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Frustrated fanbois rejoice as Facebook releases MIDAS Mac security tool

Facebook and Etsy have teamed-up to develop and publish as open source a security tool for Apple's Macs, following similar moves by Google. The "Project MIDAS" Mac intrusion detection framework was announced by Facebook in a blog post on Friday, and sees the two companies collaborate on a tool to help companies manage large …
Jack Clark, 7 Dec 2013
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Tim Cook: Apple to manufacture Macs in US in 2013

One day after Apple's stock suffered its biggest hammering in four years, interviews with company CEO Tim Cook appeared in both video and print covering a broad range of issues, including Apple's plans to move some manufacturing to the US and Cook's reasons for showing iOS chief Scott Forstall the door. When asked by NBC's …
Rik Myslewski, 6 Dec 2012
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Apple unveils tightened Mountain Lion requirements

Apple has released the System Requirements for its upcoming new version of OS X, Mountain Lion, and as is usually the case with any operating system release, not all Macs need apply – even some that qualified for the Mac's current operating system, Lion. The basic System Requirements are rather straightforward, although as 512 …
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jul 2012
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Patriot provides 'Mac-specific' SSD series

Patriot Memory has introduced a Mac-specific solid-state drive it claims was specifically designed for the platform. The company didn't say how the drive - dubbed the Koi - has been tweaked to be more Mac friendly, so we'll just have to wait for independent tests to see whether sticking one of these into your MacBook Pro is …
Tony Smith, 13 Aug 2009

Apple has that syncing feeling over MobileMe

Apple has rewritten marketing bumf for its MobileMe service after it emerged the "push" service actually needed customers to do their own share of shoving when it came to updating desktop apps. MobileMe, or "Exchange for the rest of us" as Apple bills it, is supposed to push data between online storage, which Apple calls "The …
Bill Ray, 16 Jul 2008
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It's time for a close-up look at mobile porn

Column Apparently, someone has discovered that you can watch videos on the iPhone, and that "videos" includes "porn." Mobile porn... wow. So I asked a purveyor of photo-porn on the web what made the iPhone special for his customers. "No idea, but we think it's the zoom," he said. "You can get to see the detail, you know?" What we …
Guy Kewney, 24 Jun 2008

Apple sells one in six US laptops

Apple was the US' third biggest retail laptop vendor in June, market watcher NPD has revealed. The Mac maker is behind only HP and Toshiba, but ahead of Dell, Gateway and Lenovo. NPD said by way of Computerworld that Apple took 17.6 per cent of the US laptop retail market in June, up from 14.3 per cent in May and pushing it …
Tony Smith, 29 Aug 2007

Buffalo targets Mac users with 1TB high-speed storage box

Japanese peripherals maker Buffalo has developed an external HDD for the Mac that it claimed is able to offer better-than-USB data-transfer rates and a storage capacity ranging up to 1TB. buffalo2 Storage in style The HD-MU2 series is also available in smaller-capacity, 320GB and 500GB versions, while its iMac-esque white …
James Sherwood, 16 Jul 2007

Wacom out to plant Bamboo on consumers' desktops

Tablets aren't just for digital artists and graphics pros, you know. So tablet maker Wacom would have us believe, and it's made Bamboo just to show us. Wacom Bamboo tablet Priced at a mere £70, Bamboo comes in a stylish black look and combines the traditional pad and 512-pressure level stylus with a set of custom-function …
Tony Smith, 15 May 2007
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Foundry launches high density WLANs

Foundry Networks has launched wireless Lan (WLAN) access points and software to help increase the capacity and security of enterprise wireless networks, and has added a new location management offering. This combination is aimed to help run services such as VoIP and location tracking on a single 802.11 infrastructure. …
Wireless Watch, 26 Mar 2007

Apple TV goes on sale

Apple has at last confirmed what pre-order customers already knew: its Apple TV set-top box is flying out of the warehouse doors straight to buyers. It'll arrive in Apple's offline stores in the US this week, it said. Apple TV Pitched as a device for the HD era, the Apple TV is also capable of pushing video content onto …
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2007
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Biscit carcass ready for the scrapheap

Administrators for Biscit Internet said today they have almost finished picking over the bones of the ISP, after selling a few scraps to Buckinghamshire outfit O-Bit Telecom last night. Lead administrator Tony Thompson, of Surrey-based insolvency specialists Piper Thompson, said "there isn't a lot more to sell", but that a date …
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Biscit barrels out of ISPA

Troubled internet service provider Biscit has left ISPA - the industry association which among other things provides membership of dispute resolution service CICAS. It is a legal requirement for any company providing electronic communication services to be a member of a dispute resolution service - members of ISPA are …
John Oates, 26 Feb 2007

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