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Cavalry riding to the rescue of DDoS-deluged memcached users

DDoS attacks taking advantage of ill-advised use of memcached have begun to decline, either because sysadmins are securing the process, or because people are using a potentially-troublesome “kill switch”. Memcached is a handy caching tool that can improve database performance but has no security controls because it was never …
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Popular cache utility exploited for massive reflected DoS attacks

Attackers have discovered a new amplified denial-of-service attack vector, and have launched attacks reaching hundreds of gigabits per second in Asia, North America and Europe. Former Internet Systems Consortium CEO and now Akamai principal architect Barry Raveendran Greene has detailed the reflected DOS attack on his blog and …

Pathetic patching leaves over 70,000 Memcached servers still up for grabs

If you're running the caching service Memcached, and particularly if you're exposing it to the public internet for some reason, please make sure you've patched it. Tens of thousands of vulnerable systems haven't. Back in October, researchers at Cisco’s Talos security team found three major security vulnerabilities that would …
Iain Thomson, 24 Jul 2017
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NoSQL databases not just for the 'cool kids'

The companies peddling NoSQL databases, which are increasingly needed for web applications that have a scale that breaks relational databases, are drooling over the prospects of their products going mainstream this year. Back in December, Couchbase, one of the front-runners in the NoSQL race, did a poll asking companies what …

Tilera routs Intel, AMD in Facebook bakeoff

Facebook may not think of itself as a social marketing company, but for upstart server-chip maker Tilera, the social media giant's internal Memcached bakeoff pitting Xeon and Opteron machines against Tilera boxes is a marketing windfall, indeed. Facebook's Memcached performance paper, being presented at the International Green …
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Schooner beefs MySQL appliance with active clusters

MySQL database clustering needs some help, and Schooner Information Technology thinks it has cooked up the code to help companies that rely on MySQL do a better job scaling out their databases. "There's a widespread concern that MySQL clustering is a little kludgey, doesn't have great performance, and can sometimes lose …

Schooner ditches IBM, sets MySQL, caching accelerators free

Schooner Information Technology, a startup that has been pushing its Web caching and MySQL acceleration appliances since it came out of stealth mode in April 2009, has ditched the hardware. The IBM System x hardware, to be specific. The Membrain appliance, as it is now called, is based on a modified version of the open source …
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Twitter: It's the end of the sysadmin as we know it

Web 2.0 Expo Twitter says it's the end of the sysadmin as we know it. Speaking this morning at the annual Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Twitter operations man John Adams warned sysadmins they won't succeed on today's intertubes unless they learn to do a bit more than system administration. Sysadmin 2.0, he said, must develop certain …
Cade Metz, 4 May 2010
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Ruby giant rolls hosted Memcached service

Ruby hosting giant Heroku is letting developers roll Memcached into their web-based applications for fast performance and internet-size scale. Heroku has released a Memcached add-on to its core hosting platform that runs atop Amazon's EC2, using start-up NotrthScale's Memcached Server. The Ruby host picked NorthScale having …
Gavin Clarke, 21 Apr 2010
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Schooner adds DR to SQL and cache appliances

Schooner Information Technology came out of stealth mode a year ago with its Memecached caching and MySQL acceleration appliances, which are tuned for multithreaded servers and which allow companies to consolidate anywhere from five to ten x64 servers running these workloads down to one Schooner appliance. The trouble is, …
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Gear6 throws self at Memcached Achilles heel

No matter how much people talk about constantly available cloud services, there's always that time when you want to upload something to YouTube and the site's unavailable due to "planned site maintenance." And just don't mention Twitter's Fail Whale. YouTube and Twitter are among two of the biggest users of Memcached, the open …
Gavin Clarke, 23 Feb 2010

Big Blue rides Schooner to MySQL boost

As countless crafty upstarts have learned time and again in the IT racket, it's tough to get a server vendor who makes a living peddling boxes to get excited about server appliances that get rid of banks of servers. But IBM has inked a deal with upstart Schooner Information Technology to resell its web-caching and MySQL-boosting …

Facebook knuckle-raps Intel, AMD

While social networking site Facebook doesn't seem inclined to pull a Google and build all of its own servers, the company's top techies are frustrated enough with the current crop of x64 boxes that they may be giving the idea some thought. Speaking at the Structure 09 conference in San Francisco yesterday, Jonathan Heiliger, …
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Big-iron brains powers Schooner appliance power

A start up driven by some big-iron brains has emerged from stealth mode to deliver, no, not a better server but a duo of server appliances - one to accelerate web caching and the other to speed up MySQL databases. Schooner Information Technology was founded in February 2007 by president and chief executive officer John Busch, …

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