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Location pin with warning

Leaky-by-design location services show outsourced security won't ever work

We’re leaking location data everywhere, and it's time to fix it by design. An example: if you go on safari in Africa, you'll be asked to turn off your smartphone's location tracking capabilities. The reason is that most people have no idea that every photo they take with their phone embeds location data in the exchangeable …
Mark Pesce, 10 Oct 2017
The White House according to Google Maps

Apple smacked with privacy sueball over Location Services

A woman has brought a class-action lawsuit for "invasion of privacy" against Apple over claims surrounding the firm's use of Location Services to track iPhone users and store data on their movements. The class action suit was filed by a consumer named Chen Ma on behalf of an estimated 100 million affected users. She wants …
Jasper Hamill, 25 Jul 2014
Magellan eXplorist 710 GPS

Microsoft tries to re-invent GPS with cloudy offloads

Microsoft has released a tool that it hopes will make it possible to add location-sensing abilities to many more devices. The Microsoft Cloud-Offloaded GPS Experimental Kit is part of an effort to gather location data from GPS satellites without using much power. That's important because, as Microsoft explains, few …
Simon Sharwood, 24 Feb 2014
Apple maps offers this route from Darwin to Mount Isa

Aussies in 'don't understand location services, just use them' shock!

The most frequent users of mobile location services are the most clueless, according to research conducted for Australia’s telecommunications and media regulator. The Australian Communications and Media Authority research found that “high frequency” users of the services “were less likely to display an understanding of the …
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Verizon unveils offspring surveillance service

Verizon Wireless had added a new service that puts a 21st century spin on Orwell's Big Brother, ushering in a brave new world of surveillance monitored by Big Mother and Big Father. The service, entitled Family Locator and available to subscribers on Verizon's Family SharePlan for an extra $9.99 per month, enables helicopter …
Rik Myslewski, 20 Mar 2012
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Apple augments reality, tells you where to go

Apple has filed a patent application for putting a mash-up of augmented reality and turn-by-turn navigation onto your iPhone. The filing, entitled "Augmented reality maps", describes an enhancement of how iOS's currently combines the capabilities of the iPhone's location services–enabled Maps app with the device's internal …
Rik Myslewski, 19 Aug 2011

Angry S Koreans mass-sue Apple over iPhone tracking

Apple is facing legal action from thousands of iPhone users for tracking their movements via their phones' location – and it has already been forced to make one payment on the same issue. Lawyer Kim Hyung-suk won one million South Korean won – or a disappointing £568.38 – from Apple last month. Or to be precise, Korean …
John Oates, 17 Aug 2011
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Nokia: Castration as Motivation

Here's a roundup of odds and ends I found at Nokia World Stuttgart this week. Starting with a very odd one... Ball breaker The first speaker on the morning after the Nokia Party, addressing 2,000 very hungover attendees, was an aggressive motivational speaker called Chris Moon. He's an ex-Army guy who was a Khmer Rouge …
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Google adds location-based searches to iPhone

Google has added location-based search capabilities to the iPhone 3.0-enhanced version of its mobile-device website. Now when you initiate a search in the iPhone's browser, you're first asked whether Safari can use your location, then if Google can. If you assent, and then tap on the Local link at the top of Google's results …
Rik Myslewski, 16 Jul 2009
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Yahoo! knows! where! you! are!

Yahoo's punter-locating database officially launched yesterday and already has privacy advocates in a flap, despite offering users complete control as well as expecting them to lie every now and then. Fire Eagle is a free central service to which punters can subscribe and maintain their current location. Services then …
Bill Ray, 14 Aug 2008
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Spotigo promises Wi-Fi mapping within 5 metres

German Wi-Fi specialist Spotigo has managed to compile a Wi-Fi radio map of London and other major European cities, enabling it to locate any Wi-Fi device within five metres - and it promises to have the rest of Europe mapped within a year. Using the Spotigo database any Wi-Fi device can compare the locally-available Wi-Fi …
Bill Ray, 15 May 2008

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