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Wrecked cargo ship abandoned on sea bay

Crappy IoT on the high seas: Holes punched in hull of maritime security

Infosec Europe Years-old security issues mostly stamped out in enterprise technology remain in maritime environments, leaving ships vulnerable to hacking, tracking, and worse. A demo at the Infosecurity Europe conference in London by Ken Munro and Iian Lewis of Pen Test Partners (PTP) demonstrated multiple methods to interrupt and disrupt …
John Leyden, 6 Jun 2018
Container ship docked at port with crystal blue waters.

Container ship loading plans are 'easily hackable'

Security researchers have warned that it might be possible to destabilise a container ship by manipulating the vessel stowage plan or "Bay Plan". The issue stems from the absence of security in BAPLIE EDIFACT, a messaging system used to create ship loading and container stowage plans – for example which locations are occupied …
John Leyden, 20 Nov 2017

IT at sea makes data too easy to see: Ships are basically big floating security nightmares

Updated If there's anything worse than container security, it would appear to be container ship security. Ken Munro, a researcher for UK-based Pen Test Partners, has been exploring maritime satellite communication systems used to keep ships connected while at sea. His findings don't inspire much confidence. Munro, in a blog post today …
Thomas Claburn, 13 Oct 2017
Lego Pirate Captain

Cap’n Ericsson and his great SEABORNE CLOUD wheeze

CES 2015 Ericsson has launched a “Maritime ICT Cloud”, mainly supporting logistical operations, as well as connecting vessels at sea with shore-based operations, maintenance service providers, customer support centres, fleet/transportation partners, port operations and authorities. There are also tools for voyage optimization, cargo …
Simon Rockman, 6 Jan 2015
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Ofcom clears 4G for maritime navigation

Ofcom's investigation into the potential for 4G telephony to knock out maritime radar has concluded that it just won't happen, at least not in any significant way. A technical examination (PDF, dull) carried out by the regulator concludes that even taking worst-case assumptions – that operators build 4G masts pointing directly …
Bill Ray, 3 Aug 2011
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'A SHARK attacked my ROBOT', gasps ex-Sun exec

A robot from a startup company helmed by a former Sun Microsystems executive was attacked by a shark in the Gulf of Mexico recently, according to reports. The Wall Street Journal has the story, recounting the tale of machine versus elasmobranch as told to it by Bill Vass, late of Sun. Vass is nowadays CEO of Liquid Robotics, a …
Lewis Page, 15 Jun 2011
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Hot bodies get super-slippery when wet

An Australian boffin says he has come up with a novel method for making things such as ship's hulls or torpedoes slip through water more easily. Professor Derek Chan of Melbourne uni suggests that it would be practical for ships to exploit the "Leidenfrost effect", named after its discoverer in 1756. This refers to the …
Lewis Page, 3 Jun 2011
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Antique Nimrod subhunters scrapped – THANK GOODNESS!

Comment The UK press is bursting with indignation today as the process of scrapping the Nimrod MRA4 submarine-hunting aircraft begins. But in fact the four planes now being broken up were a financial and engineering disaster. Had they gone into service they would have become a terrible, cripplingly expensive millstone around the neck of …
Lewis Page, 27 Jan 2011
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Nuclear merchant ships could open up Arctic routes for real

British business interests are suggesting that it may be time to revive the idea of nuclear-powered commercial shipping. Media reports to the contrary, the Arctic is not yet open to normal merchant ships - but it might be opened up by nuclear ones, which would also offer zero emissions and freedom from high oil prices. Concept …
Lewis Page, 27 Sep 2010
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US Navy plans self-building floating fortresses

Iconoclastic Pentagon paradigm-mangler boffins at DARPA have done it again, unveiling plans for cunning floating modules which could be tipped off cargo ships out at sea and then drive about and snap themselves together to form floating offshore bases. The new DARPA plan is called Tactically Expandable Maritime Platform (TEMP …
Lewis Page, 24 Mar 2010
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Vomit cannon to protect vessels from pirates, paparazzi

Seagoing Scottish mercenaries/security operatives say they have deployed a radical laser puke-ray weapon aboard shipping transiting the pirate-plagued Gulf of Aden. The device may also be used on paparazzi by reclusive superyacht owners. The Scotsman reports that ProForm Marine, a company run by ex-Royal Marine commandos and …
Lewis Page, 20 Jan 2010
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US warships to get plane-snatching robot arms?

The US military has decided to spend $1.4m developing a robotic arm which will be mounted on the deck of a warship in order to pluck robot aeroplanes out of the sky, so permitting them to land safely on vessels without large flight decks. The "SeaCatcher" system is under development by Advanced Technology & Research Corp of …
Lewis Page, 16 Dec 2009
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Royal Marines' semi-hovership prototype launched

A prototype high-speed landing craft - using a novel British design halfway between a catamaran and a hovercraft - has been launched. The "PACSCAT" (Partial Air Cushion Supported CATamaran) design is intended for service with the Royal Marines. The prototype PACSCAT hover-cat debuts. Credit:QinetiQ Per Mare Per Terram - …
Lewis Page, 12 Oct 2009
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US Navy boffins put an end to drought

Backroom lab boys in the US Navy say they have developed hugely more efficient desalination machinery, ideal for making seawater drinkable. The new tech, as well as saving space and energy aboard US warships, could also bring relief to water-poor areas around the world. "They say that water is the next petroleum," comments J …
Lewis Page, 28 Sep 2009
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US 'grooming robot' to reduce navy bottom-fouling

In a bid to tackle the degrading effects of widespread "bottom fouling" in the US fleet, the US Navy has announced that it is engaged in efforts to develop an "autonomous grooming robot". The US Navy's BUG bottom-cleansing bot. Credit: ONR 'Scrub your bottom, sir?' The robot is known as the Bio-inspired Underwater Grooming …
Lewis Page, 25 Aug 2009
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Minister attacks drunken topless lovelies with tangler-bazooka

Everyone's favourite knockabout security minister, Admiral Lord West of Spithead, has stunned the nation today by unveiling a net-flinging entanglement "bazooka" which he considers suitable for use on "topless lovelies" who "have had too much to drink". No, really. Listeners to the BBC's Today programme this morning had the …
Lewis Page, 14 Aug 2009
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Deal inked in US Navy 'R2-D2' raygun robo-turret plan

One of the most critical questions in the world of seagoing death-ray technology today - that is, who would be selected to develop swivelling "R2-D2" robotic laser blaster gun turrets for US Navy warships - has now been answered. American weaponry megacorp Northrop Grumman, makers of the first electric solid-state "battle …
Lewis Page, 8 Jul 2009
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US sinks $0.5bn into electromagnetic aircraft-throwers

The Pentagon has awarded a half-billion-dollar contract for the building of a radical new electromagnetic catapult, intended to hurl US Navy jets off future aircraft carriers and into the sky. The new tech could also be used to hugely enhance Britain's planned new carriers - but it's becoming more and more likely that these will …
Lewis Page, 3 Jul 2009

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