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Ocado to stock cannabidiol-infused water

For Wednesday's bollocks du jour comes news that Ocado, the UK online grocer, is to fling bottles of cannabis oil-infused spring water at gullible thirsty customers. Drinkers hoping for a relaxing lunch break followed by a somewhat unproductive afternoon will be disappointed on two counts. A 500ml bottle of the liquid - made …
Richard Speed, 7 Mar 2018

You dopes! US state's pot dealer database pwned after security goes up in smoke

The US state of Washington says a miscreant was able to access the system it uses to track the manufacturing and sale of marijuana. The Evergreen State's Liquor and Cannabis Board – a job that sounds way cooler than it actually is – yesterday admitted that last weekend someone was able to exploit a vulnerability in one of its …
Shaun Nichols, 9 Feb 2018

Drunk canoeing no longer driving offence in Canada

Canada is preparing to remove drunk canoeing as an impaired driving offence, ahead of its plans to legalize marijuana. Currently the country's Criminal Code means that police hand out drunk driving charges to tipsy canoeists, according to The National Post. At the moment offenders can continue to canoe, as that does not …
Kat Hall, 29 Sep 2017
Cannabis leaves

Totally uncool California bureaucrats shoot down drone weed delivery

California says its impending legalization of recreational marijuana will not include skies full of herb-toting drone delivery bots. A set of rules [PDF] handed down from the state's Bureau of Cannabis Control mandates that any delivery services operating in the state only use cars to make their drop-offs. The ruling expressly …
Shaun Nichols, 11 Sep 2017

Turns out there's a market for marijuana... plants' video surveillance

Analysis Pot plant surveillance cameras in a Colorado marijuana farm feeding Quantum’s StorNext multi-tiered and scale-out, file virtualisation and data services software with video footage show the substantial market changes to which Quantum is having to adapt. CEO Jon Gacek told a visiting press crew in December: “I feel like the …
Chris Mellor, 21 Dec 2016

Official: Microsoft goes to pot, gives weed growers fix they need

Put this in your pipe and smoke it: Microsoft is offering pot growers software tools to help them stay on the right side of America's relaxed laws. Marijuana is legal in Microsoft's home state of Washington, as well as in Oregon, Colorado and Alaska, and is prescribed medicinally (with varying degrees of laxity) in California …
Iain Thomson, 17 Jun 2016

Florida weed suspect cuffed after hoverboard pursuit

A Florida drug suspect proved last weekend that so-called hoverboards are not an effective means of escape from law enforcement officials when he was cuffed following an unsuccessful attempt to evade arrest aboard the electric getaway vehicle. According to The Smoking Gun, 20-year-old Jerome Dennis was clocked by an officer at …
Lester Haines, 6 Apr 2016

Stench of confiscated dope overwhelms Catalan cop shop

Cops in the Catalan town of Olot are feeling the effects of 2,000 confiscated marijuana plants dumped in their station's basement garage, which they reckon are seriously affecting their law enforcement performance. According to The Local, an official Mossos d'Esquadra union complaint (in Catalan) reports an "unbearable smell" …
Lester Haines, 3 Sep 2015

Has anyone lost 37 dope plants, Bolton cops nonchalantly ask on Facebook

The South Bolton tentacle of Greater Manchester Police has scored itself a bit of net kudos with a Facebook appeal for a "forgetful horticulturist" to come forward and claim 37 "mislaid" marijuana plants. The appeal on the GMP Bolton Facebook page, with photo of the mislaid cannabis plants The potted pot plants were dumped …
Lester Haines, 18 Aug 2015

My best bud is a billionaire: Peter Thiel jumps into bed with dope upstarts

Peter Thiel is betting big on bongs. The Paypal founder and billionaire venture capitalist has chosen to invest millions in private equity firm Privateer Holdings, which is focused on the rapidly expanding legal cannabis market. Thiel's investment firm, Founders Fund, has put the bulk of a US$75m Series B funding round into …

Wacky 'baccy making a hash of FBI infosec recruitment efforts

The Federal Bureau of Investigation wants to hire more infosec professionals to help fight cyber-crime, but can't find the people they need because there's too much weed to weed out from the talent pool. No, really: the Wall Street Journal is reporting that FBI Director James Comey made that exact complaint in a speech …
Nasal Ranger

Denver robocops fit Nasal Ranger to perceive potent pot puffing pollution

Pic Colorado is one of two US states to legalize the sale of marijuana but this has led to an increase in complaints about the smell of skunk wafting through neighborhoods – so the authorities are using technology to cyborg up their inspectors. Nasal Ranger Looks silly, but serves a serious purpose. Credit: Hyoung Chang, The …
Iain Thomson, 12 Nov 2013
Cannabis leaves

Dopey dope-growing dope smoked out by own dope dope-growing vid

A New Hampshire judge has jailed an Auburn dope-grower who inadvertently blew his cover in a series of YouTube vids of his marijuana cultivation operation. Police were alerted last year to Kyle Berry's handy online guides, but the cops did not require the services of Sherlock Holmes to lead them to his home's weed-packed …
Lester Haines, 29 Aug 2013

Robot cop called in after MAD BONGER blown up in LIQUID MARIJUANA EXPLOSION

Police in Colorado Springs were forced to call in robotic assistance last week after a devastating explosion - apparently caused by a man preparing super-strong marijuana oil - struck the city. Cops were alerted to the crisis following the blast, when a man - apparently in roughly the same condition as a Disney cartoon …
Lewis Page, 30 Jul 2013
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Reefer madness blasts pot machine maker's stock sky high

The management of marijuana dispensing machine manufacturer Medbox has asked investors to chill out and get a grip after the company's stock suddenly rose 3,000 per cent to over $215. "While we are pleased by the share attention, Medbox shares have traded between $2.75 and $3.45 over the past several months," said CEO Bruce …
Iain Thomson, 16 Nov 2012
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Cyber crime now bigger than the drugs trade

The global cost of cybercrime is greater than the combined effect on the global economy of trafficking in marijuana, heroin and cocaine, which is estimated at $388bn, a new headline-grabbing study reported. The Norton Cybercrime Report puts the straight-up financial costs of cyberattacks worldwide at $114bn, with time lost …
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"Let's find out what everybody is doing – and stop them doing it" – A P Herbert Stoners are helping destroy the planet. Not by excessive snacking, but thanks to the high-energy demands of indoor marijuana cultivation. So says a US Government policy analyst with a Puritanical streak and an EYE for a SHOUTY HEADLINE. Evan Mills …
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Apr 2011
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Russian jailed for 6 years for smutty billboard stunt

A Russian man has been jailed for six years for putting smut on a streetside video billboard. Igor Blinnikov, 41, hacked into the systems of an ad agency 3StarsMedia in January 2010 in order to stream images of hardcore muck onto a billboard on the busy Garden Ring road, close to the Interior Ministry building in central …
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2011

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