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Dudley Do-Right Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Canadian spooks release their own malware detection tool

Canada's Communications Security Establishment has open-sourced its own malware detection tool. The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is a signals intelligence agency roughly equivalent to the United Kingdom's GCHQ, the USA's NSA and Australia's Signals Directorate. It has both intelligence-gathering and advisory …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Oct 2017

Watch out for Microsoft Word DDE nasties: Now Freddie Mac menaced

Updated Malware exploiting Microsoft Word's DDE features to infect computers has been lobbed at US government-backed mortgage biz Freddie Mac. Well-crafted phishing emails were sent to staff promising free tickets to a Halloween event at a nearby Six Flags amusement park. If employees click through a link in the message, they're …
Iain Thomson, 17 Oct 2017

Android ransomware DoubleLocker encrypts data and changes PINs

Crooks have come up with a strain of Android ransomware that both encrypts user data and locks victims out of compromised devices by changing PINs. DoubleLocker combines a cunning infection mechanism with two powerful tools for extorting money from its victims. "Its payload can change the device's PIN, preventing the victim …
John Leyden, 13 Oct 2017
League of gentlemen poster - Tubbs and Edward at the local shop. Copyright BBC

Ouch: Brit council still staggering weeks after ransomware bit its PCs

A ransomware assault late last month is continuing to affect the operations of Copeland Borough Council in the northwest of England. The processing of planning applications is still being affected weeks after a major cyberattack hit the council in rural North West England. The planning application for a housing development of …
John Leyden, 29 Sep 2017

Google reveals Android Robocop AI to spot and destroy malware

In its ongoing quest to trap and kill Android malware, Google has, as usual, turned to machine learning – and is reporting some success. Speaking at the Structure Security conference in San Francisco today, Adrian Ludwig, head of Android security, said the ads giant has trained systems using telemetry data from handsets – …
Iain Thomson, 26 Sep 2017

IT plonker stuffed 'destructive' logic bomb into US Army servers in contract revenge attack

An IT contractor is facing a possible decade behind bars in America for planting a ticking "destructive" time bomb in US military systems. After a three-day trial this week, Mittesh Das, 48, of Atlanta, Georgia, was found guilty by a jury in North Carolina of knowingly transmitting malicious code with the intent of causing …
Iain Thomson, 22 Sep 2017

Downloaded CCleaner lately? Oo, awks... it was stuffed with malware

Antivirus firm Avast has admitted inadvertently distributing a trojanised version of CCleaner, a popular PC tune-up tool, for nearly a month, infecting an estimated 2.27 million users. Cisco Talos discovered that servers distributing the program were leveraged to deliver malware to unsuspecting victims. "For a period of time …
John Leyden, 18 Sep 2017

Another month, another malware outbreak in Google's Play Store

Google has had to pull 50 malware-laden apps from its Play Store after researchers found that virus writers had once again managed to fool the Chocolate Factory's code checking system. The malware was dubbed ExpensiveWall by Check Point security researchers because it was found in the Lovely Wallpaper app. It carries a payload …
Iain Thomson, 15 Sep 2017
Worst-case scenario

Shoddily-set-up Elastisearch hosting point-of-sale malware

Lazily-configured software has again created a security incident, this time resulting in 4,000 instances of open source analytics and search tool Elasticsearch inadvertently running PoS-stealing malware. Kromtech's Bob Diachenko writes those servers are just 27 per cent of a total of 15,000 ill-secured Elasticsearch nodes the …

Bish, bosh, Bashware: Microsoft downplays research on WSL Win 10 'hack' threat

Microsoft has downplayed the risks of running a Linux Bash shell command line on Windows 10 via its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) feature after security researchers said the technology could help hackers smuggle malware past security scanners and onto Windows 10 machines. Researchers at Check Point say that a potential …
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2017

Top tip, hacker newbs: Don't use the same Skype ID for IoT bot herding and job ads

Updated An alleged teenage tearaway with a passion for building botnets was caught using the same Skype ID he used for hacking activities when applying for jobs. Researchers at NewSky Security claim they spotted the 13-year-old's Skype name on job ad message boards and a website called Daddyhackingteam, which hosts numerous code …
Iain Thomson, 7 Sep 2017

Malware writer offers free trojan to hackers ... with one small drawback

Those looking on the dark web for malware capable of hijacking computers might have thought they were getting a bargain when a free trojan appeared on various online souks over the past few months. The malware generator, dubbed the Cobian remote access trojan (RAT) by researchers at security shop Zscaler, is a fairly elemental …
Iain Thomson, 31 Aug 2017

When uploading comments to the FCC, you can now include malware

A laughably insecure comment system has left US comms watchdog the FCC open to malware attack, and the agency doesn't seem to know what to do about it. The security hole was spotted by a 20-year-old US university student, who found that when someone applies to put a comment onto the FCC website, the system allows almost any …
Iain Thomson, 31 Aug 2017

Oh, ambassador! You literally are spoiling us: Super-stealthy spyware hits Euro embassy PCs

A highly advanced piece of malware, dubbed Gazer, has been found in embassies and consulates across Eastern Europe. The software nasty was discovered by security shop Eset, which says the code uses a two-stage process to insert itself into Microsoft Windows machines. In a report published today, we're told the initial point of …
Iain Thomson, 30 Aug 2017

Tech firms take down WireX Android botnet

A coalition of tech firms has taken down the WireX botnet, a malware network run predominantly off Android phones running subverted apps. The botnet first popped up on security researchers' radars on August 2 in a small way, and within weeks the number of infected nodes had reached the tens of thousands. It appears that the …
Iain Thomson, 28 Aug 2017

WannaCrypt NHS victim Lanarkshire infected by malware again

One of the UK National Health Service boards hit by WannaCrypt earlier this year has again been infected by malware. The Lanarkshire board manages the Hairmyres Hospital, Monklands Hospital, and Wishaw General Hospital in Scotland, and on Friday had to warn patients that it was only handling emergency cases. Lanarkshire was …

Chinese chap collared, charged over massive US Office of Personnel Management hack

A Chinese fella has been accused by the FBI of being a key team member in the hacking crew that took down the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Yu Pingan was cuffed at Los Angeles international airport by the Feds and this week charged with computer hacking. The OPM infiltration, first discovered in 2015, was a massive …
Iain Thomson, 25 Aug 2017

Uncle Sam outlines evidence against British security whiz Hutchins

Court documents filed Wednesday in the trial of British security expert and accused malware writer Marcus Hutchins have outlined the very limited evidence the US government is willing to throw at the case. Hutchins came into the limelight after crippling the WannaCry ransomware attack earlier this year. He came over to the US …
Iain Thomson, 24 Aug 2017

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