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Talk about a curveball: Microsoft director of sports marketing fired, charged with fraud over 'fake' invoices

Microsoft's former director of sports marketing has been indicted on five counts of wire fraud, based on allegations that he created fake invoices to defraud the software giant and sold its property as his own. The US Justice Department announced the indictment [PDF] against Jeff Tran, of Seattle, on Wednesday, claiming the 45 …
Thomas Claburn, 18 Oct 2018
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Microsoft points to a golden future where you can make Windows 10 your own

Microsoft has announced that its customers will finally be able to remove more of the cruft that arrives with a Windows 10 installation. In 2019. While Slow and Release Preview ring Windows Insiders got to experience Redmond’s latest efforts to stabilise the troubled OS, Fast ring and Skippy testers got their hands on a fresh …
Richard Speed, 18 Oct 2018
Surface Pro 6 Teardown (credit: iFixit)

Well slap my ass and call me Judy, Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 is just as hard to fix as the old one

Torx twirlers iFixit celebrated the release of Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 by ripping the thing apart only to find that its still pretty much unrepairable. The team noted that the new model was initially tricky to distinguish from its predecessor. Both include USB-3 and a Mini DisplayPort but, significantly, lack the USB-C port …
Richard Speed, 17 Oct 2018
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is worth 154 median minions

It has been a bumper year for Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, whose compensation soared to $25.8m in fiscal 2018. Quite a bit more than the median salary of the rest of the company, which hovered at an admittedly none-too-shabby $167,689. The figures (PDF), which have been submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in …
Richard Speed, 17 Oct 2018
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Once more with feeling: Windows 10 October 2018 Update inches closer to relaunch

Microsoft’s efforts to recover from the Windows 10 October 2018 Update debacle continued last night as a fresh build of the troubled operating system was emitted to Windows Insiders. Build 17763.104 is the second release of the update to Insiders since the file-eating monster was unleashed on an unsuspecting public back on 2 …
Richard Speed, 17 Oct 2018
HP Zbook 17 G5 3QR

HP dangles subscription hardware at power users

Microsoft's Surface has become a victim of its own success. This year’s iteration reuses the same case, maintaining compatibility with peripherals. Several PC rivals can boast better value in the premium professional segment with more interesting designs. HP Inc, for one, can boast striking designs and a comprehensive …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Oct 2018
A woman standing by a ladder to a cloud

Fujitsu: We love Microsoft Azure, we're training 10,000 bods on it

Fujitsu may have given up the ghost on its own K5 cloud, but it is promising to throw a ton of human resources at selling and managing Microsoft Azure – its public cloud service of choice. As revealed yesterday, Fujitsu decided to kill the platform in all regions outside of Japan with immediate effect: K5 was sold and deployed …
Paul Kunert, 16 Oct 2018
HoloLens Minecraft

Open-source this, open-source that, and the end of the Windows 10 Creators Update

While the world may have been focused on the acid reflux of the Windows 10 October 2018 release, it wasn't the only news out of Redmond in the past 7 days. It's time for the Microsoft round-up. Buh-bye 1703 While the eyes of Windows fans were on version 1809 of the troubled operating system, another milestone has now been …
Richard Speed, 16 Oct 2018

Web browsers sharpen knives for TLS 1.0, 1.1, tell protocols to dig their own graves for 2019

Sysadmins and netizens, it's time to get serious about killing off old, buggy and insecure versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS) – the encryption used to secure connections to HTTPS websites like your bank, El Reg, and so on. For one thing, web browser makers are laying out coordinated deprecation plans, meaning if your …
Paul Allen

RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer

Obit Billionaire Paul Allen, who cofounded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975 and is credited with coining the company's name, has died of cancer aged 65. The announcement was made by Vulcan Inc, the vehicle that managed Allen's billions, on behalf of his family and the Paul Allen Network. The organization said he died, “Monday …
Pinky and the Brain

Microsoft Surface to die in 2019? Not while Redmond keeps making it, er, blush

Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, took to Twitter today to insist that the Surface line was positively in the pink. In China, at any rate. Panay is in Beijing, having toured the China production facilities for the matte black Surface Pro 6 with his Surface chum, Joe Belfiore. Today, however, was a not a day to …
Richard Speed, 15 Oct 2018
Man screams in pain and fear - Windows

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream

Somebody got a little trigger happy with the big red Windows Update button last week as a broken Intel audio driver was unleashed on users “by mistake”. It has been a hellish couple of weeks for the Windows giant following the launch of the troubled October update for its flagship operating system. Not content with Display …
Richard Speed, 15 Oct 2018
Microsoft Azure

Azure goes quiet, Huawei Canada ban urged, US Senators are after Google, and more

Roundup This week we caught wind of another Facebook blunder, a dodgy Patch Tuesday bundle, and more China trouble. Here's the rest of what went down. Fake Flash, fake money, real malware Stop us if you'd heard this one before: but unsolicited Flash download pages on random sites can be a bit dodgy. Palo Alto Networks says it has …
Shaun Nichols, 13 Oct 2018

Microsoft reveals xlang: Cross-language, cross-compiler and coming to a platform near you

Language interoperability efforts are underway at Microsoft in the form of the open-source xlang, which builds on the approach taken with WinRT. The Windows Runtime (WinRT) is a noble attempt to replace the grungy C-based Win32 Application Programming Interface (API) with something delightfully object-orientated in C++. It …
Richard Speed, 12 Oct 2018
Microsoft Surface Go

That 'Surface will die in 2019' prediction is still a goer, says soothsayer

Canalys Channels Forum 2018 Microsoft is still going to ditch or spin off the Surface line in 2019, insists the analyst who first made the prediction a year ago, despite the line-up's annual refresh this month. 2019: The year that Microsoft quits Surface hardware READ MORE "I stand by the fact that it doesn't make sense" for Microsoft to continue …
Paul Kunert, 12 Oct 2018
Windows on fire

Microsoft Windows 10 October update giving HP users BSOD

Updated Microsoft on Tuesday posted KB4464330 (Windows 10 1809 Build 17763.55) in an effort to halt the damage done by last week's Windows 10 version 1809 update, but it hasn't quite worked. Reports of update inflicted file deletion and loss of internet connectivity for Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Store apps have died down. But users …
Thomas Claburn, 11 Oct 2018

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 owners: So, about that other broken update…

Unhappy Surface Pro 4 owners continue to fill Microsoft's support forums with complaints over an update that is leaving the touchscreen untouchable. We first noted problems back in August after readers got in touch to complain about their beloved devices becoming little more than slightly broken laptops after the update. The …
Richard Speed, 11 Oct 2018
Pop art style illustration of man exclaiming WHAT? in shock/horror/bemusement.

Microsoft has signed up to the Open Invention Network. We repeat. Microsoft has signed up to the OIN

Who would have thought it? Not content with signing with LOT Network, Microsoft has taken the next step in patent cuddling and joined the Open Invention Network. A month shy of its 14th birthday, the Open Invention Network (OIN) was obviously very happy to welcome the beast of Redmond, and 60,000 or so of its patents, into the …
Richard Speed, 10 Oct 2018

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