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Silicene's structure

Silicene takes on graphene as next transistor wonder-stuff

University of Texas boffins have offered up another material they reckon is a hot bet for future generations of Moore's-law-beating super-fast transistors: silicene. Throwing its hat into the ring as an alternate to the popular wonder-stuff graphene, silicene – a single-atom-thick layer of silicon atoms – is, like graphene, …

Hemp used to make graphene-like supercapacitors

A group of scientists from the University of Alberta have created a process that makes graphene-like nanomaterials out of hemp waste, suitable for use in supercapacitors. While graphene is already known to be a good energy store, it's also expensive, so commercial supercapacitors use activated carbon electrodes. According to …
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Self-assembling robot inches towards WORLD DOMINATION

A presentation at this week's IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Germany showed off a self-assembling printed robot. As the video below shows, the printed robot can self-assemble using the “shape memory” characteristics of the polymers in its construction. The result is something that starts flat and …
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Plastic that SELF-REPAIRS using light unleashed by prof

Self-repairing plastic that can heal cuts and scratches on its own surface has been presented at a meeting of the American Chemistry Society. Inspired by human skin, the new material could make for self-healing cars and smartphones, that change colour when damaged and can close over "wounds" of its own accord. Professor Marek …
Anna Leach, 27 Mar 2012
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Next-generation materials for post-Christmas repairs: Reg investigates

Toys break, normally within a few days of Christmas, so most parents keep a tube of glue alongside the traditional Christmas battery selection, but that's old hat now. The with-it dad is packing flexible polymer, these days. Having torn the paper from colourful blocks of plastic found under the Christmas tree children move on …
Bill Ray, 31 Dec 2011

Glass aeroplanes and iPads on the way, say boffins

A new breakthrough in superspeed pulse mould technology will allow aeroplanes, mobile phone casings and suchlike to be made out of a miraculous type of glass which is as tough as metal, according to the inventors of the new process. So-called "metallic glass" has been well known since 1960 and has been in industrial production …
Lewis Page, 13 May 2011
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Stanford prof pops lid on paint-on battery tech

Boffins in America have developed a "one-dimensional" nanomaterial liquid which can be painted onto walls or pieces of paper to create working batteries. "If I want to paint my wall with a conducting energy storage device, I can use a brush," says Yi Cui, materials engineering prof at Stanford. "These nanomaterials are …
Lewis Page, 8 Dec 2009

Paramagnetic nanodot smartstuff offers 1TB micro-SD cards

Boffins in America say they have developed a new material which will mean terabyte-capacity micro format data cards. Intriguingly, the same wonder-stuff could also be employed in building super-high-temperature, super-efficient ceramic car engines. Smart-structures wiz Dr Jagdish Narayan, who is fortunate enough to be "John C …
Lewis Page, 21 Oct 2009
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Bridge made of recycled plastic supports 70-ton tank

Vid The US Army, seeking to embiggen its green image, has proudly announced the building of the world's first bridge made from recycled plastic and able to support heavy loads. To test the recycloplast bridge, troops drove a monster 70-ton Abrams Main Battle Tank across it. “This represents a ‘first of its kind’ event in …
Lewis Page, 23 Sep 2009
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German boffins invent steel Velcro

German boffins have developed a new version of Velcro, made of steel for improved strength. They say that their "Metaklett" metallic hook-&-loop material could be used to hold together buildings, or to tape car parts to one another. Steely velcro. Credit: Metaklett When it absolutely mustn't come undone. “The unbeatable …
Lewis Page, 4 Sep 2009
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Brit firm sells hi-tech fabric vehicle armour to DARPA

In normal times, amazing new military technology is developed in the USA and Blighty trails far behind, either reinventing American wheels or simply importing them. But today the process is reversed in a small way, as the Pentagon's bleeding-edge research bureau has decided to try out British-made tech which is already going …
Lewis Page, 6 Aug 2009

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