactoring" in the way Skype …
Richard Speed, 3 Oct 2018

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