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Boffins build cyborg snails to generate electricity

A team of scientists have successfully implanted a bioelectronic fuel cell into a living organism and used its blood sugar to charge a battery. The team from Potsdam, New York's Clarkson University (thankfully nothing to do with Top Gear) implanted a fuel cell that runs off glucose that is naturally produced by the snail, and …
Iain Thomson, 15 Mar 2012
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HP plugs CloudSystem into Amazon and other heavens

Hewlett-Packard is expanding its CloudSystem private cloud platform beyond the corporate firewall to service providers itching to make some dough on this cloud computing razzmatazz. If you were expecting Hewlett-Packard to make big announcements at its Discover 2011 event in Las Vegas concerning its rumored Scalene public …
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Matrix 4 and 5 in works, threatens Keanu

Another two Matrix films may be leaping into cinemas, the Grauniad shrugs. The curiously youthful Keanu Reeves, star of the Matrix trilogy and of an exceptionally lame meme told an audience at the London School of Performing Arts that he may be getting back into Neo's slinky strides once again. Excitable source El Nino told …
Sarah Bee, 24 Jan 2011
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HP punts turnkey Matrix cloud

HP is rolling out a new product dubbed CloudStart, a means of designing, building, and installing a private cloud based on Matrix iron. That includes training IT staff on how to use it and porting over four existing customer applications to the cloudy infrastructure. It's one thing to sell cloudy infrastructure and quite …
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Matrix actor site stages defacement spat

Rival hackers are duking it out on the site of Matrix actor Harry Lennix. Lennix, who played Commander Lock in the second two films of the Matrix trilogy and more recently played Boyd in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, maintains the site The site was defaced last week, and just a few days later was sprayed with …
John Leyden, 8 Apr 2010
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Cisco and HP - the gloves come off

The pretense of friendship is officially over between Hewlett-Packard and Cisco, though the two giants have been rallying their banners for war since the launch of Cisco's Unified Computing System last year. In a blog post late Thursday, Keith Goodwin -chief of Cisco worldwide partner organization - announced that his company …
Austin Modine, 19 Feb 2010
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Pentagon world-sim tool making good progress, say profs

Computer boffins in America report that their plans to create a lifelike virtual Matrix-style simulation of the entire world and human race are proceeding well. Rather than a sinister yet totally implausible plan to farm people in tanks for electric power, the idea here is that America might try out various national-security …
Lewis Page, 27 Nov 2009

HP, EMC cozy up to Oracle

It's Oracle OpenWorld, and everybody wants to be Larry Ellison's frienemy. That's only fitting considering that Oracle's chief executive officer and co-founder is certainly the IT industry's poster boy for frienemism. Hewlett-Packard and EMC have professed their loyalty to various Oracle products at the event, as many others …
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EMC prevails over HP in job switch trial

A California court has ruled that David Donatelli can't look after the storage part of his intended tripartite job for one year. Servers and networking are okay though. David Donatelli suddenly left EMC, where he ran its storage array business, in April to join HP and become its EVP for Enterprise Servers, Storage and …
Chris Mellor, 3 Jun 2009
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Moon Macrosystems - How to build a better Sun

Analysis You're a Sun Microsystems systems engineer. Or a Sun software developer. Or maybe even one of the few sales people that knows a disk drive from a processor from a TCP/IP stack. You have survived countless layoffs since 2000, when the dot-com gravy train ran under the sink. You've rolled with the seemingly endless strings of …

Top EMC exec jumps ship for HP

EMC storage division president David Donatelli is leaving EMC, in an abrupt and surprising move, to become HP's Executive Vice President for Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking. Effective from 5 May, Donatelli will report to Ann Livermore, EVP of the Technology Solutions Group at HP, to lead the development of HP’s …
Chris Mellor, 29 Apr 2009

The hole in HP Matrix' storage heart

Comment HP's Matrix has a great plus over Cisco's California and a big fat minus as well. It has a hole in its storage heart. Matrix goes very much farther than Cisco in unifying storage, iSCSI storage and the servers and networking, but not so far as Cisco in unifying networking, particularly storage networking. In fact there is a …
Chris Mellor, 21 Apr 2009

HP pits Matrix against Cisco's California

Mark Hurd, in a black leather overcoat, wearing dark shades, standing in a white room that stretches out to infinity. "We need blades. Lots of blades," he mutters. ...And suddenly there are racks and racks of servers, bigger than a Google data centre, hotter than a nuclear simulation, humming away, ready to take on Cisco …
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Deals inked on DARPA's Matrix cyberwar VR

Pentagon plans to develop a Matrix-style simulated computer world in which to try out the cyber WMDs of tomorrow appear to be moving forward. Reports indicate that the ambitious plans for a "National Cyber Range" - in which weapons-grade government malware would be test-fired much as missiles are on a normal firing range - have …
Lewis Page, 5 Jan 2009
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In-body electric eel tech to make 'leccy from body fat

US scientists believe it could be possible to use artificial electric eel cells grafted into the human body to generate power for cybernetic implant devices. The pseudo-electrocytes would harvest the necessary energy from body fats and sugars. Engineer David LaVan of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST …
Lewis Page, 6 Oct 2008
Matrix: Reloaded

Matrix Sequel Has Hacker Cred

The average American moviegoer taking in the Matrix Reloaded this weekend will likely be wowed by the elaborate action sequences and dazzling special effects. But hackers who've seen the blockbuster are crediting it with a more subtle cinematic milestone: it's the first major motion picture to accurately portray a hack. That's …
Kevin Poulsen, 16 May 2003

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