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Windows 10 preview on death row, will be executed on Thursday

Those who downloaded many Windows 10 preview editions will have to upgrade by Thursday or face an unbootable PC. On Thursday, 11 of the past 14 preview builds will time out, Microsoft support engineer RajithR explained in a forum posting. Builds 9926 through to 10166 will go out of service if users haven't upgraded them in the …
Iain Thomson, 13 Oct 2015

Yep, it's true: Android is the poor man's phone worldwide

Android’s market share globally is closely tied to the spending power of a particular market and it dominates in low-income countries, a survey of real-time usage has confirmed. Android has 92.25 per cent of the Egyptian smartphone market, ranked 120th in GDP per capita, and 88.71 per cent in India, ranked 142nd. By contrast …
Team Register, 19 Jun 2015

Apple rakes in 60% of profits in still-surging smartphone market

The global smartphone market continues to skyrocket, and Apple and its iPhone line continue to slurp up the lion's share of that market's profits despite holding a relatively small marketshare when compared to arch-competitor Samsung. Percentage of operating profit from mobile phones (globally, select vendors) Apple pulls in …
Rik Myslewski, 18 Mar 2014

Android's US market share continues to slip

Apple may be taking its lumps these days – what with a falling share price, pesky activist investors, troubles in China, and the like – but there's one important area in which Cupertino is steadily gaining ground: US smartphone sales. For the past 100 months, the stat-happy analysts at comScore have been tracking mobile-device …
Rik Myslewski, 5 Apr 2013
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Windows Phone 8 hasn't slowed Microsoft's mobile freefall

Four months after its formal launch, not only has Windows Phone 8 failed to win Microsoft a bigger piece of the mobile pie, but Redmond's share of US smartphone subscribers is actually still shrinking, according to the latest figures from analytics firm comScore. You may recall that last November CEO Steve Ballmer was crowing …

Goldman Sachs: Windows' true market share is just 20%

Windows might still be the dominant desktop computing OS by a large margin, but Microsoft is in danger of becoming a small player in today's global computing market, according to a new report from financial bigwigs Goldman Sachs. The report, which was obtained last week by The Seattle Times, says that while Microsoft operating …
Neil McAllister, 13 Dec 2012
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Windows 7 passes XP, Mac OS X passes Vista

Two aging Windows operating systems slipped a ranking each in the market share race this August, with Windows 7 overtaking Windows XP as the world's most popular desktop operating system, and Apple's OS X overtaking the late, lamented Windows Vista. This news comes to us from Net Applications' monthly Net Market Share survey, …
Rik Myslewski, 3 Sep 2012
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Web stat WTF: iOS beats Android 3 to 1, iOS and Android tied

Apple's iOS devices account for 65 per cent of mobile web traffic versus Android's 20 per cent, or the two operating systems are neck-and-neck at about a quarter of all mobile web traffic apiece. Yes, you read that correctly. There is, indeed, that much disparity in two recent mobile web-usage reports, one from Net …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Jul 2012
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iPad slaps Acer, pumps Dell's number two PC maker rank

Dell has strengthed its position as the number-two PC seller in the world, thanks to Apple's iPad kicking Acer in a place it'd have preferred not to have been kicked. And no, we're not talking about that place, we're talking about netbook numbers. "Acer's decline was spurred by rising competition for its consumer-focused …
Rik Myslewski, 11 Mar 2011
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Apple, Google, RIM in smartphone dead heat

Although Android-based smartphones now have a larger US market share that do handsets from Apple or RIM, the three-way battle remains a tight one. "When it comes to consumer marketshare by operating system, Android (29%) appears to be pulling ahead of RIM Blackberry (27%) and Apple iOS (27%)," a Nielsen survey released on …
Rik Myslewski, 3 Mar 2011
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Mac market share slips worldwide

Although Apple may seem to be riding an unending wave of success after success, a new study shows that its worldwide market share is slipping. "Mac usage share globally has been in a slow decline over the past several months," say the analysts at NetMarketShare, "dropping below 5 per cent in October." Worldwide operating- …
Rik Myslewski, 3 Nov 2010
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Win 7 up, Mac OS X down in market share wars

The latest operating system market-share figures are in, and the news is good for fans of Windows 7, and ho-hum for Mac OS X aficionados. Since its release last October, Windows 7's star has been steadily rising — and this July it passed the lamentable Windows Vista to become the world's number-two OS, according to stats from …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Aug 2010
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Windows 7 soars while Mac OS X trips online

Windows 7 saw healthy growth in web-tracked usage in its first full month of release while Mac OS X found itself moving in a direction Cupertino is not used to: downward. The web-watchers at NetApplications report that when tracked on a daily basis, Windows 7 now accounts for five per cent of operating systems using the web. …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Dec 2009

EuroMidEastAfrica server biz tumbles

Last week, the box counters at Gartner put out their report on server shipments and revenues globally in the fourth quarter of 2008, and now, they want to drill down a bit for the EMEA region. Gartner believes that customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa bought 704,830 servers of all types and stripes in the final …
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Mac flirts with 10 per cent web share

Web-use statistics prove that the Mac continues to gain market share from Windows-based PCs. According to Web analyst outfit Net Applications, Mac-run browsers accounted for nearly 10 per cent of all web hits in January, coming in at 9.93 per cent. That's an increase of 0.3 per centage points from December. Use of Apple's …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Feb 2009

Big iron sellers grow shipments, shrink revenues

The box counters at Gartner have released their statistics for the worldwide server market in the third quarter of 2008, and the numbers are not good. But if there is an upside as we deal with the economic meltdown, the numbers could have been worse. And maybe they will be in 2009. But let's deal with 2008. In the third …
homeless man with sign

SAP shares tumble after sales warning

SAP saw its shares fall 16 per cent on Nasdaq yesterday, in a market which fell five per cent, after it warned it had seen sales fall off a cliff in the last two weeks of September. The company said it was likely to increase revenues by 13 to 14 per cent in the third quarter of 2008 - software and software-related revenues …
John Oates, 7 Oct 2008
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Mozilla pushes out second Firefox 3.1 alpha

Mozilla has released the second alpha of Firefox 3.1 a week after Google unveiled its shiny new browser, Chrome. The latest advance version of the Mozilla Foundation’s upcoming browser is codenamed “Shiretoko”, and is intended for trailblazing software developers and testers only. Meanwhile, the so-called “code freeze”, or …
Kelly Fiveash, 8 Sep 2008

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