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The iPhone 5 WILL do 4G magic on Three ... but not until next year

Updated EE has filed notice with Ofcom of its intention to transfer 30MHz of spectrum to Three, but as expected it will be hanging onto the bands until the last possible moment. The notice, which still has to be formally approved by the regulator, puts the first 20MHz of spectrum into Three's hands on October 1 2013, with EE clinging …
Bill Ray, 2 Nov 2012
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Ofcom tries to chop months off EE's 4G exclusive

Ofcom is asking Arqiva to shift Freeview out of the 4G spectrum bands ahead of time, in the hope of appeasing the mobile operators who are still livid about EE's exclusive. All the parties involved will be meeting today to discuss the matter, including the Ministry of Fun (who took over control of Ofcom last year) and the …
Bill Ray, 2 Oct 2012
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Analogue TV snuffs it tonight on UK mainland

Tyne Tees will switch off its analogue TV transmission at midnight tonight. The shutdown will mark the last region of the mainland to go entirely digital despite the obituaries written in April. Exactly how the signal will be killed off is described in quite terrifying detail by the A516 Digital blog. The switch to digital TV …
Bill Ray, 25 Sep 2012
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Everything Everywhere begs Blighty to back 4G push

Exclusive Everything Everywhere is planning a "grassroots" lobbying campaign for 4G infrastructure, but sadly 4G Britain hasn't the space to say who's funding it, or who stands to gain most from its success. The site isn't even live yet, though a mocked-up version has popped up a few times in the last week, and letters (seen by El Reg) …
Bill Ray, 20 Apr 2012
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Everything Everywhere's 4G monopoly stalled by Ofcom

Ofcom has extended the deadline for those responding to its proposal for Everything Everywhere to deploy 4G early, giving the competition more time to get its retaliation in. Responses were required by 17 April, but anyone who wants to have their say can now submit comments until 8 May. The proposal is to allow EE to deploy a …
Bill Ray, 27 Mar 2012
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Everything Everywhere's 4G party bus could run Three off a cliff

Ofcom's proposal to give Everything Everywhere a year's monopoly on 4G raised the eyebrows of MPs, and the hackles of the competition, who can't see how it could possibly be fair. The plan to let EE deploy LTE in its massive stockpile of 1800MHz spectrum was published on Tuesday, and interested parties have until April 17 to …
Bill Ray, 15 Mar 2012
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Blighty's fast mobe broadband in music wrecking probe

On Monday Ofcom will run tests in Baldock to find out whether next-gen mobile broadband networks will knacker headphones and microphones, ruining Brits' enjoyment of music. Lots of short-range wireless devices use frequencies just above the bands Ofcom will be flogging off for LTE use next year. Although the regulator is …
Bill Ray, 2 Mar 2012
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Ofcom needs you ... to help spend £180m on purifying telly

Ofcom is consulting on the best way to avoid 4G telephony knocking out Freeview, but the regulator seems to be having a hard time putting government plans into words. Yesterday the Ministry of Fun announced that bidders for digital dividend spectrum would have to shell out £180m for mitigation to avoid LTE services knocking …
Bill Ray, 27 Feb 2012
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Everything Everywhere pushes towards 4G, wants to show off its wad

Everything Everywhere is planning to deploy 4G into the UK by the end of 2012, but mostly just to remind everyone how much it is investing in UK infrastructure. The switch to HSPA+, which will see those nearest the transmitters doubling their 3G connection speeds, will happen in the next six months or so, and, if Ofcom will …
Bill Ray, 23 Feb 2012
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Ofcom sets out spectrum mega-auction, again

Ofcom is proposing greater coverage requirements, but fewer ownership caps and simpler lot sizes, in its latest round of proposals for the forthcoming mega-auction. The proposals include pushing 2Mbps of data to everywhere you can get a 2G voice call today – which should cover 98 per cent of the country – and capping overall …
Bill Ray, 12 Jan 2012
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EE eyes up £400m payday at spectrum auction

Everything Everywhere has started consulting on how best to auction off the 30MHz of bandwidth it's required to give up, with a view to turning it into £400m in cash some time next month. That's according to the Financial Times, who's been talking to the ever-helpful "people familiar with the plan" and heard that the Royal …
Bill Ray, 11 Jan 2012
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Ofcom sets out ambitious plans for 2012/13

UK communications regulator Ofcom has set out its plan for the next year, and wants to know if anyone disagrees with its priorities. Among the plans for next year is the promise of complaints submission through its website, so X Factor viewers won't have to hold their ire until the morning. The regulator will also take a look …
Bill Ray, 8 Dec 2011
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BT, EE's mobe broadband trial jump-starts Cornish village

Halfway through their Cornish next-gen mobile broadband trial, BT and Everything Everywhere have demonstrated that sharing LTE infrastructure and radio spectrum works - and that they might even be able to make it pay. The companies worked together to install Long-Term Evolution (LTE) tech into two base stations, and supply 180 …
Bill Ray, 30 Nov 2011
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Ofcom boss threatens nuclear option on 4G squabble

The head of the UK's communications regulator has threatened to bring in the politicians if network operators continue to squabble over next year's mega-auction of 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands. We're still waiting to see what form that auction will take; Ofcom's first consultation on the subject produced such a storm of responses …
Bill Ray, 30 Nov 2011
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O2 smears 4G trial over capital

O2 is spreading its LTE trial across The Big Smoke, connecting up a thousand people at 4G speeds for the next seven months* to see what Londoners' can do with 100Mb/s. The trial extension includes 25 base stations across the capital, including the O2 arena, Canary Wharf and the like. But the 1,000 trialists will only get to …
Bill Ray, 14 Nov 2011
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Think 2014 if you're waiting for 4G in the UK

Comment The UK is trialling 4G technology, while the rest of the world is deploying it, because our regulator hasn't the resources to mediate between operators bleating about the injustice of it all. Like warring siblings the UK's network operators constantly cry foul, demanding the regulator redress historical grievances and …
Bill Ray, 10 Oct 2011
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Ofcom misses deadline: but on Sitefinder, not 4G

Ofcom hasn't slipped the dates on the UK's 4G auctions, at least not yet, but that's not stopped various media titles reporting that things are already going awry. The story popped up last week in Mobile Today, and was repeated in yesterday's Guardian, claiming that Ofcom had pushed publication of the auction details back to …
Bill Ray, 6 Sep 2011
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4G-auction rural notspot scheme would actually be illegal

Comment The Consumer Communications Panel has called for 4G money to be used to help build rural networks, which sounds eminently sensible but, as BT pointed out last month, would almost certainly be illegal too. The CCP got huge amounts of publicity for its public response to Ofcom's ongoing consultation on the best way to sell off …
Bill Ray, 27 Jul 2011

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